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  1. Trump finally gets a win

    i can't wait til he legalizes kicking the homeless
  2. Trump finally gets a win

    also i think kasich could beat hillary in a general, and i think he's the only one that could. virtually every political moderate is looking for an excuse to not vote for her and he would be their ticket. unfortunately he is getting flayed alive by evangelicals and bircher types for being a RINO, and as we all know only a true conservative would win the white house.
  3. Trump finally gets a win

    not a surprise. NH's conservatives are of the live-free-or-die brand, not evangelical, so you're going to get a lot of people who don't give much of a damn about ted cruz or the ben carson niche but will latch onto anti-government rhetoric and promises to take them back to the good ol' days. i'm very curious to see what happens with the dems in south carolina. i'm guessing trump is just about a lock there (ben carson will have his strongest showing if he hasn't dropped out by then, and the anti-trump vote will be split between him and cruz) but things could get reeeally interesting if bernie surges. the black vote didn't give much of a damn about obama until he won new hampshire in 2008 and they dumped hillary like hot poo after that, so it'll be interesting to see what kind of momentum he can build. if bernie wins south carolina... watch out.
  4. ps lol @ everyone getting offffffffennnnnndeddddddddddddd at a mildly racist white slur with no historical or contemporary or social or political or economic power to it being leveled with levity, but when it comes to extremely powerful words and the power dynamics that produced them the most they can muster is "b-b-buh... how come they're allowed to say it and we aren't?" or microaggressive comments about "the race card" i'm proud of cam for refusing to change who he is even though it makes him a lightning rod. i honestly think he's opened peoples' eyes to the prevalence of bias in our society, and how it's hidden, subconscious, and normalized. i hope he gives me an interview when i write a book about it.
  5. damn people. given the asymmetry in power and effect in our society, saying "the white cracker said" is not as powerful or effective as saying "the black ******* said" and therefore the two should not be treated as equal, or even close to it. but OP's post was still essentialist and feeds an popular link between skin color and behavior that desperately needs to be eradicated. bad OP! bad! lastly, i love cam and i would download an mp3 of whatever cam song the team was singing.
  6. Arthur Blank.... Prostate Cancer

    i'm proud of everyone for not making the obvious joke. and ashamed for alluding to it. get well soon arthur
  7. i was in a dark place for a day, and then cam's presser today gave me a huge shot in the arm. plus i got a lot of other poo in my life that brings me joy. i can't imagine being one of those people who have nothing else in their life to give them highs besides football.
  8. Why should I ever register

    this has probably become my most valued issue as a constituent.
  9. Cam Newton and the Hero's Journey

    bring home the elixir cam
  10. legit breakdown. great game plan. i can honestly say i have no clue how you beat a green dog blitz scheme. evidently neither does shula.
  11. Harper and Cotchery already gone?

    i don't see it, but i wouldn't complain
  12. oh look, you're completely wrong. everything electro's horse has written has been expanded by 400%, and my posts here providing a framework for the season recap shouldn't be a surprise, since those posts - wait for it - recapped the season. however, none of them translate to the format and the tense of the book, so they've been completely rewritten, expanded, contracted, cut, complemented, and reformed.  you're being a dick.
  13. are you purposely being a dick or does it just come naturally to you? you couldn't possibly be more wrong.
  14. If Cam Newton wasn't a Panther...

    i hate jameis winston, but not because of anything other than his talent. i like to think that'd be the case with cam, too.