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  1. added a post in a topic Charleston Panthers bar   

    I'll stickl to going to the Alley....Less likely to run into a douche.
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  2. added a post in a topic Sean Payton interested in leaving New Orleans   

    I think this might just be a rumor but I would love to have him out our division.
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  3. added a post in a topic Eagles game may have just gotten interesting   

    I tried to defend you countless times but dude you're just awful....
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  4. added a post in a topic Seattle previews, stats, game intel...   

    Stat Junkies....Sunday is a new game...the past is the past....
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  5. added a post in a topic AM I The ONLY ONE   

    well son, it look like we gotta get on our grind next week
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  6. added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    I'm the only one in this bar Screaming my lungs out for the redskins. Atlanta losing and the saints helps us out when the schedule gets tough
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  7. added a post in a topic Giants player could lose foot due to MRSA   

    nothing is nice about losing a Foot...
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  8. added a post in a topic Bengals textbook in opening drive against Hawks   

    Not getting that Game in Charleston.... I hope they keep this up...
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  9. added a post in a topic My wife just said Matt Ryan is cute   

    She's Gay....You might can insert another B in the bedroom
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  10. added a post in a topic PFF Panthers Player Rankings & Overall Grades - through week 4   

    I down looking at numbers this week....See you monday...
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  11. added a post in a topic Could J-No be DPOY? Cornerbacks don't often win...   

    That would be awesome if he had a great season that lead to that.
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  12. added a post in a topic Cam not the only one "too young" for Hochuli to protect   

    Stafford, this guy covers a lot of lions games
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  13. added a post in a topic Media is setting Seattle up for beatdown   

    Harper is a liability...Really, trunk neck stay getting burn
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  14. added a post in a topic What is hindering the running game?   

    Could it be that stew is not Good???? we should have put him on the block. Welcome to free agency...not here next year for sure. wish we could have gotten a draft pick
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  15. added a post in a topic Should the Panthers make any moves over the bye week?   

    But real talk I would rather get a WR in the Draft but if it aint 1st rounder....Maybe
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