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  1. Sexting

    i usually don't miss being 20 but some days i do
  2. An Inexcusable, Willful Disregard for the Rules

    edgy enunciation
  3. Sexting

    kids these days don't know about poorly lit grainy ass pic messages on flip phones
  4. Sexting

    *video of john wayne endangering a child by throwing him into a lake when he can't swim* back before pussy ass safe spaces! make america great again!
  5. Sexting

    these army guys are risking there necks for $5 an hour but burger flippers want $15 an hour this is whats wrong with are society
  6. Sexting

    OMG! i couldn't believe what this millenial said about her generation! we bet she's not feeling the bern!
  7. Sexting

    what a shame
  8. Michelob Ultra

    midori sour drinker spotted
  9. Another Championship Game for the Carolinas

    they're fugged
  10. Michelob Ultra

    try botanist. to date it's the only gin i halfway enjoy.
  11. Michelob Ultra

    one of my new favs
  12. Michelob Ultra

    good poo, we just started carrying it at my bar. top shelf jameson basically
  13. Michelob Ultra

    that or a single ice ball. nothing destroys good scotch like floating ice, but if you want it chilled a golf ball sized ice ball will cool it down but dilute at a significantly slower pace. but i have no idea why anyone wouldn't drink it neat.
  14. purchasing a video camera and A/V equipment

    i feel like a total moron trying to figure this poo out, which is why i'm asking dex