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  1. agreed. this looks a lot like the onset of schizophrenia to me more than some weird drug induced trip. there aren't a lot of drugs that would cause this kind of reaction. talking about "going to fight with Jesus" in particular seems concerning. those with severe mental health issues at times believe they're being divinely guided. nonetheless, there's a lot of embarrassing poo on the first few pages of this thread. people are cold as hell.
  2. free agents usually haven't gotten great news if they decide to keep visiting teams. it's annoying but it usually means they didn't like the numbers and if someone can beat it we're out. there was and is a lot of built in sentiment to consider Carolina, but if we can't make a competitive offer he's not going to take substantially less. the breeland deal falling through probably put an immediate perspective shift back to the CB position. we might be in a holding pattern for a domino to fall there before we can finalize a move with a luxury designation.
  3. it's an interesting development in terms of cap allocation how tight ends are compensated compared to wide receivers and what that means when you're trying to finding pass catching value on the market. you can snag a player that can be just as productive catching the ball as a WR for 2/3 the price because of positional designation, which is something that is becoming much more fluid in today's league. for example, if we were to sign Ebron and split him out wide at times with Greg playing TE, it's the same effect in a lot of ways as having a huge WR like Kelvin Benjamin in the same spot in terms of how the defense has to play the set. it's pretty smart to worry less about positional designations and more about skillset and deployment opportunities with players that have some versatility.
  4. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    hurney is your uncle at a yard sale eyeing the lawnmower with a broken blade
  5. I just despise the variance associated with picking 8th-15th. there's so many talented players with huge question marks and we always seem to pick the one that has the most trouble adjusting. the last "freak athlete" we drafted was MKG at 2nd overall. not saying these two players are the same, but it's just disheartening to be this bad and pick this low on a regular basis.
  6. FA: Doug Martin?

    the people replying seem to be under the supposition we'd be bringing him in as a feature back. that's not the case. we're not going to get a clear cut starter to sign here with the uncertainty of how Turner plans to deploy CMC. if we can pick up a proven veteran with less mileage than Stew to split carries, it's an ideal situation. Martin could get back on track here and he should be relatively inexpensive. I like it better than relying upon CAP to replicate or better Stew's position or spending a draft pick we shouldn't when there are so many positions we have to upgrade.
  7. if the urgency to draft WR help wasn't here before, it's certainly here now. samuel's fragility/bad luck with injuries have been a storyline in his early career.
  8. XFL (Fans Above All)

    conspiracy theory/tinderbox theory: trump put him up to this to try to create a competing league and is going to say all kinds of good things about this.
  9. I'm less concerned about Norv than I am about the nepotism involved with filling the staff with his relatives. I think Norv himself is a great hire, but I have no idea about his son's qualifications to take over for Dorsey as position coach. That might have been a condition of his return regardless of location, as we certainly weren't the only ones interested, but it's a weird dynamic. there's nothing quite like the NFL's incestuous coaching structure. Hell, we just unburdened ourselves of one such dud that had his path in coaching carved this way.
  10. love when players play the family card. sounds like he's already packed his bags. good luck, man. go have fun being lambasted next season for being paid like an elite DT when the counting stats will never justify it. we didn't mind star's role here because of what KK is able to do, but I can already predict fans aren't going to be happy with the return wherever he signs because his game isn't explosive. we can't afford the luxury.
  11. what helps cam be as productive as he is on the ground is not the fact that he's an elite ball carrier, it's that he's an elite ball carrier for a quarterback. cam is at his most productive when the threat of his feet forces teams to spy him on every passing down and opens up the field in ways that our WR can't because they just can't consistently get separation. our WR are given 1 on 1 matchups on the outside every week because opposing defenses want to take away the middle of the field from Greg and they want to take away the run. if we just come out running draw plays for Cam, they're going to stack the box even more. one thing that is annoying about statistics is that they don't always take the right factors into account. it's like saying when X quarterback throws for 400 yards his team is undefeated. well.... yeah? when your quarterback plays well you're very likely to win. that isn't news. it doesn't mean that you can go out there and force 75 attempts so that your QB hits 400 yards and expect to win the game regardless of all other factors. so when Cam has X amount of carries, what it usually means is that our offense was moving the ball and we were getting first downs. it also likely means that many of those carries were drive extenders or red zone carries, not the primary reason we got down there if that makes sense. without the element of surprise as to when Cam's runs are coming, he's not nearly as effective unless you need a yard or less. you can just see by how many 6'5" runningbacks we have in the league that using your blocks is a small man's game. Cam's usage as a runner should come as a natural part of the diversity in play calling, not be the focus of it.
  12. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    And a big fat fug you to everybody that was apologizing for this mother fuger with your "derp he wasn't technically found guilty derp" bullshit when the facts of the case were so overwhelming against Hardy. Hopefully some of you blind ass homers learned a lesson from this. Just because a dude wears black and blue doesn't make him a Panther that deserves your respect and admiration. This thread is full of the same back biting people who were defending this cat tooth and nail and calling for Goodell's head for having him on the exemption list, which I'm sure at least half of you will deny.
  13. Final Panthers Cuts

    Do we have to read 30 pages of garbage before finding out who the cuts are or do we have a real thread with a running tally?
  14. Hardy Case Dismissed

    Correct. A settlement would mean nothing in a criminal case. However, paying off the star witness of the prosecution to take a vacation and not be available to her lawyers or to the court means that they have no recourse but to rule against her in the proceedings. Hardy being able to buy himself a not guilty verdict means a hell of a lot more to his career than however much it cost him to have her disappear. Because if you'll remember, this "flake" made every single one of her other court dates before mysteriously dropping off the face of the earth. Not just chilling at home, either. She's making it damn sure that she isn't going to be found for this.
  15. Hardy Case Dismissed

    All evidence suggests that they haven't been able to get in touch with Holder for many, many months. Last contact being in October. Looks like he did exactly that. But you can't get a case dismissed until the accuser actually "no shows" on the trial date. That's why the trial date being bumped past the end of the season meant that we weren't going to see Hardy on the field this season.