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  1. PhillyB added a post in a topic My Custom ordered Truck finally arrived   

    where'd you get those shoes? i may need to spring for a pair
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  2. PhillyB added a post in a topic Daryl Williams vs Charles Johnson   

    impressive. i would love to see remmers get looks at LT if williams continues to impress.
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  3. PhillyB added a post in a topic David Newman gives away Peanut's Secret...   

    until this point, NFL coaches, coordinators, and ball carriers had no idea where the vulnerable spot of the ball is. now that they know the vulnerable spot of the ball, we can expect fumbles to pass out of existence in the league. forced fumbles will cease to become a statistic and offenses will score one million points per game.
    thanks for ruining football david newton
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  4. PhillyB added a post in a topic Military Storytime   

    they do that to pilots when they earn their wings too
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  5. PhillyB added a post in a topic I'm legitimately getting sad Obama's term is nearing the end   

    how so? i've never heard this argument 
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  6. PhillyB added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    lots of countries have no-pursuit policies that allow people not wanted for dangerous crimes to flee the scene. this is because it's safer to the general public to just get his information and show up at his house and arrest him, after sending mailed notification of a request for turning himself in.
    weirdly, these countries deal with a fraction of the police-related deaths so callously shrugged off by the general public.
    maybe we could revise protocol and make a dent in stupid deaths, even if it costs us our egos and a little bit of indignant outrage at one of them thar thugs getting away with being a thug.
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  7. PhillyB added a post in a topic Military Storytime   

    the gayest thing that happened that i know of actually happened to me. on the first day they had us all jam packed into the showers at the same time. everyone was being super careful not to bump johnsons and the big motherfuger in front of me stepped back, presumably to avoid someone's junk, and i couldn't step back without hitting the junk behind me, so the tip of my weiner brushed his ass.
    he gave me a look and i gave him a look and then we went our separate ways. six weeks later i sneezed on his pen in tactics. he never likes my stuff on facebook, so i thing he's still hung up over it all.
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  8. PhillyB added a post in a topic Military Storytime   

    yeah you don't get that sort of thing quite as much in OCS. the first couple days are fairly similar to the enlisted experience, but from early on there's a clear attempt to get you to act as an autonomous group to see how you can lead each other. it's far more demanding physically and mentally, but the monkey bullshit they lay on you in boot camp is largely absent.
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  9. PhillyB added a post in a topic Re-Signing Cole and Edwards   

    colin cole filled in pretty nicely in the seattle game iirc. he's a decent stopgap.
    star will be back.
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  10. PhillyB added a post in a topic Why not overpay for Jake Long?   

    because marty hurney is unemployed
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  11. PhillyB added a post in a topic Wagner gets $43M over 4 years, $56M over 5 for Luke?   

    luke will probably play for vet minimum because NFL players in their prime routinely give hometown discounts, and besides he's just a good guy who sits around at home and reads the playbook. he just needs his mom and his lunch pail.
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  12. PhillyB added a post in a topic Lee Ward - The Punisher   

    with oher looking shaky ward might make the roster simply because he's such a good blocker. if he's versatile enough to leak out into the flats and catch a few balls he'd be someone else defenses would have to consider.
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  13. PhillyB added a post in a topic Lee Ward - The Punisher   

    one of the best things about 2013 was using mike tolbert as a battering ram to punish defensive players. that sort of thing wears defenses down.
    based on jeremy's reporting the question isn't whether or not this guy can punish defenders but whether or not the offensive line can drive open lanes so he can get a head of steam.
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