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  1. PhillyB added a post in a topic Did Randy just sign   

    i hit the sauce pretty hard last night so i'm not judging
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  2. PhillyB added a post in a topic Bortles better than Cam   

    lol this poster wants to have sex with cam newton 
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  3. PhillyB added a post in a topic Bold Regular Season predictions   

    blake bortles dies and everyone in the pool spontaneously pees
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  4. PhillyB added a post in a topic Carolina Panthers Cuts...   

    bummer. i never saw ward make any substantial plays in preseason where he completely dominated his inferior opponents though, so i can't say i'm entire surprised to see him go. hopefully he catches on somewhere else.
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  5. PhillyB added a post in a topic How about Kony Ealy!   

    this is probably a simplistic comparison but he reminds me of hardy in his early days in that his biggest weakness is being able to seal off the contain on the edge of that line. i remember a lot of hardy's early promise was snuffed out by his tendency to let the tackle set the edge on him, back in the days when it seemed like opponents could run off tackle for fifteen-yard gains at will.
    ealy seems to have this same problem. hopefully he finds a hardy-level solution
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  6. PhillyB added a post in a topic How about Kony Ealy!   

    eight sacks is one every two games. assuming he's starting every game, this means he has to register a half a sack one-on-one per game as a guy who will get a lot of one-on-one opportunities (CJ, KK, and star will get extra attention frequently) to get eight sacks.
    considering our defense will probably be on the field 70% of the game i'd say he'll have plenty of opportunity to eclipse that.
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  7. PhillyB added a post in a topic How about Kony Ealy!   

    8-10 sacks for us this year would be huge
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  8. PhillyB added a post in a topic Does Ron Favor Vets Over Rookies?   

    nice work
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  9. PhillyB added a post in a topic Bersin over Boykin   

    i would love to see both of them play the entire game next week.
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  10. PhillyB added a post in a topic The GOP will not win another election.   

    99.999% sure he was completely joking
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  11. PhillyB added a post in a topic Lost in the Shuffle.... Star is on track for season opener   

    good news.
    and yet we are so unbelievably stacked at that position that it doesn't matter nearly as much as it probably should.
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  12. PhillyB added a post in a topic Replay from last nights game   

    gararaoppololo threw two terrible pick sixes that our guys mercifully dropped. should've been two interceptions on the first-team offense with brady and two on the second team. if our defensive backs and receivers had hands it'd be 27-10 panthers and everyone would be crying
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  13. PhillyB added a post in a topic What we really need from Funchess...   

    Olsen - 1000
    Funch - 700
    Ginn - 500
    Cotchery - 400
    Brown - 300
    Bersin - 300
    Dickson - 200
    RBs - 300
    the above statlines are reasonable projections with a new improved offensive lines. that's a 3700 yard passing season for cam, which puts us up there with the 2012 offense. if funch boosts his game and breaks 1000, all things being equal cam would throw for 4000, back to the 2011 level.
    if the funch turns out to be ineffective, take 100 yards off of each those receivers' totals and 3 wins off the board.
    funch is the lynchpin to our season imo
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  14. PhillyB added a post in a topic Early in Steve Smith's career, he had a terrible preseason chock full of dropped passes   

    every brown touchdown i recall last year was him falling backwards with the ball bouncing into his cradled chest and managing to stick. maybe my memory has a selection bias but i can't remember ever see him make the archetypical over-the-shoulder catch or the outstretched hands grabs necessary to play receiver in this league.
    those are all coaching issues and tbh it's a blight on ricky proehl that his mechanics are this bad.
    we're not cutting corey brown though. dude is an unbelievably good route runner and seems to constantly find himself wide open. i don't know that he'll ever become a number one in this league, or even a number two, but i think he'll improve as the year progresses.
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  15. PhillyB added a post in a topic Ashley Madison scam: only 12000 of 5.5 million female profiles were real   

    who else used the database search to run a few of their email contacts just for the hell of it to see if it produced any hits?
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