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  1. Yes, not rooting for a New York Panthers team or whatever they choose to go to.
  2. Stupid auto correct!! Fuugg yeah!!
  3. Me too!! That's a norm for me, usually get the games at 10 am west coast. So, I'm usually hammering it around 8 or 9 am. Love the early games! Sucks today, have to wait till 1!
  4. Never to early! It's 4 am over here! Can't wait! Not use to these 1 o clock games (west coast time). Now let's beat up some Crapberwhack and company and silence all these whiners fans out here!
  5. Man! I love west coast time! No more waiting till 1 to see the game! Anyhoot.... Can we get a season opener win!!! Pretty please!