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  1. Real Madrid

    Yep, biggest problem with activity is all anybody is invested in right now is the Panthers (especially in terms of posting). RM supporter since the Zidane days here, and thrilled Rafa finally got sacked last month. Hope that the transfer ban appeal is heard before the Summer, as I feel like this squad needs continuity more than anything.    That said.....I expect Flo to be able to stall the appeal and RM will spend stupid money on de Gea, Lewandowski/Aguero, Hazard/Reus and probably try to make a run at Pogba too knowing that he won't be able to purchase for two windows. 
  2. Well? Are you driving? 
  3. NFC Championship memorabilia

    I would love to get a towel to add to my collection. Relatively new father and unless something changes, I just can't make the money work for this game. Will gladly pay shipping and extra for your trouble. 
  4. Looking for two tickets for the title game next week. PM me if you have any for sale. 
  5. Yes, but Arsenal is a REALLY bad example to his point. They're top of the table in England as of right now. Unless you're blaming Kroenke for the players they've brought in during the transfer windows, which would be stupid. 
  6. I love the Panthers and we haven't lost any of the games I've been able to attend for the last three seasons.... 
  7. 2016 Winter Transfer Thread

    Isco wanted out a year ago too. He got more minutes and said he was happy at RM. It's a matter of wanting to be on the pitch. 
  8. 2016 Winter Transfer Thread

    He wouldn't be able to play in CL games, so how would this make sense for either party? I seriously doubt this, as Benitez is likely out within a month. 
  9. Amazing Photo Giveaway!!!! Rejoice!

    I would frame them and hang them up in my one year old's room as an additional late birthday (Dec. 16th) or Christmas present. 
  10. I would choose the team that has Greg Olsen on it. You can't swap WR and not include the entire pass catching unit. 
  11. That's not the full story though. To act like his supporting cast hasn't gotten worse is ignoring facts. He went from having White in his prime, Julio, Tony Gonzalez, Harry Douglas and a good checkdown option in Jaquizz Rodgers out of the backfield to Julio, Freeman, White (who is now a shell of himself) and Tamme who has never been a difference maker at the TE position. Again....Cam is better than Ryan, but that's not what the discussion is about. Cam being better than Ryan doesn't make Ryan's weapons outside of Julio any less mediocre. Could Cam do more with what Ryan has? Yea...I would bet he could, but Ryan's weapons still have suffered a pretty sizable drop off. 
  12. What we have isn't really relevant to the statement that Ryan's weapons are pretty bad outside of Julio. This isn't a Ryan vs Newton thing. Cam is a better QB than Matt Ryan, this isn't breaking news. 
  13. It's actually accurate. Roddy White sucks now. They have a phenomenal number one but after that it's just a bunch of guys. They have almost nothing at TE too. 
  14. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Are you kidding?