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  1. "Woke up with a bad neck"

    I have woken up with a bad neck before. That is what the analysts said it was. If it is something more serious, then he needs to take all the time he needs to get better. So, going forward, are we not allowed to comment on threads about players blowing our their ACL's or tearing ligaments if we've never sustained those specific injuries?
  2. "Woke up with a bad neck"

    Are we talking about something serious? Or is it just one of those things where you wake up and you can't really turn your head in one direction without a sharp pain...? That's what it sounded like to me. I mean, that's something you can play through, right?
  3. Sorry if this has been covered at length already... but I was shocked to hear that Ryan Kalil was going to miss the game because he (according to the CBS guys) "woke up with a bad neck this morning." Seriously?!?! Thomas Davis can play with a damn broken arm but Ryan Kalil can't play because he slept on his neck funny?????? There HAD to be more to it than that. We sorely missed him yesterday.
  4. Is there an actual metric out there that says KR/PR get hurt more frequently than say, a RB? I think you're more likely to get hurt trying to run through a hole and getting rolled up on than you are getting blown up on a punt or kick return.
  5. This..... doesn't help.

    Yeah, you sure got me. Lmao.
  6. This..... doesn't help.

    It's basically still like Jim Crow times in America. Black people are being forced to work without pay, don't have access to public education or hospitals, and are being gunned down by the tens of thousands, indiscriminately, by murderous police officers. The KKK is basically in control of a large portion of the country. Minorities and LGBT people are about to be rounded up and shipped off to camps by the Trump administration. Kaep is totally right. He's a hero.
  7. This..... doesn't help.

    He's a hero. I agree.
  8. This..... doesn't help.

    It makes me really proud to know we have someone as brave as Colin Kaepernick among us who can go out there and protest the unjust country that has allowed him, despite his race, to become a multi-millionaire and celebrity. His struggle is all of our struggle... family photos like these of his awful upbringing really explain a lot about why he's so passionate about his cause. Man... to think he made it out alive with all the discrimination he faced... he really is a hero. God Bless, Colin Kaepernick.
  9. This..... doesn't help.

    The resemblance is uncanny, you have to give them that.
  10. This..... doesn't help.

    Kap is a fraud. But this was a very stupid idea by the Panthers. It will only trigger the snowflakes unnecessarily and give them something to bitch about.
  11. Bigger vs Boulware

    Well, one of them will likely make the PS and one will not. It will likely not be the one who played for Clemson. Like that means any fugging thing. Clemson fanboys are so annoying.
  12. Bigger vs Boulware

    Zeek is clearly the better linebacker. We are so loaded at LB he likely won't make the team, but I bet he is going to land on the PS. He is a natural LB, and has good size & speed. He'd have a shot at making some other rosters.
  13. I had to watch the Jaguars broadcast since I live right near the Florida border... my lord, you want to talk about DEPRESSING announcers? Mark Brunell is one of them. At one point when Chad Henne had 14 yards passing and 14 rushing yards, they said something like "Well the passing yards aren't likely where Chad wanted them, but you've got to be impressed with his decision making." That is one defeated crew down in Jax.
  14. Moton vs Williams

    Sorry if this has already been discussed... but did anyone find it interesting that Daryl Williams started at RT for the official dress rehearsal? I couldn't watch the entire game, but I remember seeing Moton playing well into the 4th quarter, and maybe to 0:00. I thought Moton was impressing at camp? If Moton were going to surpass Williams, wouldn't Rivera have started him last night, considering it's Preseason Game #3? Thoughts? I think Moton is better than Williams, but that Williams provides good depth. That 1st drive was beautiful.