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  1. Yeah, but Rhule is hated and loathed now by the whole site. That's tough to deal with. I'm asking for a mercy decision from the powers that be. It's not a stupid name or old name. Rhule is literally hated.
  2. I could use some help. I joined this site right when Matt Rhule was made head coach. As many of you know I'm a homer. I admit it and I try to be a positive guy in general and I do believe in giving people a fair chance. So, I spent almost a year of my life defending this guy, this team and everything else. I criticized other for being so negative and although I do still prefer positivity, I have to admit that I was completely wrong and my good intentions were unfounded. So now, I eat my crow. The problem I have now is that the name I chose, while full of enthusiasm for the future of this team now makes me sick. The first help I need is to know or ask if there is any way that I could please change my name? Mods? My second problem is what should the new name be. I'm usually creative but at this moment I have zero inspiration. I need a new name if they will let me change my current name. I'm open to ideas. Post your new name here and whichever one gets the most honest support I'll use if I'm allowed to change. I would hope that any name's given will come from people who have actually talked and interacted with me over the last 3 years. Cheers and please help. I don't want to see Rhule or Rule when I log in anymore. Thanks, and I guess there's always next season.
  3. What hurts the most is knowing the Bills organization was in ours. That could have been us.
  4. I thought about that but still too similar. I should probably be more realistic and go with Panthers maybe next season
  5. There are too many teams now. This is why the quality of the League is so low. Too many teams and too many games.
  6. As was all for giving him this last shot this season but this team as looked really bad. The offense is awful. Nothing has changed from last season even with all the moves to improve. At this point, unless something drastically changes, he needs to go. I believe in giving people their time and opportunities but at some point we have to see something that resembles success, which we are not, at that point you have to blame the HC. I have no more excuses for Rhule. If we come out and look like garbage again then make the change. My biggest issue at that point will be what to call myself.
  7. I don't think you're helping yourself here. Henderson has been ok. Not a problem.
  8. Lol, you're taking your ball and going home now? Need a time out?
  9. Ah, you prefer fantasy land over reality. Got it. I'm no longer confused. Which QB for any cost should we have?
  10. Yes, in the sense that he's at the top but it's also true that he isn't actually playing the game. Are all the QBs playing badly because of Rhule or do they just suck? That is the point of this thread I think.
  11. Baker has been very disappointing though. I was expecting much more.
  12. Who else should be here? Which of the possibilities would you have taken for less than 5 mil?
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