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  1. Carolina Panthers Top 3 Offseason Priorities

    I'm sad...not only because our guys played their ass off but the fact this team is blown up. And they deserve to be champions
  2. Positions we need to upgrade

    Jared Allen was a liability.
  3. Positions we need to upgrade

    OT,DE,S,and WR
  4. Deflated....defense need to step up and save us
  5. Wow missed fg...just going to make a better story...the drama is real
  6. One td and we are back in this game.... #keep pounding!!!!! Either way we bout to turn up next half and go down in history as one of the best superbowls.... Yes we Cam
  7. Someone needs to make a play...
  8. Still not worried!!!
  9. Shooting self in the foot.
  10. I think we rally this series.
  11. I think I'm having a stroke....I feel like poo.
  12. Need a stop we are looking real bad today. Hopefully it's just nerve