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  1. Deangelo Williams Hitting His Stride

    Umm, yea, we have the 2nd best ranking in the league on the ground. Yea, I think it is little bit better than ok. Yea, you're a numbers guy. Look at those numbers. Instead of cherry picking certain numbers to support your bogus view. Rivera said in his presser that Cam's big day was directly tied into how Deangelo ran the ball to open things up. Yea, he isn't doing anything special. He is just out there producing instead of posting pictures of a missing toenail. Proof is in the pudding. He is and will remain the feature guy, whether you like it or not. Clearly you don't and that is too damn bad...
  2. Deangelo Williams Hitting His Stride

    You're missing the damn point on Frank Gore. Like you always do. When someone compare a different situation you always say that back is better than DeAngelo. Your act of belittling his resurgence over his past 8 or 9 ball games. That act. Play stupid all you want. You don't want to sprinkle Barner in. You want Barner to split Carries. And when Stewart.comes back, you want to split it 3 ways. It doesn't work that way.
  3. Deangelo Williams Hitting His Stride

    Well fortunately for the Panthers Rivera is the coach and not CRA. Because using CRA logic, Tolbert should have gotten the majority of the snaps to start the season. Got the third leading rusher in the league and he thinks the ground game is just ok. St. Louis starting back had 12 yards on 12 Carries last night but CRA is worried about DeAngelo Williams.
  4. Deangelo Williams Hitting His Stride

    Umm, that's because you do... And it is obvious you're not a fan, and quit insulting people intelligence by saying otherwise. Anytime someone has a positive thing to say about him you are there quicker than a thief in the night to say otherwise. "he isn't 2008 dlo anymore." , "Cam was the best rusher that game." You constantly say things like this and how can it be anything but hating? Steve Smith isn't as explosive anymore, but he is still damn good, but he doesn't get that thrown in his face because folks love smitty. As Jonathan Jones pointed out, " 3 games, DeAngelo Williams has 9 rushes of 10+ yards. He had 17 all of last season." That's explosion!!!! How many 10 plus Carries Ryan Mathews have? How many does Chris Johnson have. How many does Marshawn Lynch have? How many does Forte have? All of these so called backs who are better and more explosive. Just stop it. Rivera said Dlo was one of the best backs in the league once they changed the scheme towards the end of the year but you talking about he isn't 2008 dlo anymore. Get outta here with that nonsense.
  5. Deangelo Williams Hitting His Stride

    Oh just stop it.... Kendall hunter is more explosive than Frank Gore, but he isn't taking Carries away from Gore. Gore is the guy. Barner will get action and hopefully he gives a different look, but this is DeAngelo's show. If anything TOLBERT will be affected because he is barely getting Carries now. Once Stewart come back it will be him and DeAngelo. Quit acting as though ALL 4 will split Carries. Your act is kind of getting old.
  6. Deangelo Williams Hitting His Stride

    Smh, so who is overhyped? And why does it matter?
  7. Deangelo Williams Hitting His Stride

    Take a break CRA. Take a day off.