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  1. I've never seen anyone do that before. I was going to say...... This. If he can do that on the move or when trying to escape a crashing pocket and make a throw. Well that could open different possibilities allowing him to make throws others can't because he can comfortably throw no matter which way he's facing.
  2. 2021-Texans 4-13, 2020-Bengals 4-11-1, 2019-Jaguars 6-10 That's all I could find from ESPN. None of them finished 32 but none were very good
  3. Don't use social media so don't know much about that other than the draft video they did last season. I thought that was fantastic. Was that our social media team? That was great. I was hoping for another one this year.
  4. Why do you suppose Rhules doesn't want to pass? How was McAdoo rejected the last 3 seasons. He had jobs. Rhule says we must be able to run the ball. He never said he wants to only run the ball. Your obvious hatred of Rhule seems to make you see everything through special glasses that leads you to unreasonable conclusions based on this bias. You hate Rhule. We understand that. But you should understand that when you're wearing red lenses everything will always be red but it doesn't mean everything is really red. Try taking off the glasses every once in a while.
  5. Ah ok. I thought there was a story or something. But that SB year the Rams offense was incredible and Warner lit it up but I liked Jake more because he was a Panther.
  6. Lol, what's the Kurt Warner hate for? Did he do something bad once? I don't know that story. What did he do?
  7. Is the number of twitter follows connected to our social media team? I don't use social media because it sucks but I thought people followed people because they liked them. How does our SM team create more followers exactly? Serious question. Not trying to be a wise guy. I honestly don't know how that works. I do know that we are a lot of peoples "other" team so I thought that was why.
  8. Nah, we benefit from not being hated by fans from most teams. We're actually the "2nd team" for a lot of AFC fans. I know a lot of people who "follow" us as their other team. We're one of the newest teams so there's little bad history with other teams and we've been somewhat competitive for half our existence. We're similar to the AFC's Chargers or Bengals. It's hard to find people who hate one of those teams because why should you?
  9. Nah mans. Y'all taking the easy road. We're breaking out this season and we'll battle for a Wild Card spot. I'm telling ya. I've seen it.
  10. I say if we're gonna bring hope into this then we should hope for better than Romo and Dak. Brees yes, then I'd also hope for Wilson and super hope for Montana.
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