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  1. Just moved and currently looking for a job. Figured I can make a bit of money on the side with the above services. Has anyone ever driven for them? Looking for experiences, advice, what to expect, etc... I'm in a college town and figured I would be busy and make a decent few bucks until I find a permanent job.
  2. I do fear that Rivera sees Moton as more of a utility lineman than one deserving of a permanent spot. I hope I'm wrong with this assessment and I know injury makes his versatility more appealing, but it's still unsettling.
  3. Need to keep Moton at LT and let him grow there. Hopefully the line can continue to be somewhat serviceable.
  4. tarheelpride

    Predict the starting offensive line...

    I will not understand if we move Moton from the LT spot. He seems like the future there, and if he is, we need to leave him there and treat him as the permanent LT. These moves smell like Ron wants MKalil back at LT soon and is playing musical chairs with the line until he can come off IR. Amini doesn't deserve my comment. My prediction (worst case): Clark-Van Roten-Kalil-Silatoulu-Moton
  5. tarheelpride


    I just moved from Wilmington to Georgia on Labor Day weekend. Looks like I got out at the right time.
  6. tarheelpride

    Photos: Panthers logo at midfield

    Tepper has to bang the drum on Sunday, right?
  7. Panthers 48 Cowgirls 17 Carolina comes out firing in the 3rd quarter after a tight 1st half and Cam throws 3 TD's in the 3rd to turn a game into a laugher. Our defense is too much for a weak Dallas WR core and Luke keeps Zeke in check.
  8. tarheelpride

    Silent Sam is down

    About time
  9. tarheelpride

    NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread

    At this rate, both teams are going to foul out
  10. tarheelpride

    It's gone snow.

    It'll take hell freezing over before UNC does that
  11. remind me to rep you out the ass for the find

  12. Her name is Summer Walker the girl in your sig

  13. nevermind. just read the convo with al

  14. who's the chic in your sig?

  15. Well, good fugin' pick!