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  1. If Ron Rivera Win The Super Bowl....

    Well, it's always good to remind the young'uns about the olden days. 
  2. If Ron Rivera Win The Super Bowl....

    Tom Flores says hi...twice!
  3. The exact point I was going to make.  Nobody remembers strength of schedule or stats when thinking about the legacy of a team.  They only think about wins and losses...specifically, whether or not they won the Super Bowl.  Winning the SB with an 18-1 record will automatically put the 2015 Panthers in the discussion for greatest team ever, no matter what happens in the future.  Continued dominance will solidify their spot, but just winning after having the season we had will mean they are part of the conversation forever.     
  4. Marty Hurney

    These were major, major problems with Hurney teams.  We really didn't have the depth to overcome a few injuries.  That's where Gettleman's real genius is showing for us.  Heck, we were able to hold up when Luke was out with his concussion.  There's no way we could have survived that without the depth and foresight that makes Gettleman a truly great GM.
  5. Marty Hurney

    No question, he earned his firing.  And I'm not arguing against that notion, nor am I saying fans shouldn't be upset with how his mistakes cost the team.  I'm just arguing against the idea that the media shouldn't acknowledge how he has positively impacted the current roster just because he was a weak overall GM.  He brought in many of our core players, and that should be acknowledged (Gettleman has gone out of his way to recognize that, as well).  He's gone for a reason, but I sure am glad he had the sense to bring in some of the guys he did. 
  6. Marty Hurney

    First of all, it isn't just a couple of stars, he brought in a lot.  Heck, most of our pro-bowl players were brought in by Hurney...at a time that many GM's picking around him took guys that busted.  But the reason he is not, and should not be our current GM is because he was not good at building around those key players.  However, just because he was not good at that doesn't mean that he shouldn't be recognized for what he did well for us.  There is no question that he was not good at knowing what a fair contract was.  He didn't seem to have a good pulse on what player values were around the league, like Gettleman does.  He also struggled identifying which players had the potential to be good role players and which just didn't have it (this is where his lack of any sort of player evaluation in his background really hurt him).  But that doesn't change the good he did here, just provided the reasons he was fired and is not currently a GM, but a radio host/owner. 
  7. Marty Hurney

    Hurney was a limited GM, but he did play a big role in where this team is now.  To be upset that it is being recognized that he brought in some of our core player that have led us to the SB is childish and unfair.  Nobody is glossing over his faults (not even him) and saying he didn't deserve to be fired, just that he did bring in some key players...which is 100% accurate.   Instead of being mad, why not appreciate the fact we have guys here like Cam and Luke because of him.  After all, neither were slam dunks.  He's gone and we have a guy better suited the nuances of being a GM.  So why can't some just be happy the way things turned out.  
  8. Why are so many focused more on the slot they have us picking that the picks themselves?  We're all antsy, so this could be a nice diversion thread to kill some time.  I just don't understand the delight some get in pointing out where they have us picking, or by others pointing out that it is only based on record, and not some perceived belief that we will win it all.  Oh well, to each their own. Anyway, I really like the Dodd pick.  He may not be a superforce early, but looks to be the type of guy that can develop into a real impact player.  If the comparison to Bennett is accurate, I would be thrilled with the pick. But then, I didn't have time to watch much college ball this year, so don't know a lot about him, and either some negatives will come out in other evaluations, or he will skyrocket up the rankings and out of our range.  Not sure about the Safety, though.  I do think we need a consistent playmaker back there to replace Harper, but IMO, a pass rushing DE and CB are bigger needs at this point.  
  9. ESPN on Cam Newton making Football Fun Again

    Not really.  Sam Bradford just happened to be the last QB picked and signed to a ridiculous contract before the CBA expired.  At the time, Jamarcus was the poster boy for being a high-pick bust (it particularly hurt the cause because it was well known that he became lazy and didn't have any interest in doing what it took to be successful once he got the money).  Bradford just finished his rookie year (in which he won rookie of the year), and wasn't yet considered a bust.  The biggest reason for the choice of Russell as the writers reference point was that he was pointing out Jamarcus' failure was something else Cam unfairly had to overcome as a black QB.  As for the rookie contracts only, there was a history of players not living up the contracts and them hamstringing team's salary cap, and a rookie scale had been blowing in the wind for awhile.  Jamarcus just epitomized what was wrong with paying someone that much money before ever stepping on the field in an NFL uniform.  And he just happened to flame out as the CBA was expiring.  But he was far from the only reason for the rookie scale, just an easy example.     
  10. Star Wars TFA Discussion <Spoilers>

