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    According to Warriors announcers, Steph is gonna do it again.
  2. Coach Braylon Beam is Superbowl Bound!

    Yep. In tears.
  3. Bay Area Guide To SB50 Fun!

    Also, Ike's and In-N-Out
  4. Cam texted Oher year ago "I need you here"

    Imagine if he was left-handed.
  5. Who bangs the drum Sunday

    Gotta be Sam Mills III or the big cat
  6. MJ with a pregame speech, JR and/or Sam Mills III on the drum
  7. Reverse line movement

    Line change probably has something to do with Lynch saying he's playing.
  8. todays practice tweets: Kelvin Back!

    Way too obvious. Give him #11 instead.
  9. To the Media and Internal Doubters

    Dude, this is the ultimate jinx thread...
  10. So who did it? (gamblers only)

    got $50 on the Panthers at +4000 and $50 on Bama at +800. Will be nice if Bovada actually pays out.
  11. Saints game flexed

    I expect the Panthers Bucs game to be flexed too. I see them sneakily getting the last wild card spot.
  12. We Are The Warriors of the NFL

    As a warriors fan, I'm absolutely loving life.
  13. What pissed me off about that play is you're a QB, you should have the instinct to throw it away instead of taking the loss on that play, esp since you were out of the pocket.
  14. FYI... Funchess gets a TD tonight.

    Tipped pick ran back for a TD doesn't count, right?