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  1. EightyNine added a post in a topic Current Google Visitors....   

    Why are you calling him injured?  If you're healthy enough to play then you're not injured and you cant use that as an excuse because almost everyone has to play with some kind of pain.
    If you're a Saints fan, then you should keep your mouth shut when it comes to cheap shots cause you will never win that argument, so you just make yourself sound dumb.  Thats like a Patriots fan calling someone out for deflating footballs.
    It wasnt a cheap shot anyways.. Everyone knows that you better keep your head on a swivel when the ball gets intercepted.  Unless you're on the receiving end of those hits, you love when your guys make plays like that.
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  2. EightyNine added a post in a topic Dan Graziano: Receivers aren't the issue in Carolina   

    Every single team has people talking about unproven players that they are optimistic about in the offseason.  The same argument you made in support of Remmers was probably said about Nate Chandler last year.  He had a good finish in 2013.  I think people were saying PFF has positive grades on him.  In this league, everyone on the outside is going to doubt you until you indisputably prove yourself.  If you are not a sure thing, people are gonna point that out.  And even when you do start playing well, it takes awhile for people to notice.
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  3. EightyNine added a post in a topic Team Leader- KK?   

    I'm not totally sure that this is true.  I can definitely see your point..you do have an argument..guys that command double teams are valuable.  But it is a league where getting to the QB is becoming everything. Pass rushing is an art form, and I dont think there are a lot of guys that are great pass rushers from the DT position.  My real point is that its hard to come up with an easy answer for this.
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