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  1. Sad... Happens way too many times.
  2. Russians were bombing rebels, not ISIS.  NATO are absolutely furious with Russia over bombing of rebels.  Russia fuged up by flying over Turkey...  Turkey been bitching about Russia crossing their air space for over a week... Russia poo on Turkey warnings, Turkey poo on Russia.
  3. Putin said Russia never showed any aggression toward Turkey and  pretty much called this an act of terrorism. Putin warned Russian citizens to leave Turkey and do not travel there because Russian people can be targeted. Putin also promised severe consiquances for Turkey actions. In return NATO put all forces on alert and transferring more troops to Russian border for security purposes. Its becoming a fuging mess.
  4. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    Agree.  Give every cop a bazooka.
  5. Russian military helicopter got blown up by US TOW missile supplied by US... All Russians were able to escape.  Not a good day for Russians in Syria.
  6. Multiple reports in Kremlin that putting is absolutely furious.  There some whispers that during Russian rebel mission, Turkey sent 2 F-16 to shot down Russian plane... Which would be an act of war and attack on Russia.
  7. Report is 2 pilots landed in rebel held area and both likely got executed. Remember, Russians back Assad and been bombing the poo out of American backed rebels... It is likely the plane that got shot down was bombing rebels at the time.
  8. That's fuged up on so many levels...
  9. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    No poo... There are 100,000 murders in US every year BUT ISIS attack will effect US economy big time, homicide won't. 
  10. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    Oh I agree and I hope scum back is arrested.   I don't care for BLM... They had a perfect opportunity to establish its self as a respectful organization and make a difference but they failed.  Most people just ignore them now.
  11. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    I'm here to poo on ur parade.  Someone gotta do it.
  12. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    FBI should contact Teeray, he clearly knows the organization behind MN shooting.
  13. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    Do you know what terrorist means Teeray?