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  1. Peyton's records will be short-lived

    Let's revisit talking about records when he gets his completion percentage over 58%. I hate to sound crass, but let's be happy he's winning games and not try to put the world at his feet.
  2. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    And a big fat fug you to everybody that was apologizing for this mother fuger with your "derp he wasn't technically found guilty derp" bullshit when the facts of the case were so overwhelming against Hardy. Hopefully some of you blind ass homers learned a lesson from this. Just because a dude wears black and blue doesn't make him a Panther that deserves your respect and admiration. This thread is full of the same back biting people who were defending this cat tooth and nail and calling for Goodell's head for having him on the exemption list, which I'm sure at least half of you will deny.
  3. Nahhh... that's way too high of a score (gets way too diffcult at about 25k points). I don't have the time to put into it. OK, I have the time, but I'd rather use it for more... engaging games. :P Congratulations though; I want an autograph!

  4. LOL! It got a little laggy on my screen for some reason I think it worked to my benefit. More reaction time. I guess in some way that is cheating.... but hey, it gives you something to shoot for now.

  5. Cheater! :P

  6. rep when it comes back!

  7. You're the man, Dan. Thanks for engaging with the Charlotte community.