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  1. Biggest Panthers needs/solution going into draft

    Probable defensive end but for a run heavy team anyone who thinks Stewart, FoZzy, CAP are the answers,nope. Stewart is approaching 30. His healthy meter ,can go band any second with those ankles and feet. The RBs behind him collectively are 3rd string at best. Tolbert, pls spot player at best this backfield needs speed...cutting speed and burst at the line. They don't have it. Atlanta and Tampa will be better defensively its time. Again DE probable
  2. Norman was not a production of a system

    It was simple. Get KK under contract. Get Star under contract or over pay a very good CB who sometimes couldn't control his emotions and only covered half ofthe field in this system. ...and I think Gettleman grew weary of the thought of seeing Norman on every sports show lobbying for a contract No player is worth that distraction I am sorry Josh is gone too but he is gone. It is a business and at least we don't have to have TD be a baby sitter on the fieldand the sidelines anymore ...and somehow despite what was said, that little show in NY, I don't think the Panthers liked either, it hurt the team, it was selfish, and then, after that, Norman gave up key passes late. Josh got paid. Good for him. As for the Redskins, a team and organization I despise, well, 'a fool and his money soon part'.
  3. It is blatantly obvious what the Broncos are doing

    An offensive game plan with plays that don't take 5 to 7 seconds to develop and you know neutralizes the rush would be a good place to start
  4. Cam's response to Von

    Or tell Shula he can't call plays that take 5 to 7 seconds to develop when the d line is in the back field in 3.5 seconds
  5. QB Backups matter . Ask Dallas
  6. Peyton Manning retires

    NFL got its narrative Manningrides to the sunset a toothless lion onVon Miller's performance..a shoo in for HOF. Good for him. Good for the NFL. something in me changed after that Super Bowl towards the NFL after decades of watching the games,my observation is the NFL has a story it wants and the opposing team to overcome that narrative has to be flawless the panthers performance in the Super Bowl was bad enough but I would really like the NFL to explain, with the whole world watching, with cameras all overthe field, with officials in the booth, with the supposed ability to call NY based officials, not one, not two, but three critical calls were missed that absolutely helpedthe outcome. i know, the Panthers helped the implosion. Newton this, Remmers thatand all the rest but three major calls? With no plausible explanations? With a crew that had officiated 5 other Broncos wins? just stamp 'I'm stupid' onmy forehead. When I received my Panthersinvoice which went up 600 dollars from last year thanks to ticket prices and NC state tax, forthe first time, I asked myself what I was doing with money worked so hard to earn.
  7. Kuhn would be beastly. Dream on I know
  8. Players' Opinion of Cam - Changing Tide?

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion ...and I never said that one press Conf outweighed all the good and those of us in this market know the good the rest of the NFL world doesn't,and it was not a good first lookon the field,for the Panthers players,coaches or the press Conf withNewton it will be interesting to see what Jerry's opinion is as shown by Cam's demeanor next year. Jerry 'sopinion matters
  9. Players' Opinion of Cam - Changing Tide?

    Not being dramatic honestly his press conferences are bad to horrible by anyone's measure. Rightor wrong, this is the only time people see him not in a uniform As I said in another post the Panthers have a PR dept. and they need to do their job or perhaps not As for me,Richardson writes Newton'schecks we will see if there is any change next year if there is no improvement one can only glean that Jerry is happy i think he is a good person, a fabulous athlete,who lacks maturity in presentation and that is not a crime. He isspecial and could be more so if he chooses but that's up tohim . Be smarter than those who wish to fed the narrative. We all have to do it at times that's life.
  10. Players' Opinion of Cam - Changing Tide?

    Luke was also playing with a shoulder injury No QB is asked to do more than Cam and Cam performedand was rewarded for it with recognition He is 27 and a father not 13 I really don't give a damn what other teams players do. The PR dept needs to help him and he needs to own it himself. His press conferences here are not much better. Best believe his sponsors who pay him all that money noticed too if the panthers want a face of the franchise,there is a little polish needed that is not a crime and when a person takes ionthe Supetman persona that is what is expected in both good and bad times
  11. Yankees say don't be like Cam Newton

    The Panthersowner and PR dept needs to do, or not, whatever they feel is appropriate with Cam richardson pays him, I don't, and the media doesn't, however learning how to be a professional,and yes dealing with the press is part of being a professional, and is part of the deal as a franchise QB and we all know this and it is a learned skill Then again, sometimes we can try our best and not get the result we want. As adults, we learn to do that with grace too. Itdoes not require to not be true to oneself to be graceful. again, the Panthers PR dept, needs to step it up here and be present and it isn't the first time. If the desire is for the Panthers brand to expand outside of the Carolinas, attention to this is needed. The media drives the NFL, that attention drives money, and money drives the NFL not the other way around, meaning you can't just be Superman in good times, but needto be inbad times as well..and if you can't be consistent, then drop it. for a lot of people that super bowl and press conference was painful it was painful for me and I am a season ticket holder Fairness doesn't enter into it. Cam fed into the narrative. He is old enough to know better now and the Panthers PR dept, and every sport and team has one,needs to step it up too. dont mean to upset anyone with this perspective
  12. Prepare Yourself: Cam Newton Spotted at a Night Club

    Frankly, if he is stupid enough to do an illegal in public, gets what he deserves if it wasn't illegal, lot of people, owean apology
  13. I didn't name Shula, others did but anyone who thinks Shula is the same catagory as Turner and Zampese, wow, just wow. If Shula didn't have Newton no one would know his name exceptas it relates to his Father. i don'tbuy Pantherswere beat by a great defense either. That is always the discussion point. The Panthers looked flat and unprepared. End of story. i mean who would possibly have thoughtthat Denver DEs would end rush Remmers and Oher...brilliant Wade. Brilliant
  14. For a team that was 15 and 1 and in the Super Bowl, not one coach was hired by another team, college or pro think about that
  15. How well does the team bounce back after the SB loss?

    There are holes to fix and shore up and how well Gettlemen shores up those holes will determine how far Panthers go. Speed kills and more is needed throughout the team grooming a replacement for Kalil as well...key to that line who had some injuries this year, getting older, and contract expiring I believe in 2016