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  1. "Darnold playing better wouldn't be surprising either as most predict he will." That depends on which metric you are using. If you are using people's general opinions then you are correct. If you are using history then it would be correct to consider it a surprise as historically QBs that are considered failures after their first stint at the position do not succeed when they change teams. His success here would make him an exception to the norm which would be considered a surprise.
  2. I'm really big on our coaching staff and organization as a whole and I think we have many talented people working within the whole system but the more I see of the under the media DC Snow, the more I'm starting to think he may be my Fav. He comes across as this Defensive Scientist that knows all the formulas and will create whatever you want depending on the materials you give him. He doesn't seem like one of those ego guys dreaming of becoming HC. Just one of those Gurus who loves the Xs and Os of building a defense to make winning games possible.
  3. Yes but I think he will get a little longer leash due to his age. I really do believe that they see him much like a rookie they just drafted except that he has NFL experience but has never been properly coached. They basically said as much in the documentary and Rhule repeated something similar during a recent interview. Show progress from our coaching. I've added that he also has to show the Mojo or Swagger as many say because in the end wins are the bottom line. I personally believe he has the Mojo and with this team he is going to become the Franchise QB everyone thought he was. I've seen e
  4. He just has to win games- and demonstrate that he can win more. This is why Teddy is gone. He didn't win games and the staff didn't believe that he had the Mojo to win games. If Sam shows he has the Mojo then he's gonna be here for awhile.
  5. Dude, he's listed at 250 before. He said he was bigger. He looked closer to 260 to me but perhaps he's 255 but he definitely isn't 240 as he's not smaller than last season.
  6. Burns said he was bigger this season in the presser. He didn't specify but yeah, I'd say he was closer to 260 now.
  7. No, the fans are just fine and have expressed how happy they are with this video and how much they enjoyed it and how much they love how we did things and how excited they are about this franchise moving forward. The idiots and trolls are the ones that won't stop until the Panthers release their draft board and all the scouting reports. But I have aggressively started my own personal Huddle cancel culture. People can say whatever they want and people that enjoy arguing over nonsense can feel free to have fun but that's not why I'm here. The great thing about the of season is
  8. I think the black helmets are beautiful but you don't want to wear them in the Carolina heat. Also, we don't wear our black unis until later in the season at home for that very reason. So, I would love to see white helmets. I think they would look way better than the silver which I have always thought took away from our unis in every combination. White helmet with black panther highlighted with our blue is what I would choose.
  9. This is actually a great point but I think I see it from a different perspective than you and others that ,rightfully so, express a lot of doubt. The Browns, like the Jets, Lions and many other perennially bad teams continuously spent high first round picks looking for their savior at QB while never building a solid team for that QB to play with. The Browns are such a great example because when did the hit on a QB? When they finally built a decent a team. We are building a team first and still giving ourselves an honest chance at landing our QB. Whether it's Donald or the next guy, they will h
  10. I just love how the same people will say how great we were looking before Cam got hurt and give Cam a pass but they won't give Ron the same pass. I like Ron the person, he's a great guy. I think he's a good but not great coach. He can win, as he has demonstrated, if he has the right situation. I don't believe he ever had that in Carolina. I don't feel he ever got to do it "his" way. Most everyone here will say how bad Hurney was, well Ron had Hurney here for most of his time here. The other part was with Gman and we all can see how that's working out at NYG. He said our team got old fast and t
  11. That's not true. it's been reported that he was offered a contact by Denver. John Elway: Colin Kaepernick 'Had His Chance to Be Here,' Was Offered Contract | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights " Denver Broncos general manager John Elway said Thursday that free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick had an opportunity to sign with the team. According to NFL Network's James Palmer, Elway said, "Colin had his chance to be here. We offered him a contract." In 2016, Elway told reporters that the Broncos had made an offer to Kaepernick. According to CSN Bay Are
  12. Let's put this into a reasonable perspective, dividing our schedule into tiers and giving a modest win loss ratio to each tier. Divisional games: Atlanta New Orleans Tampa Bay Yes TB won the SB but they didn't dominate the regular season. I believe they made the playoffs as the 6th seed and just got hot at the end. They are older than the Appalachians I they are beatable. The Saints lost Brees but they also lost some other key players that I don't think they replaced in the draft. Definitely beatable. Atlanta is a bit of an unknow. New coach and system so we'll have
  13. At this point, for players like him it's better to wait for teams who have injuries to come calling as players can usually get more money at that point.
  14. Yes, I think the same. it's looking like the harder part of our schedule should be at the back end which will hopefully give us time to get hot, build our confidence and see some rooks start to find their grooves. That happens sometimes with young teams and I could see that happening with us this season.
  15. I'd much prefer to and I expect to hear something more like I'm not playing to beat the Jets but to win for the Panthers. I have to prove myself to them and not the Jets.
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