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  1. Lol... Southampton was almost Leicester last year until injuries destroyed them. West Ham is extremely talented and spanked City twice right? Everton has had a down year with shutting coach. Considering that you are a city fan, you must just start following soccer maybe 4 years ago?
  2. Everton, West Ham, Southampton, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Leicester and even Stoke with latest talent acquisition. That's 11 teams right there...
  3. Leicester was button last year too...
  4. La Liga is weak outside of their top 3 teams. Have no clue how you are trying to argue that.
  5. Gorilla killed at zoo

    In Russia, bears go in fetal position when they see humans.
  6. Gorilla killed at zoo

    NC zoo has a thick high piece of glass for that very reason. Kids can look but no way to get thru.
  7. Gorilla killed at zoo

    To be honest... These days animals are safer in zoos than their natural habitat.
  8. Gorilla killed at zoo

    Tranquilizer takes time to kick in... Lots of times animals gets high and confused while on tranquilizer and even become more dangerous. They really had no choice. Gorillas are extremely territorial and will kill intruders on sight.
  9. La Liga has 4 decent teams out of 20... EPL has 20 decent teams out of 20. Take in consideration the physical aspect of EPL and it's easy to see why EPL teams falling apart near season end... The fatigue and injuries are taking toll. Many players that come from La Liga fall apart in EPL within 1-2 seasons. Resent examples include Diego Costa, Di Maria, Alexis Sanchez, Pedro and even Fabregas who was a complete disaster last season. You put Real Madrid or Barcelona in EPL for one season and you'll see them drop like flies.
  10. Happy Memorial Day Everyone

    Amen. Forever in debt to our military men. They sacrificed their lives so we can enjoy ours.
  11. And this proves La Liga is better than EPL how? Did you read other people comments?
  12. Summer 2016 Transfer Window

    David Luis £50M changed that. He was not even that great.
  13. You Are Paying For Other People's Auto Insurance

    I tho you liked Bernie Sanders? This is perfect example of socialist structure. Enjoy it, hommie.
  14. That was fuging sickening to watch. This should be a bookable offense just like diving.
  15. When freaking Stoke City squad consist of players like Rondon, Victor Moses, Shaqiri, Afellay and Bojan, that league got talent.