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  1. Fan01 added a post in a topic John Matsko - Incase you are wondering how we Resemble Ray Lewis Ravens...   

    This is the type of response 90% of huddle threads need.  
    That was awesome.
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  2. Fan01 added a post in a topic Around the NFL taking note of Panther fans   

    Most of these guys are trying to cover 32 teams so they don't want to take the time to actually do any research.  They end up making gross generalizations.  
    Guy researched Norman after Norman called him out.  That's why real fans of the team get pissed.  We spend 24/7 365 debating every little detail on the team.
    I'd love to see Igo and Jordan Gross across the table debating these guys.
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  3. Fan01 added a post in a topic Cams interception!!!!!!!!!   

    I was really impressed with Cam yesterday.
    Here are 5 things that stood out to me.  You won't believe #4.
    1. He checked down.  A lot. 
    2.  He did not throw the ball high (except for once to Olsen when the O-line got pushed into his face)
    3.  He really set his feet.  Even when he rolled out of the pocket he didn't throw on the run but stopped, set his feet and threw a dart.
    4.  When he could have just tucked the ball and ran he kept his eyes downfield while scrambling and found the open man.
    5.  He was throwing very accurate balls.  I can really tell he worked in the off season a great deal on that like he's said.  You can see his mentality now if moving the sticks and not trying so hard to make the big play.
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  4. Fan01 added a post in a topic Remember when we had "Remember when" Threads   

    I hated Matt Moore. But then again I thought Clausen was had a lot of potential.
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