    Oh, about Rey using the force on the storm trooper and withstanding Kylo Ren, she is naturally very strong in the force, she is just untrained in how to use it.  And until Ren tried using it on her to learn about the map, I don't think she even knew she had it in her to use it.  But Ren's attempt to breakthrough her mind actually backfired and awoke her innate abilities.  And since his training is incomplete, he likely hasn't developed the skills and nuances and was unprepared to overcome her level of resistance.  Also, while Rey may have been untrained in using the force, I'm sure she at least knew about it.  So with the storm trooper, she knew that she could manipulate him with her newfound ability...she just needed to figure out how.  And that's why you saw her struggle at first, but gain control after a few attempts.
  11. Star Wars TFA Discussion <Spoilers>

    I think there are a lot of people overthinking this movie.  First of all, I've gotten the impression from interview I have seen that the similarities to the original were intentional.  After the prequels veered so far off course from what Star Wars is, they had to reign it back in and bring it to a familiar and comfortable place.  I also think people forget that this is an introductory movie.  It was designed to introduce the new characters, re-introduce the old familiar ones, and set the stage for the rest of the series.  But in order to do that, they had to get people back to the place they were after ROTJ.  So, for those complaining, blame George Lucas, he's the one that altered the SW universe so bad that it had to be readjusted in order to get it back on track. Also, you can't compare Kylo Ren to Darth Vader, or any fully developed minion of the dark side.  He is intentionally made to have moments of weakness.  He's still a kid (relatively speaking) and doesn't have full control of his emotions or the force yet...and he is only partially trained.  Someone mentioned how he was different with and without the mask, and felt it should have been explained better.  But you have to remember that this is not a stand alone movie, we've barely learned anything about him or his motivations.  It's something they are sure to include as plot points in the upcoming films.  But in general, Ren with the mask represented the badass master he will eventually be, but no mask represents the insecure undisciplined kid that is trying desperately to live up to the legacy of his grandfather.  This is one issue that requires some patience, and all will be revealed.  As for the final fight between Rey & Finn and Kylo Ren, it made perfect sense.  Finn, overall, was not doing very well and Ren clearly was in total control.  All Finn was doing was launching a mindless and unskilled attack that didn't pose much of a threat, yet Ren had to be careful since it was so unpredictable.  But once he figured it out, he destroyed Finn.  And if you remember, earlier in the movie they showed that Rey was a badass with her staff, and as such, would logically have some ability pick up a new weapon and at least be a basic threat.  But even so, she was losing and Ren could have killed her, but instead tried to turn her.  Lastly, many of the questions or issues that people want answered will be answered in the following films.  TFA only set the stage, the next movies will start fleshing it out.  In this case, patience is the magic word.  
  12. Our Boys Are Savage With The Twitter Game!

    This is just more fallout from the OBJ issue.  White is just trying to get in the head of Josh and throw him off his game.  After the back and forth on Sunday, Josh can expect a lot of guys to try and get under his skin. 
  13. A Giant Debacle - Straw Grasping in NYC

    OBJ has legitimate anger management issues.  Unfortunately, at his age, it's unlikely he'll completely resolve them, so it is likely that he will have another meltdown at some point.  The problem for him now, though, is that with this being so public anything he does in the future will be highlighted and discussed by the talking heads and won't be swept under the rug. No matter what he does, his reputation and the perception of him has been forever changed.     
  14. Remmers

    I think that's the only reason Williams isn't the starter now.  You don't want to mess up the chemistry you have when your on a roll like we have been all season.
  15. You can apologize for the general cheap shots and chippiness, but there is no apologizing for launching yourself after getting a running start with the intention of hitting the guy in the head with the crown of your helmet.  That is a malicious act with evil intent and could have permanently affected Josh's life.  That's not something an "I'm sorry" fixes. OBJ needs to go to anger management classes.