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  1. Someone make me a Dave Gettleman T-shirt

    i would absolutely wear a gansta as fug pic of just his face in black and white
  2. we do have some mismatches that can be taken advantage of by a good team. on offense i would try to spread it wide with a lot of 3WR 1TE sets to marginalize norman and hope to work on that nickel back (epsecially now.) that lighter package may also open up underneath stuff for the tight end. i would experiment with some audibles that call fly routes for any guy lined up on harper's side of the field, especially when coleman comes in and shows blitz. i would also take advantage of carolina's aggressive front seven and runs tons and tons of counters. they appear susceptible to misdirections, so if you've got a good tackle that can seal the edge you might find ways to get upfield. on defense i would try to force carolina to beat me with their weakest links, which are tackle and wide receiver. oher sometimes struggles with speed rushes and remmers can get overpowered; i'd space ends and run stunts to take advantage of this. i would run some delayed blitzes as well. cam excels at changing plays pre-snap, so if you can show some looks and then send a guy after he's made his first read you might throw him off, especially if he tries to go to a hot route or something else underneath. ginn, cotchery, and brown are only great because cam newton is playing great. they are your best bet to win the game if you're a defense. if you have decent corners you should probably play man coverage all day, bracket olsen when possible (or at least don't give him a free release) and send gratuitous pressure. you may take advantage of his occasional inaccuracy. that zone blocking scheme is super tough to read, so i think you basically choose to gamble a lot and bring in an extra safety and hope ginn doesn't catch it or cam isn't accurate enough to hit those marginal receivers in tight coverage. i think you definitely keep a spy roving the middle of the field on obvious passing downs and if you wanna get creative and you have the personnel you try to drop DEs in coverage on occasional, especially in situations in when you think he might pass it or dump a screen to peel off pressure, if you've been throwing it all game. the panthers have weaknesses and are beatable, but basically you have to out-chess rivera and shula with your playcalls to take advantage with any consistency, which in the past seemed like a given but now has become a formidable challenge in conjunction with the tightest roster in the nfl.
  3. Science or Pleasure

    this is a curious thought     either way it's definitely important to keep testing this stuff and regulate strains where necessary. also: educate ppl not to go completely bonkers with it. everything in moderation
  4. Brenton Bersin needs a TD

    he'll get a lot more snaps down the stretch.
  5. so far you are the only one in this thread that uber cares that it's at a PP site.
  6. Devin Funchess Speed

    he's not fast but he's quick, exceptional at using his body to get open and cutting into his routes. he is a perfect bookend to KB when you've got a ginn-style deep threat to stick into a 3WR lineup.
  7. Panthers Work Out Cortland Finnegan

    bring him on, poo.  
  8. Thank you Carolina Panthers.

    hey, you're still around! hope all is well
  9. Revenge Tour isnt Finished

    we have several revenge games left. the saints are a revenge game for it being so close last time. the falcons at home are a revenge game for trying to steal the division away last year. the giants are revenge for the nfce being so highly touted week in and week out. falcons at home are revenge for making us play in that shittacular dome. bucs at home are 16-0 and that's revenge enough. i can't wait to see who gets kicked our way in the playoffs. vikings maybe? revenge for that cold-ass 2x blocked punt game last year when we had no mojo. that would be beautiful. and of course, the ultimate revenge game against the patriots. no one on this team would allow that to be a loss, not this year.
  10. Along the Sidelines - The book

    jeremy, i've got extensive experience with online publishing platforms (most notably amazon's, through Kindle Direct Publishing.) your profit margins are going to be much higher through them, and your workload much lower (you won't have to distribute/market/ship orders by yourself.) KDP also offers hard copy made-to-order services that are recently out of testing phases, so it wouldn't be mutually exclusive. if you are at all interested, i would love to collaborate and weave your photos into some kind of encompassing narrative of the season from start to finish, maybe integrating huddle content as well. i imagine it'd be a big sell. shoot me a PM if you're interested (in KDP if nothing else.)
  11. even though i am spectacularly loaded down with work and deadlines and other responsibilities i couldn't stop myself from spending copious amounts of time browsing the cowboys-panthers gameday thread over on the dallas boards. there's a special little joy in going page by page and anticipating reactions to big plays and seeing spontaneous rushes of curse words and unadulterated rage. here's a sampling         this is the most beautiful thing that could've possibly happened. my grandchildren's grandchildren will hear about this one day.
  12. my facebook is filled with people who have never mentioned the panthers in their lives suddenly posting about how the panthers are about to kick y'alls ass. it's pretty annoying to imagine them enjoying the same victories after jumping on so late, but whatever. as long as they stick around we've grown the fanbase and that can only be a good thing.
  13. Allow me to make a contribution

    blatant photoshop
  14. You're Welcome

    did you get a picture of his texts?
  15. Norman on Dez Bryant

    tell his parents to disown him or you're getting a divorce