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  1. There must be some problem with Brown that we don't know about for him to not see the field by this time. Is he not learning his assignments? It can't just be the weight, can it?
  2. Yeah but at least they're better than their back ups. Now I would like to see Brady at a RG at least. I would like to see Brown come in soon at least for some snaps and maybe Eflein take some snaps at center to see if he can do better than Paradis because the interior has been really bad. Ervin has been mostly serviceable at LT and Moton at RT hasn't been great but ok. We must find some combination inside that works better tho. Ervin Lt and Moton at RT and then mix Brown Eflein and Brady at IL combinations and see if something works a little better. I can't really see how they can be worse that what we had last week.
  3. Lol, typical response. some should quit bellyaching all the time.
  4. Sorry, I was just trying to fit in. I thought that was the way we rolled. Too optimistic still? I'll need more practice to get it right I guess.
  5. I don't really take people called captain slay a ho very seriously. I think your name says it all. Am I being too optimistic?
  6. I know right? Yet y'all keep doing it. 1 bad game and there are posts about moving on from our 24 year old QB with a whole 5 games on his new team full of rookies or still on the rookie contracts with 2nd year coaches and their best offensive weapon and LT out and still almost won. Not to mention our defensive leader and best corner. Obviously, all is lost and we should just fire everyone including the staff, change owners and start over. In fact, we should just move the team somewhere else entirely. That's really the only way we can never lose again and our lives will go back to being so much easier.
  7. Did you watch the KC game? Everyone has bad days. Some of you guys seem to just come out of the forests after a bad game just to tell us all how bad everyone and everything about this team is like it makes you feel smart or something. It's easy to criticize after a loss. It's much harder to find the good things and tell us how we are going to get better. But hey, whatever floats your boat I guess. I was just raised not to quit every time things don't work out the way you like. There are lots of you around these days. I sure hope for all of you that you don't live every part of your lives the way you support your football team because that would be really sad. All of you should check on Verge's post. That girl gets that it takes balls to be supportive when it's not easy. I'd take her on my team over a lot of you any day. Some of our best players and team Captains are out right now but they'll start coming back pretty soon and when we get this turned back around and go on our winning streak be sure to speak up about how much we suck so we don't forget how smart you are.
  8. Smitty likes Darnold. I like Smitty. Nuff said
  9. Dude, stop making sense and talking from your brain. Logic and reason has no place in society anymore. Just use your emotions from moment to moment and you'll get it right and if not don't worry, the next complaints will make everyone forget about the last wrong ones you made. Brain bad, emotions good.
  10. Hehe, You're funny. I like you. Yes, I'll be your lil' buddy. The next time I rage post after a loss about how bad we are I'll be sure to invite you. But don't expect anything for at least a couple of years. But you can invite me to join you after our next loss. Cheers buddy and have a happy day.
  11. To be honest I didn't give you poo, I gave you the D. You are welcome. I hope you feel better now and know that the Huddle is your new safe space. You have earned your newest participation trophy.
  12. Have you seen the prices of hamburgers these days? lol
  13. Lol, you don't give a fug and yet you respond with caps. lol- Do you even know what years millennials are? I'm gen x and im 1972. Millennials start around 1984 not 2000. You sure act and sound like a millennial. What year were you born "bud"? My feeling weren't hurt but it seems yours are. Do you CARE about football? lol.
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