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  1. Your Odd News For The Day

    Don't know how I missed that.. The huddle has had a prime example available.
  2. Your Odd News For The Day

    Bathrooms are a distraction. You're right. Perhaps more than you know. Few have actually read it.
  3. Your Odd News For The Day

    Confused on how you attribute a (most likely) child molester to the conversation.... Hah.. McCrory is a rather fuged up individual... He's more than set that record straight (no pun intended)
  4. Your Odd News For The Day

    It's been going on and never been an issue. Not really sure what sparked the idea to bring this to light. Politicians. Not really good for anything. Never even crossed my mind. Ever. I'd venture to say that's true for you and everyone else as well. But you know damn well Brotein Shake is going to lose his damn mind seeing a man dressed as a woman standing in the next stall over. So the next question is what's so wrong with it? Your real concern should be married white males who dig kids... That's real. That actually happens.
  5. that you most likely date a patriot's fan... sorry
  6. most likely that he's worth the practice squad but doesn't qualify.. so fug it, IR him...
  7. it's wonderful to listen to that guy talk... I'd have to say Joe Person is about to get a better job reporting for the Bucs- before any of you.. amazing, I know... But they would be hiring exactly his skill set...
  8. Comfortable with running backs?

    I definitely like Wegher's potential and am not too concerned with fractions of seconds... But I've only seen 40 times from 4.4 - 4.6.... Where have you seen he has legit 4.3 speed? I'd say he runs around a 4.5...
  9. To be real, Olsen doesn't have anything to worry about anyway... From what I've heard of Shockey he is a good friend, although he does keep getting thrown into the media.. Maybe why he hasn't involved himself in certain businesses..
  10. Sad too. Had great potential..
  11. Has Adam Gold been fired yet? Amazing someone hired that guy... And wasn't fired for doing so...
  12. I did it I bought PSL's

    You're telling me the Panthers sell beer at the stadium? Do all nfl stadiums do this? That's crazy....
  13. Yeah couldn't even get Worley to work on different browsers from the site itself... Weird.