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  1. i think shula deserves some criticism... i just think he's catching a very disproportionate share of it.
  2. Residents of the Winston-Salem area

    ditto kernersville. it's blowing up right now, so honestly if you're looking to buy, it's a great investment. you could easily grab a house for under 100k in a decent enough area (look for foreclosures) and sit on a 500/month mortgage... which of course means you're effectively paying yourself 500 a month to live in your house, plus a small fee to the bank. if you plan on staying here a few years you may as well. i don't understand why people rent.
  3. still not sure how shula is getting the burn for all this. running those plays up the gut is precisely how you negate crashing ends. "we kept running long developing routes" is a myth and a reflexive holdover from the first half of 2014. we ran a ton of short stuff and just didn't connect on it, or ended up with turnovers at absolutely horrible times. take away cam's pick (teddy's fault) and tolbert's second fumble and i think we win this game.
  4. nah. i've hit decompression period. i'm too locked into the huddle to stay away, but i'll spend the next month or so casually posting and generally not caring about sports. which is fine, it honestly happens every year anyway. this one just sucks a little more.
  5. i'm not sure we need one. ealy has clearly locked his side of the line down. CJ is probably gone, allen is probably gone, and addison isn't a bad rotational guy. that lets us go after a rotational free agent that can start if he has to (gettleman style here) and then draft a guy if he falls to us, which is the most likely scenario.
  6. WTF was that trick play yesterday?

    the play call was fine. i'm guessing ginn had two options: huck it downfield or pitch it back to cam. the layers of horizontal routes make me think it's the former, and cam's body language makes me think it's the latter. either way, the broncos were in man and had every option locked up downfield, and the defensive end crashing the pocket just stood there in front of cam instead of chasing the play as expected, so cam wasn't open either. of everything to bitch about sunday this is probably the easiest target, but that's lazy. it's very low on the totem pole. 
  7. why hardy and not a different pass rusher? if he wasn't a former panther would you even consider it? regardless of your answer it's not going to happen. nobody here or almost anywhere will touch him. maybe rex ryan will try to bring him up to buffalo to stand up and rush the passer or something. but he's not coming here
  8. our pass rush didn't lose the game for us. our pass rush kept us in the game. our offensive line lost us the game. it's been obvious at points throughout the season, but mike remmers is the weakest link on the offensive line and that became evident at the worst possible time. i fully expect dave to upgrade the position over the offseason.
  9. well here's one way to drown your sorrows

    like you guys aren't 1-click buying that poo
  10. well here's one way to drown your sorrows

    lololololololololol i've read better prose on the back of a shampoo bottle
  11. there's been a lot of crappy books popping up on amazon about the panthers over the past month or so, none of them worth mentioning (like the 8-page biography of cam newton.) but then there's cam newton erotica.       i wish i could say this was my idea
  12. Im with Sean Payton's Vicodin.. Just ban me also

    thinkaboutit got banned? thank god, he was arguably the worst poster on this board
  13. Big Daryl Williams....

    at some point norwell went out and was seen on the sideline flexing his knee. williams was his replacement at left guard. i can't tell you anything else because that was about the time i blacked out.
  14. PIE Thread for Second Place