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    I'm guaranteed last place in both bracket groups I'm in
  2. Panthers Related: I somewhat remember Burelien (sp?) sneak vs. Green Bay back in the day to win X-Clown of course Delhomme to Rosario in San Diego in '08 Cam to Ginn in '13 against New England (one of my favorites) Seattle in '15 with Olsen's game-winning catch Non-Panther related Rivers' Shot against UNC (last game I attended as a student....I drank myself to sleep that night) Marcus Paige's shot against Villanova (and the subsequent game winning 3 by Villanova) Luke May against Kentucky Lawson against FSU when he hit the half-court shot Boise St. against Oklahoma
  3. Didn’t see this posted anywhere
  4. NFC Playoff Scenarios

    The Rams have tiebreaker over us due to conference record. Minnesota has tiebreaker over them. In a 3-team tiebreaker, we’d lose because of conference record, giving Minnesota the 2 seed and LA the 3 seed. That damn Chicago loss just continues to haunt us
  5. Jeremy Kerley comes to mind for me
  6. NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread

    At this rate, both teams are going to foul out
  7. It's gone snow.

    It'll take hell freezing over before UNC does that
  8. remind me to rep you out the ass for the find

  9. Her name is Summer Walker the girl in your sig

  10. nevermind. just read the convo with al

  11. who's the chic in your sig?

  12. Well, good fugin' pick!

  13. no idea. i just found her one day while looking for stuff to put as my sig

  14. Who's that adorable lady in your sig?