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  1. Here are 2 examples of ZBS in action for the run and the pass. Notice how the lineman do not focus on the player in front of them but are instead moving into positions or "zones" and are screening the defensive players while moving and actually "blocking" only when they reach their zone. Most of the lineman don't actually have to block anyone on these plays only allow them to move in a certain direction or just get in their way. See how far some players are moving. This is why speed is more important than power and ZBS requires players who can move. Not all OL can do this. RUN
  2. Sorry dude, but no freakin way Slater is there at 20. This would be a BIG NO for me.
  3. Fair enough. I respect your opinion and I've enjoyed this discussion with you. I will say that the Zone blocking scheme is so important in how you evaluate OL though. If you aren't very familiar with the difference between it and the Man/power blocking scheme I highly recommend reading up on it. I'm not saying that you haven't but only if you aren't really familiar with it I think it's definitely worth the study. I only did it a few months ago and it definitely changed the way I looked at offensive line play and helped me understand what the Panthers are trying to do on the OL. This was
  4. I see Pitts as more of a WR than a TE. He's almost the exact size of Calvin Johnson with speed and great hands. The problem with only looking at position listed as OT is you must consider their skill set. We use a Zone blocking scheme. Only half of those OTs fit us and none are nearly as good as Slater.
  5. May I ask you why? What do you see or not see in Slater that makes you think he can't play LT? Have you watched the game where he shut down Chase and only allowed 1 hurry in the whole game and zero sacks? He dominated the DRY in 2020. Just some examples
  6. I a Man scheme yes, he's probably a guard but in a Zone scheme he's an LT. He's small for an LT but in zone that doesn't matter. He's faster, stronger and more technical than Sewell. I actually prefer him for us over Sewell as he fits our scheme better. ZBS needs smaller, quicker more technical lineman to be effective. I think Slater is the perfect fit for us at 8 and I think we take him even if Sewell is there too. In ZBS tackles are often asked to move across the line or into the next level to cover their zones which is why the speed and technical skills are more important than size an
  7. This^^ I was thinking the same thing. They wouldn't need to trade up to 8 to get Jones in this draft. It's trading up just to trade up and I can't see that happening. If you had Fields there then maybe they would want to trade up but not if it's Jones. If SF doesn't take him at 3 then he should be there at 15 I think. Especially since you have Denver trading up to 4 for Lance. I also don't see that happening either. I do think the Flacons want to trade down there as they don't want to draft a QB now and I don't care what the tv's talking heads say but I don't think the interested te
  8. I didn't mean it as an evaluation of Fields, there are many other topics for that, I was only speaking specifically about this trade back scenario. The only way I could see this happening was if it were for Fields or Lance. But yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing what we do in this draft. Especially after the last one.
  9. Yeah they always scare me first round same with QBs and LTs but also same as those, elite CBs are rarely found after the 1st. It's possible same as with QBs and LTs but rare compared to other positions.
  10. I totally disagree. HE and Lance are the 2 players that would give us the best haul in a trade back scenario. HE is the player the Pats might be willing to give up too much for making the risk of trading down to possibly get a player like Horn over a Slater or Waddle or Pitts even something to consider as it could bring not only another high pick this year but maybe a first next year too. He and Lance are what we are selling, not what we're buying.
  11. In this situation, I assume you basically throwing out the trade down a few a picks and we can still get this guy, what do you think? I mean, I'm like most around here, I'd like Slater or Pitts and if they were both gone I'd definitely be ok with trading down a few picks if it came with a nice haul if it meant we could still get someone like Horn. I think he's very good and it would be nice to have an elite corner if he does turn out to be that. I'm hoping this will be the highest pick we have earned in the draft for a long time so I just want it to be a great player that helps this team win f
  12. Also, in this interview, he was asked about being successful. He basically just said he will not judge his success in life based on football but by the husband and father he will be for his family. (He did just get married and it sounds like a bun is in the oven). He then said his football success he knows will be based on his wins so he'll start there. He'll work hard to win and to win a Super Bowl. Hopefully a few Super Bowls. Even in this answer the way he said it sounded like he knows what he supposed to say and he does actually want those things too but hints at there being something much
  13. Did you watch the interview? t's not like that at all.
  14. If only they had remembered to do their jobs and look at him! They really need to write that down in their agendas. "Remember to look at the QB whose name is on the program! Do not trade for someone else's QB who is their to look at QB whose name is on the program!!! That way they wouldn't do anything stupid.
  15. I prefer Slater over Sewell for sure. Sewell makes me nervous as a top 10 pick. It feels like everything comes to easy for him. I could see him being 1 of those guys who starts ok but fizzles out quickly because they never learned how to push for it and once they get a little older it catches up to them. Similarly to what happened with Star at DT.
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