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  1. My European friends have been laughing at me since the last Presidential election. Every time I see them they start off with jokes about our president. Every. Single. Time.
  2. I think 'Eight O Clock' is for the more refined coffee drinker that actually enjoys a good coffee. Not just sugar and caramel. Sort of like a tall cold mug of Guinness.
  3. Not sure why Cam refuses to run the ball when the play isn't there.
  4. No struggle at all. Looks like he was dead as soon as he snatched him.
  5. There is absolutely no reason not to put Wegher in if the Panthers maintain a 21 point lead going into the last 5-6 minutes of the game. We're gonna need CAP to contribute in the playoffs, and if they can find another weapon then the team is better for it. God knows, we better not be relying on these WRs to win games.
  6. I'll bet you Arians didn't want to play his starters the entire game today. But now he's forced to keep them in to get some kind of momentum. Can't take a whipping like this and then sit around for 2 weeks.
  7. I think he is too. Even on the TD interception. He was tight over top forcing a very difficult pass by Winston.
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