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  1. PhillyB added a post in a topic Why should you have a "right" to own firearms?   

    metaphors are often full of errors in translation but can provide useful insights
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  2. PhillyB added a post in a topic Democrat Debate   

    good catch on the median. i concede that point then.
    re: min wage and poverty level, i'm not sure comparing our poor to the worldwide poor is a very good defense of keeping our poors poor. "at least our poors aren't as poor as their really poor poors" sums up the conservative attitude towards people mired in the west's worst class mobility system, but it's detrimental to actually solving problems, as seen by the astounding growth in the income gap since the reagan administration. and yes, raising minimum wage will help struggling workers. people like you will keep shrugging and saying the same tired line as minimum wage sinks lower and lower in its buying power until workers are making the equivalent of two bucks an hour, and then the poor or just stinkier and poorer than ever and we can't (1) reward poor work ethics that got them only making two bucks an hour (if you want a better job go apply for it, lazybutt) or (2) artificially increase the minimum cost of labor.
    of course you'll never get anyone to deny the plausibility of a scenario wherein min wage has a $2 buying power in today's market because to do so would force them to admit a floor whereupon poor is too poor, but that opens a pandora's box, so you'll never (or seldom) see it happen.
    lastly i keep telling you not to take offense. we are all products of experience. experience is multidimensional and includes (but isn't limited to) media, educations, formations of knowledge, dialogue, social and physical growth, all culled as part of the process of socialization. i am a product of my experience as much as you are; the only difference is i seem to be more aware that different frameworks of experience (created through fundamentally different base experiences) manifest themselves in different worldviews, the acknowledgement of which better enables one to switch them at will to understand an opposing point of view, which gives the individual the invaluable ability to analyze the basic epistemologies that underly those very frameworks, finding fault or credit in one versus the other.
    you're a product of social and political forces beyond your control. you have agency, but not true agency. accepting this will make your ability to navigate a complex world reflected by libtards reflecting its complexity much sharper and capable.
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  3. PhillyB added a post in a topic Why should you have a "right" to own firearms?   

    i liked driving without seatbelts until the fuging liberals told me i couldn't do it anymore because they were too worried about public safety or something stupid. like, cars don't kill people, stupid people driving cars kill people, you know? why restrict the right of a responsible car owner to drive how he wants just because some other idiots run into trees and die when they hit the steering column? seat belt laws just punish the responsible drivers.
    and as seat belt laws demonstrate, governmental enforcement of "safety" measures for the public always result in draconian, orwellian-style abuse of power. we lost our freedom the day we let the government start regulating the auto industry's production of vehicles without pussy-straps as i call them and tbqh i haven't felt free since 1985 when north carolina made seat belts mandatory.
    i am reminded of being jewish in hitler's germany
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  4. PhillyB added a post in a topic Democrat Debate   

    the fact that u.s. median income is so high in international rankings just makes our ranking on economic disparity even more stark. it's that high because it's skewed so heavily in favor of the ultra-rich and shouldn't be taken as any kind of a meaningful commentary on the plight of the poor in the united states - a plight where full-time minimum-wage workers make $225 a week in a country where a single gallon of milk costs four bucks.
    your resistance to what amount to human rights issues just demonstrates the power political lobbyists have on forming your ideology, and how powerless you are to see it
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  5. PhillyB added a post in a topic Democrat Debate
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  6. PhillyB added a post in a topic Democrat Debate   

    it's tuesday
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  7. PhillyB added a post in a topic Democrat Debate   

    progressive taxes fairly distribute social burdens based on income, which is often unfairly determined by forces beyond the control of the individual. in a true meritocracy i would be all for the flat tax.
    not whimsically bombing brown people or furthering the MIC =/= weakness 
    bernie is pretty progressive on things like gay marriage, opposes the use of drones, actively campaigns for police reform (the police are the enforcing branch the state.) these things fall under the umbrella of civil liberties. edit: also he's about as pro-gun as any dem in the field)
    i can get you on a mailing list if you'd like, we're gonna do big things and YOU can be a part of it, FreshDelaire!
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  8. PhillyB added a post in a topic Democrat Debate   

    tactics like public services, progressive tax system, civil liberties, and laissez-faire foreign policy? o the horror
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  9. PhillyB added a post in a topic Democrat Debate   

    meaningless scary word. social security and roads are socialist. it's a slider on a scale, not an on/off switch
    edit: also that had absolutely zero to do with anything i said in that post, so i think you just wanted to hoot about socialism
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  10. PhillyB added a post in a topic more of what the Hawks fans are saying   

    wow wtf i'd have sworn we played them week 7. oh well let it be a 9-0 and 8-0 team then, even better
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  11. PhillyB added a post in a topic more of what the Hawks fans are saying   

    undefeated panthers vs undefeated packers in week 7 will have the eyes of the world upon it
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  12. PhillyB added a post in a topic Eagles game may have just gotten interesting   

    we're not the same defense we were last season. they gobbled up our secondary but that's the spot we've most improved.
    my only real concern about our defense at this point (aside from 59's health) is gap discipline by the interior DL and obviously a consistent pass rush off the edges. neither of these things particularly stymie us going against the eagles roster.
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  13. PhillyB added a post in a topic Blast from the past   

    you got that beat down?
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  14. PhillyB added a post in a topic Democrat Debate   

    lol what are you guys yammering about? why do you care how the format for the democratic primary is set? formatting and content should only matter to you when it's the republican you will invariably vote for versus whatever democratic candidate wins the nomination.
    your annoyance must stem from your frustration that your grand old party is a bunch of clowns and your ideological brethren have their thumbs on their chins thinking hard about whether to vote for donald trump or ben fuging carson lol
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  15. PhillyB added a post in a topic Funny wife vs Panthers game story   

    i dont get it
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