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  1. Just heard the talking heads after the win reading tweets. This one was great. Falcons are Red. Panthers are Blue. We don't blow leads. How bout you?
  2. Just heard the talking heads after the win reading tweets. This one was great. Falcons are Red. Panthers are Blue. We don't blow leads. How bout you?
  3. I'm a big clemson so I hate FSU. I am a big Panthers fan so I hate the Bucs. Watching Winston act like the tool he is just makes me so happy.
  4. Looks like Beane is turning out to be quite the GM. If only there was a way we could have hired him.
  5. Buffalo Reached Out to Us

    This is a prime example of the biggest reason I have come to hate management of this team. There is no plan. No foresight. It's all seems to be seat of your pants reactionary. If we really thought we needed more speed on the field Ron and the coaching staff would have been telling this to Hurney. Hurney should have been looking for ways to improve the team in this fashion. He was not. Hurney was sitting on his ass when the phone rang with a trade offer. He suddenly discovers we need more speed and getting rid of our #1 WR in the middle of a season where we are still in the playoff hunt is a great idea. One phone call, an apple falls on his head and eureka. Even if you didn't like Gettlemen, he had a plan. This team is rolling out of bed and throwing a dart at the wall. The whole organization is work harder, not smarter.
  6. Listening to Hurney and then Gettlemen you don't have to do a lot of work to see which one has 30 years of football personal experience and which one used to be a reporter. Might as well hire Skip Bayless as our GM.
  7. Shula unrest

    Does Jerry Richardson have a history of being overly loyal and keeping players and coaches way past their prime? Rivera will always be an old school defensive conservative coach at heart. He has made a lot of effort to override these tendencies but it's difficult. But the organization as a whole is built on that knuckle down and work harder doing the same thing even if it's not working mentality. They "Keep Pounding", that round peg into a square hole.
  8. God, I hate this so much. Makes me sick.
  9. Um. Saca, here's your mic. I found it on the floor. I think you dropped it.
  10. Caption thi ****

    "It's puts the lotion in the helmet"
  11. To me it comes down to how your GM makes the decisions concerning the team. Gettlemen was heavy on analytics, tape, probability and math. Hurney was good at people skills and keeping players happy. Both seemed to be good at putting together a good team around them of scouts and personal and utilizing them. Who do you want making decisions?
  12. Hey, if the Panthers take him I pray I'm wrong. Gettleman knows infinitely more about football that I do. I am curious as to how you know this though. I know being a photographer on game days and this site give you a lot of insight to the team and palyers but I'm of the believe that outside of Gettlemen and the scouting staff no one really knows for sure who is rated where. Even most players in years past that have been interviewed have no idea what the front office is thinking.
  13. 1. You need a lot more than 3 drafts to find a pattern. There is definitely no defense one year and then offense the next year pattern. That gives me a headache from rolling my eyes so hard. 2. I talked to a guy last week who been a college coach over the last 20 years with a few years coaching on NFL teams. I asked him about Derrick Henry. He said that he'd didn't consider him a first round talent and that any running back from Alabama is suspect when transitioning to the NFL. Said he's taken so many hits already in his career he almost washed up by the time he gets to the NFL. Also, said in the NFL a RB has to have the ability to make someone miss in the hole and Henry can't do that. Now, I know that's only a minute off the cuff conversation with a guy I just meet but I agree with him in addition to other negatives people have of Henry. Runs to upright. Lack of quick acceleration to hit the hole. Etc. I'm not a scout but the more I read of Henry the more and more he reminds me of a slightly taller Eric Shelton. Personally, I think we'll end up with the best available from DE, S, or CB in that order.
  14. Am I missing something with Lawson cause ya'll are talking crazy? I'm a tiger fan and watched every second he's played in college. He's going to be a top 15 pick, maybe top 10. That medical check was requested from one team. All other teams cleared him. His shoulder is fine. In a way I hope it was the Panthers that flagged it to play some head games. Anything can happen and I am by no means an expert but I would be shocked to see Shaq not drafted in the first round. It's just not going to happen. I don't even see any way he'd fall all the way to us in the 1st round. I would love to have him. I've been telling a buddy all along that he plays and reminds me a ton of Charles Johnson but Shaq might have more quickness.
  15. I think Jeremy is hearing from everything that Josh will be tagged because that is exactly what Gettleman wants out there. There are two ways I can see his thinking going on this. 1 - Ideally, he's love to have Josh under a 3 or 4 year deal and will use the leverage of Josh's age and the franchise tag to get the best long term deal possible. If Josh wants to break the bank then there's no choice but to franchise him. 2 - Gettleman really does only want to franchise Josh for one year because he doesn't believe in paying conners big money long term. His approach to football is to put the bulk of your money in the d-line, into the Hog mollies. So, expect to see Short get a huge deal. I don't think he'll break the bank on a FA d-lineman but he wants to have that money available for when we need to sign Short, Star, Ealy and whomever other dlinemen he finds in the draft. As to RB, I'm not sold that the answer isn't already on the Roster. CAP and Wegher have shown great flashes and are only rookies. They were behind a probowl RB, a great short yardage and valued guy in Tolbert along with Fozzy who excelled at blocking. The fact that they never even tried to put Wegher on the practice squad tells me they see real future potential in him.