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  1. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    Bottom Line is can he still play at a high level? if so, this is a superbowl run move, our slot play has been our only weakness on defense besides harper.   Cortland use to be a really good cb, hope he still has some juice left 
  2. Just to be clear, when you see other players dab ...

    TBH von Miller has been doing it all season, most players have it's a popular dance   the Titans will however make Cam even more popular for it,since they whined about it during the game 
  3. and then there was only one.

    Philly gets seniority    fug the patriots 
  4. Given our remaining schedule, do we run the table?

    if we can make it pass NY, i think we got it........Falcons suck but also could put the perfect reg. season in jeporady   the thing you have to ask yourself is which one of the teams left on our schedule will pull a fake punt, onside kick or any other trick play just to get over on us, that's the part that worries me.    either that or the emotional letdown of losing a game after 3 months of winning may cause me to have extreme liver failure  
  5. the hardy disappears in big games myth is one of the dumbest i've heard, dude had 4 sacks against atl to insure we won the division instead of being a wildcard......and this is just the best example,there's plenty more 
  6. Colin Jones in the slot...

    actually sounds like a solid move, not only do i think he would be a improvement but it gets your 1st rounder some more playing time pie for op
  7. I'm waiting for a silly bitch to call me and band-wagoner or fair weather fan, Mf is going to get 10+ years of panther history on the spot  
  8. Johnson and Hardy

    He deserved a second chance glad he got it, he should still be here but i'm glad to see our players not quick to disown him like many 
  9. Props to Oher

    credits to him but hardy played a good game, he just couldn't wrap supercam up,good to see him hugging and talking with former teammates    shame on the fools who thought he would intentional try and hurt our players 
  10. Before we get all happy

    no such thing as being too happy about 11-0, as for your point i agree colin and bene have been getting beat and picked on regularly 
  11. Phil Simms

    Phill actually did a really good job,normally i hate his broadcast but he was fair,even explain how he didn't like cam's dancing at first but since the owner,coach nor his teammates have a problem he was fine by it.
  12. Not sure what to think about this...re:Davis, Hardy

    I don't understand how the pictures prove guilt...........from reading what allegedly happen,most the bruises would occur IF it went down that way, TD said the right thing it's ultimately his word vs her's.......I don't understand why everyone is expected to blindly follow the majority on this situation. I'm glad Jerry Jones gave Hardy another shot, but come tomorrow i don't want to hear hardy's name once 
  13. 2007 easily the biggest screw job by refs i could remember in a cowboys game, I hope we murder this team, here's to a repeat of this past Sunday's game Thursday 
  14. Cam MUST be protected from Hardy....

    ........this speculation is stupid how many times has hardy just intentionally try to injure someone? 
  15. Thinking back to the draft...

    DGB will be just find, Him or Funchess doesn't matter,both are match-up nightmares........i don't understand the point of this