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  1. Did Anybody See Travis Kelce Dance?

    he's right
  2. Is Norwood the worst Gettleman move to date?

    can't really judge it because it's a depth move. if wideouts go down later and norwood gets brought up and fills in, then no, it's not even close to a bad move.
  3. Is this the best regular season week ever?

    it was pretty goddamn awesome
  4. and then there was only one.

    jesus do you guys not cheer when we get first downs because we haven't won the game yet? loosen up bros, we're on top of the league. we're fans, not players... enjoy it for a day
  5. and then there was only one.

    success, like, say, quantifiably being the best team in the league?
  6. and then there was only one.

    don't you have some christmas to steal or something
  7. idk i think it was you. didn't your username used to be The Question? and then something else before that? your member title sounds pretty pot-y
  8. are you that kid that posted here like five years ago and bragged about being 15, a JV left tackle and big time pot smoker?
  9. and then there was only one.

      everything about this little bag of poo saints poster makes me so hungry for a win next week i can barely stand it  
  10. and then there was only one.

    lol in retrospect why did i even make this thread? there are six hundred of these.
  12. us, undefeated, top of the league. suck our butts, world
  13. Sunday night game thread

    i don't know if any other team in the league can overcome that clock bullshit with that little time to think about it and come up with that play to get it to overtime.