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  1. I don't think you're helping yourself here. Henderson has been ok. Not a problem.
  2. Lol, you're taking your ball and going home now? Need a time out?
  3. Ah, you prefer fantasy land over reality. Got it. I'm no longer confused. Which QB for any cost should we have?
  4. Yes, in the sense that he's at the top but it's also true that he isn't actually playing the game. Are all the QBs playing badly because of Rhule or do they just suck? That is the point of this thread I think.
  5. Baker has been very disappointing though. I was expecting much more.
  6. Who else should be here? Which of the possibilities would you have taken for less than 5 mil?
  7. Nope, there's no way to defend what we've seen the first 2 games. We have looked terrible. I hope we turn it around but if we continue to look like this then I am done defending him. This is year 3 and we can't play like this.
  8. I think long term deal. Keep him happy. He's also already demonstrated that he'll at least consider a pay cut in the current situation and he's stated that money isn't his motivation. It's possible he's the kind that will accept a good but team friendly deal so that he can win. How many millions does a person really need? We'll see but I think he's that guy. Brady did that and that's probably why he's still playing. Perhaps Baker sees that too. His career is shaky already and he knows that. If he wants to have a long and successful career he'll need to play for a good team. He can't take all the money and play on that type of team.
  9. Not if you need to drop players back to help with pass coverage instead of playing the up like we were doing.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, teams started running against us when Horn went down. We stuffed the Saints run but when we lost horn we had to change. I don't expect us to have as much trouble this season and we have added or promoted players to help there as well. So last year was last year, this year we'll see soon enough but I won't look for reasons to expect failure.
  11. First of all let me say that this is an excellent post. Very thoughtful with many good points. I absolutely agree with your opening about Rhule and Tepper being "org chart guys". I can definitely see that and I agree with you. However, after that I begin to see things from a different angle. I'm not saying you're wrong as I don't know yet but I would like to share my perception. First, as for Bridgewater, I don't care about that. All orgs protect the org. If Rhule isn't forced to do people's jobs then I don't think he will. He doesn't interfere with Snow and I see no reason why he should with McAdoo. As for his pay and that coaches' list I'd say that each one of those coaches have a playoff roster first of all, and the others either have or can recruit a good QB each season. The Panthers had none of those when Rhule arrived. I can see the Roster coming along nicely and my hopes are high for Baker. I believe in him. When I judge Rhule I look at those things for now. Yes, we need to see it on the field I agree but I also think we are doing things in the right way. The progress of players like Luvu, Christianson, Shi, and also Baker with how fast things have gone. He looked ok to be so soon. I see good coaching when I see this. It's not all Rhule but he is the HC so it's his process and he has good staff now I believe. He is obviously in a much better place going into this season and it shows. I think this season is going to be fun again.
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