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  1. Tillman Most Likely Out

    The Cowboys run much more 3 receiver sets than the Redskins so Jones will be on the field much more this week. It's hard to say how good he really is but he will be tested much more Thursday. 
  2. Cam MUST be protected from Hardy....

    What?  The Panthers should gameplan to avoid Cam being hit?  Wow.  I bet the coaching staff has never thought of that.  You should probably send them some type of memo so they will be educated.
  3. Will Funchess Emerge This Week?

    Do you even watch the Panthers?  Doesn't seem like it. The Redskins have a terrible run defense. Cam isn't going to be throwing it 50 times. 
  4. How is that any different than the people on this forum?  When he wrote that article, there were a huge amount of people saying the exact same thing that Schein said and were screaming from the rooftops to have Rivera fired.
  5. Peanut isn't sitting out unless his injury gets worse. 
  6. Black would defeat the purpose of the NFL Color Rush theme. The point is colors. 
  7. Is star regressing or are injuries to blame?

    Odd timing for this thread considering Star just had his best game of the year. 
  8. Time To Give Cameron Artis-Payne More Snaps?

    No it isn't time.  I'd rather Tolbert get those touches.  And this is exactly why CAP isn't active anymore.  
  9. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    The lady runs a PR firm so clearly every thing she said about her daughter is a lie. No kid would ask their parents those moronic questions. It is sad that someone would use their child in that way. 
  10. Cris Collinsworth just now

    It is hard for a CB to win that award without lots of stats.  Unless he gets 4 more INTs I don't see it happening. 
  11. Rob Ryan Fired

    ESPN just reported he's officially fired now. Dennis Allen is taking over. 
  12. Don't forget Walls and his shotgun he shot after his touchdowns.
  13. Cam's celebration was not excessive

    The Titans at least don't celebrate sacks because that would be excessive.  Oh wait...
  14. The thing is this year there are only 3 good teams in the NFC and one of them will go to the Super Bowl. I expect a lot of alternates getting used.