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  1. Playoff Machine

    that was fun actually  
  2. right. if it's that huge of a deal why do you not find a proverbs 31 woman and let god sanctify all that hanky panky? it's better to marry than to burn right? unless teb0w is that asexual .5% that paul said was blessed to be able to excel in life, in which case go him. that kind of focus and determination is actually insanely enviable tbqh
  3. Norman's Trash Talking

    i don't think that ever got explained. i'm guessing he said something unrepeatable too close to a ref.
  4. I always thought Lane Kiffin was an @hole

    cam could beat that kid up
  5. in all seriousness they probably did fingerbangy type stuff like crazy and rationalized that small sins are better than large ones but olivia got tired of tim's booger finger and just the tip.
  6. teb0w is sticking to his guns in more ways than one
  7. Would NFCC game still be enough for you?!

    this is my precise approach.
  8. poor teb0w. wait til he finds out you don't get sex after you get married, either
  9. overpopulation is indeed a concern in this modern world
  10. Norman's Trash Talking

  11. haha this is a common sentiment floating around over this, but i don't buy it. and i applaud him for standing up for what he believes and being consistent with it (though i'm not sure why he'd ever date someone who was okay with abstinence to begin with.) what i don't like is the legions of people flocking to defend him (as though anyone is actually attacking him for this in any sense other than "c'mon bro") and demeaning her as a slut, jezebel, stumbling block, or general woman of ill repute who's dragging down tim teb0w into the doldrums of this sinful sinful backwards god-hating world of which she is the iconic representative. ten thousand dollars says matt walsh has an unbearably obnoxious take on this before the month is out
  12. if teb0w isn't completely full of poo and he actually kept himself from doing various and sundry things to olivia culpo when she incessantly demanded sex then i have to give massive props to him for being the most resilient, steel-willed, iron-nerved man in the history of existence.  
  13. evidently she just went public when questioned about the reason, aided in the narrative by sources that knew both of them.  story:       why is this in the panthers forum? because we have four extra days with nothing to talk about besides funny stuff, and, more importantly, unlike your juggernaut 11-0 carolina panthers, The Golden Calf of Bristol cannot find the end zone.  
  14. Ref Dabbing At Auburn Game

    no this is football not dancing with the stars (more like dancing with the losers.) can't we just go sit down after every play and just be gutty and humble and stuff?