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  1. Hope our defense doesnt have a letdown today ... hopefully everyone on Panthers arent underestimating the saints b/c they did terrible their first two games
  2. well if its any relief, Fournettes been getting absolutely stuffed most of the game.
  3. Damn the ravens look like an absolute joke of a team
  4. Ravens players are dropping like flies
  5. Ravens offense also cant do squat.
  6. whelp this may set the tone for the day. People were raving about the Ravens defense and now they are getting blown out by the Jags. Hope our defense doesnt have a let down game too, because I don't trust our offense at all.
  7. Oh look a competent coaching staff that knows how to use the talent on the roster? Rams look like a completely different team. That was a really fun game and the polar opposite of our game. Bunch of turnovers and almost all offense.
  8. Almost ever single one of his catches in space look great so far. What everyones worried about is his actual rushing skills if the line keeps doing a poor job at run blocking he can't break tackles and can't outmanuever 3-4 defenders on him in the backfield. We already knew this but hes at his best in space, and Shula really should be doing anything and everything to get him in space. He should have more directional runs, tosses, and sweeps and occasional inside runs just to keep defense honest. Or if he keeps shitting the bed rushing we should just convert him to a WR which he basically is one already , or at least a player that's more simular to the role Tyreek Hill plays which is mostly WR but some RB plays and returning kicks.
  9. That's pretty reasonable. Solid body of work is somewhere between 2-3 years. Would like to see how he does if he puts on more weight, starts getting more carries, if stew gets hurt, if some other major offense player gets hurt, if coaching staff changes, etc. I think we need at least half a season to see if he has potential to be feature player in our offense and 2-3 years to decide weather he's worth sticking with for the long term.
  10. Cam Newton is still Elite.

    I posted this more than 24 hrs ago
  11. No excuses.

    Brees is probably pissed and fed up with already having 2 strait losses and he's probably going to come out guns blazing. Not saying we'll lose but I bet the defense isn't going to look anywhere near as great. Brees always seems to know how to shred us through the middle of the field . I expect the Saints to at least score 20 ish points , we won't win this game without touchdowns.
  12. Cam's clearly not completely recovered from the shoulder surgery, its looking like it might end up lingering on through the season if he's still getting sore before game 3 and especially if he's off again on Sunday.
  13. Looking at him play in pads next to other players he def looks skinny especially in the upper body, he looks more like a WR out there. I know its not his style but I think he needs to add at least some kind of respectable power element to his run game. If defenses aren't respecting his power at all they'll just keep swarming him from a variety of angles and neutralizing his running efficiency. He's being pushed around/going down so easily b/c the LBs/Dlineman he's playing against are anywhere between 30 to 100 lbs heavier than he is and are alot faster/alot more athletic than the dudes he played in college. This is something I mentioned when everyone was posting all those videos about CMC crossing people up in one on one situations , and I said its going to be way different in actual game with defenders everywhere on the field in front of him and are just as fast as he is and much stronger. He can't literally outjuke everyone like Barry Sanders. If anything he looks like he's trying a little too hard to be elusive as I see him dancing around alot in the backfield when he gets swarmed by defenders . I think he's last listed at 205 before the season started, putting on 10 - 15 lbs of muscle on that upper body could do him wonders I think. Not sure if he'll actually do that, but he did gain about 3 lbs from the draft weigh in to the season starting. I think he could actually learn alot from Stew if he wanted to make him a much more complete RB , Stew's been one of the best blocking and power backs in the league for a good while when healthy. If McCaffrey could somehow maintain his speed and elusivness and get up to about 215-220 by the start of his 2nd season and take part of this season and 2018 summer learning from Stew how to outpower dudes that could be a sight to see. As he is now, he's a pretty damn good slot receiver and probably best used as one b/c of the space he's in after catching a pass he's already past all the clutter of the dline and those heavy mofos knocking him down like a bowling pin and can just rely on his speed/elusivness to shred it up. Its possible the Panthers may be better served to use him more like Tyreek Hill , have him in on special runs /sweeps but mostly have him either in slot or out wide. His receiving skills are undeniable even this early.
  14. Breakout Players vs Saints

    Whatever we do to the Saints, the Patriots are our first real test of the season.
  15. What worries me is Denver is resurging. I don't have any more faith in our OTs then I did in the SB 50. You think this team could beat Denver? Albeit we may be looking alot different that late in the football season but our OTs are already having meltdowns early on.