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  1. I think your hike somehow spiritually inspired our defense to get 4 interceptions in 1 game . You might have to do it again in a couple of weeks lol
  2. Hoenheim

    McCaffery's pace

    He's had a hot start compared to his extremely underwhelming start last year. I think a big part of that is many more touches and the Oline actually opening holes for him to run through. That and of course him gaining weight and bouncing of tackles . I think hes bound to have at least a few games where he's not going to be going off for 100 yards of total offense every time , for example where we will get pitted up against defenses like Philadelphia who are almost impossible to run against The early signs look good but only time will tell. Would love to see him become the 3rd player ever to get 1000 yards rushing and 1000 receiving (other two : Marshall Faulk [1999 : 1381 rushing and 1048 receiving] and Roger Craig [1985: 1050 rushing , 1016 receiving] ) Another overall single season record to keep a lookout on. Chris Jonson's 2,509 yards total from scrimage in a single season [2009] )
  3. Hoenheim

    Week 3 , Late Games Thread

    Was wondering why the Pats seem to be trying to force the issue with Sony Michel . But now I kinda understand since Julian Edleman and Josh Gordon both not playing. Will be huge if they get those two guys in while having Gronk as well.
  4. Hoenheim

    Week 3 , Late Games Thread

    This Johnson dude is running inspired for the Lions
  5. No one besides Kalil Mack or Von Miller would be worth a 1st in my opinion.
  6. Seahawks just won today and Thomas had a pretty big role in that game. And plus I thought he just got a new contract with them? How or why would they trade him at this point?
  7. Hoenheim

    Week 3 , Late Games Thread

    Oh look Brady threw a pass high over the middle on a key 3rd down for an incompletion.. why aren't the announcers ripping his accuracy like they do Cam?
  8. Hoenheim

    McCaffery's pace

    we have a bye next week
  9. Hoenheim

    Several thoughts on the game

    from what I saw on TV he threw the football down near the defender after the play was over From Cam's press conference afterwards, he was trying to explain that the defender kept poking and prodding at the ball repeatedly and Cam kinda threw the ball down as his way to "let him have the ball." I dont think there was anything remotely deserving of the penalty. Cam even helped the guy get up off the ground.
  10. Hoenheim

    Week 3 , Late Games Thread

    Lions force Brady to go 3 and out on the first drive of the game
  11. Hoenheim

    Several thoughts on the game

    Odell and Jarvis are so much smaller than Fuchess and yet they can make freak catches with their fingertips with regularity. NOt to mention Funchess hands have to be so much larger than either of those dudes. If a ball hits funchess anywhere on his fingers he has a chance at catching it. Everything else is excuses. I'm looking at you too Torrey Smith.
  12. Hoenheim

    Week 3 , Late Games Thread

    This game is at the Lions place apparently Very hard to see the Patriots losing tonight. But then again the Bills beat the snot out of the Vikings earlier. Stranger things I suppose
  13. Hoenheim

    Week 3 , Late Games Thread

    I hope to God we dont have to play the Bears in the playoffs. They look even nastier than 2015 Broncos
  14. Falcons also lost the game
  15. I think Silatolu and Kalil being replaced and us having a much better Oline is a testament to how much Rivera playing favorites hinders the team. I bet you could put whoever the next guy up is in place of Jones and we'd be dramatically better on the back end. I have no idea why Rivera hasn't at least tried to sub in Gaulden over him after seeing how successful Jackson has been at CB.