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  1. Hoenheim


    The game would have been totally different if Kaelin Clay catches that first touchdown pass, and if we didnt allow that 80+ yard TD to Ginn. Thats literally a two TD swing right there. Biggest reasons we lost the playoff game were secondary and WR drops/not getting open enough. The defense actually did much better in the 3rd contest in stopping Ingram and Kamara from running wild. I think we did really well in the offseason in trying to address some of the problems. I still have concerns about Saftey and Oline, but its reassuring that we have a good infusion of talent on both sides of the ball .
  2. Another important thing is, we NEED more contributions from our draft classes. In the last few years, we simply haven't been getting enough long term contributions from draft classes. Lets see here : 2014 :(1 player) Only player left on the team , Trai Turner. Who is admittedly a very good player. But only having 1 out of 4 players still on the team after only 4 seasons is not good for future stability . 2015 : (4 players) Actually a great draft : Shaq, Funchess, Daryl Williams, and David Mayo. All serve very important roles on the team . 2016: (1 player) Only players left: Butler and Bradberry . Butler has been mostly a forgotten backup and Brad berry has been at best servicable. 2017 : (1 player) McCaffrey. Thats IT from this draft. Hoepfull for some of the other guys but it hasnt happened yet. So thats 3 out of the past 4 drafts that have been very inefficient in general. Heres to hoping that 2018 draft kicks ass like the Saints draft did last year, very hopefull for DJ Moore, Donte Jackson, Ian Thomas at least. and in terms of past drafts, you could hope that Shaq and Bradberry elevate past servicable to being good-very good. And wish that CMC will run more efficiently, Samuel will stay healthy, Moton will be a great LG? Hall conributes at DE? We most certainly have a lot of POTENTIAL to be great. The question is whether that actually comes through on game day.
  3. I can see CMC after being outshined and almost totally dismissed as a rookie RB last season , run with something to prove this season .. looks like hes packed on some serious muscle and ingratiated himself more in the team culture Alot of factors go into this, but Im have a very simular positive vibe about this coming season. Cam is healthy (vs not healthy in 2017 start, and having all the emotional baggage at the 2016 season start after the SB 50 fallout), new weapons. Hell it was kinda scary how well we did last year considering who was calling the plays and our extreme lack of talent at WR and in the secondary on defense. Most critical things to watch are : Injuries (Ryan Kalil in particular has killed us the last 2 seasons, we cant keep getting injured at key positions on offense ) Secondary performance (can they actually take the ball away consistently after 2 strait seasons of failure) Norvs New Offense + New Players + Cam (Basically , will all these new parts work well together? Who is to say... hopefully so.)
  4. wasnt fun for us watching him
  5. Hoenheim

    Zach Sanchez waived

    really bad omen when you draft 3x at the same position , in the same draft. Classic sign of reaching for a need, right after his dumb ass cut the need off the team.
  6. Hoenheim

    Zach Sanchez waived

    2016 draft was fuging horrible. Worely , Sanchez, Sandland all gone after only 2 seasons. Only ones left are Bradberry and Butler. Butler is some marginal backup and Bradberry is somewhere between terrible and just okay at CB.
  7. He'll probably let the current staff ride out this season under his supervision so he can evaluate their peformance. Then will likely install his own guys during the next off-season.
  8. Hoenheim

    Reading up on Tepper

    doesnt sound like the most pleasant of personalities from reading those descriptions
  9. Hoenheim

    Samuel full return for training camp?

    Feels like deja vu here, same ish was going on last offseason worrying about when he'd be full go and how much time hed have to practice before the season started
  10. CMC ended up averaging 7 rush attempts per game , and for a lot of the first half of the year his attempt average was even lower than that. Meanwhile Stew was averaging 13 carries per game and Cam was averaging 9 carries a game. That means we averaged about 30 carries a game . Thats about 23% of the total carries. Not sure if you can call that a heavy workload for a RB .. and there were games when he got 5 or less carries which is pitiful.
  11. A bit early for this sure, but its interesting to think about.. what are your predictions for the first half of the season? I think we go 6-2 Game 1 vs Cowboys : Win Game 2 at Falcons : Loss (Cam has lost the last several matchups at ATL for whatever reason) Game 3 vs Bengals : Win Game 4 vs Giants : Win Game 5 at Redskins : Win Game 6 at Eagles : Loss Game 7 vs Ravens : Win Game 8 vs Bucs: Win Things could take a nosedive fast if we lose out of the gates vs Dallas and then have to play the Falcons the next week where we traditionally dont have a very good time at. Giants game is a bit deceiving. This could end up being extremely challenging with no Norman to guard a healthy Odell , but our Dline has traditionally been able to stop even the best of RBs so I'm not that scared of Saquan honestly. Bengals, Redskins, Ravens, Bucs should be automatic, if not , we're in for a long season. If we get off to a hot start and win the first 4 games , that would be great and I wouldnt be surprised if we went 8-0 or 7-1 the rest of the way. Only game I'm having serious problems rationalizing a win against is the Eagles. They seem pretty stacked but then again we beat the Pats last year (and in their SB year the Pats defense was really good so that goes to show you teams can go through drastic changes in short amounts of time). Cool thing is, we dont have to do much traveling apparently. I'm counting 5 home games and 3 away games. The away games are all on the East Coast, and all pretty close to North Carolina in general. This is cool and I'm willing to bet it will have some sort of signficant impact on the team morale , and combine that with the early bye theres alot of favorable things for our early schedule.
  12. Christian McCaffrey : Age 21, 5'11'' 205 lbs CJ Anderson : Age 27 , 5'8'' , 224 lbs I've been wondering, how is this going to work? All signs were pointing towards CMC being the lead back and now we bring in CJ Anderson, who has been largely excellent rushing the football with over 4 yards per carry posted every season of his career, and going over 1000 last year. I'm kinda confused now, we bring in a RB that's still decently young, much heavier than CMC and for all intents and purposes seemingly a much better runner? What exactly will their roles be? Will CMC just be reduced to spelling CJ like he was doing for Stew last season? Or is it the case that McCaffrey will see the bulk of carries and CJ is just there to do the short distance dirty work? Or is it going to be on a basis of who performs the best in the early season? Previously its been Rons way of doing things to give seasoned vets the majority of snaps but this is an odd situation where the vet is being freshly bought in from another team, CAP has been in the dog house for some time, fozzy is out for the season, Stew is gone, AND we have a new offensive coordinator. Just no idea what to expect..
  13. shula didnt drop the tocudown catch to give us inital momentum in the wild card.. perfect pass, but poor WR hands will kill you .
  14. Hoenheim

    Brett Kollmann draft recap

    Pretty much spot on with the offense analysis. Thats great stuff because alot of "professional" talking heads get their info about the team incorrect half the time , this dude is really good at what he does. Its great he mentioned us not adressing the oline in the draft and saying how we seem to have so many "space" players, which is very true. No idea if we will actually switch to mostly a quick hitting passing game but it would make sense if the left side of the oline performs poorly. IDK about us playing Jackson mostly in nickle and Gaulden at outside CB.. I guess its possible b/c they're rookies and we could be trying just about anything and everything to finally get a functional secondary unit again. But I coulda swore Rivera and Hurney said that they're trying to make Gaulden into a Saftey and they plan to play Jackson alot on the outside?
  15. well, part of this poll is player popularity as much as youd want to think its purely a skill evaluation, its not. Thats why I dont think the likes of Short or Williams would be on there. Forgot about TD though. He could def be on there somewhere.