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  1. This is enough to make me happy with Rivera :  Losing record in regular season in 3 out of 4 seasons - and he never lost the locker room.   These guys will play for him.  I'm sure at some point that will no longer be true and that's when I would move on from him. I would prefer a coach that is the smartest guy in the room (and Ron is not that guy) but we've got that in a GM, so it works.
  2. Defend Shula all you want.  How did the play calling CHANGE during the course of the game?  It didn't.  For 60 minutes we stayed with the same plan that wasn't working.
  3. I hope DG learned something tonight

    Dear Don Shula's Son, You're playing against a 3-4 and both OL's are rushing every single time.  There's this thing called a slant that knifes right into the space recently vacated by said DE and unless you have a middle linebacker that can cover 20 horizontal yards it's pretty much a guaranteed gain.  Every. Single. Time.   It's football, not rocket science.
  4. That's exactly right.  Until we win a SuperBowl there will always be a confidence gap.  Even a great team needs an incredible amount of luck (bouncing balls, favorable calls) to get to the SuperBowl.  We got there and we needed to win it.  As deep as our talent pool is there is no guarantee that  Cam or Luke will ever smell another SuperBowl.
  5. I think you are misunderstanding my loyalties here.  I'm not defending the 1990 Bills over the 2015 Panthers.   But there is no doubt that the Bills of 1990 were more dominant than the 2015 Panthers.  You'll have to wait 3 more years to prove this wrong.   I'm not getting into a pissing contest tonight so I'll just admit that you are right.  Now my Mom is yelling at me from upstairs to turn the computer off so I have to go to bed now.    
  6. Mind ......... Blown.   Not kidding u r right.
  7. No way to prove it but no, you are just wrong.  Sorry.  Today's receivers wouldn't even know how to get open playing under the rules back then.
  8. Oh, and Bruce smith gets my vote for the 2nd best defensive player of all time.  Second only to Lawrence Taylor.  Bruce was a 3-4 DE that set sack records.  Today's 3-4 DE's barely get mentioned in the team program.
  9. No.  1990 Buffalo Bills when they lost to the Giants (Led by the non pro bowler Hosteltler). Jim Kelly.  Bruce Smith.  Darryl Talley, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Leon Seals, Don Beebe, Pete Metzelaars, Frank Reich, Kent Hull, Cornelius Bennet, Nate Odomes .. shoot man it just goes on and on but that's who I can remember.
  10. The Red gets it right.  Shula has never changed his play calls.  The idea that he changed his philosophy to play to Cam's strengths is faulty. Shula needs his QB to be unmolested in the pocket for 3 seconds.  Anything less and the offense falls off a cliff.  It's always been this way with Shula.  Our OL was not able to give that time to Cam tonight and that is it. Shula can't adjust.  
  11. Cam pouting at the podium

    Yes I would prefer that Cam was a robot.  But he's not. Delhomme was pretty emotional after his SB loss too - it didn't make ESPN the next day though.  I wonder if Cam's will?  Time will tell.
  12. Kony Ealy

    I sincerely hope that you are right.  I saw zero from both of those vets tonight.
  13. Didn't read thread.  Agree with OP.  Slants would have shut Denver's defense down and we only ran 2.  Not a single called screen play. Shula sucks.  Offensive line wasn't able to give CAM the 4 seconds that every Shula play calls for.
  14. Team photo dab