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  1. Young is tiny in comparison to Cam. But Cam isn't an average QB. Everybody that knows or has met him in passing comments on how much bigger he was in person than they expected. That mofo is a Mack truck personified!
  2. He has better edge help on the other side now, so he'll probably average 12 sacks or so and people will get all excited. Not realizing they were all from 7 or 8 games and he was targetted against the run the whole time. Those sacks will be fluff numbers in NY and everyone will say how bad of a trade it was.
  3. I don't get why a lot can't see this. I think the defense is better without him and his one splash play every 2-3 games. Consistent pressure on the QB is vastly more impactful than the occassional super sack. Being able to set the edge is crucial to stopping the run. Off tackle runs are your back breaker, big runs.
  4. Sorry. No I don't see it. You're suggesting the Panthers do something that no team does, for good reasons. Teams don't draft a QB #1 if they already have a guy, or if they plan to go out and get a guy during free agency. Preseason competition is not real for #1 draft picks. They're starting day one. If you have 2 QBs, you don't really have any. That's why Cam couldn't get on a team as a backup.
  5. I seriously doubt it. But it was never a real competition. It never is with a #1 pick QB.
  6. No man. No rookie QB beats out the best FA QB. You could say he has a higher ceiling, but as a rookie he ain't no where near that. A quality 5 or 6 year vet will usually win more games in the same situation.
  7. Y'all trippin real hard right now. What team with any sense will draft a QB #1 overall and then bring in a vet that could legit take his job in the first year or two? It's one or the other. Never both. This offense was so devoid of talent that I can't say any player is good enough or not. TMJ is 6'3" and ran a 4.4. Mingo is 220 and ran a 4.46. They both looked slow last season. Last year was a fiasco. Every player on the offense gets a do-over. Every single one. Except for those guards. They sucked so bad. Guys off the street, half way into the season looked considerably better.
  8. I don't know. Depends. Especially if they have success. The Orioles and the Nationals are only an hour apart, but the Nationals aren't hurting for fans. Winning a championship doesn't hurt though.
  9. My first portcall on my first deployment in the Navy was Barcelona, Spain in 1999. I was absolutely shocked at how many of my shipmates that were going to Pizza Hut and McDonalds. Pizza Hut in Barcelona? Why is that even a thing? Well, I discovered the wonders of paella and sangria. Still my favorite food/drink combination.
  10. I think Northern VA is Commanders territory. Not sure I agree the rest of the state holds any loyalty to the team.
  11. The opportunity was there to draft 4 or 5 guys that either started or made significant contributions this season. But I guess they wanted "dawgs" instead.
  12. The Huddle... No QB has ever taken a bad team to the Super Bowl. It doesn't work that way. Very few can even go .500 with a bad supporting cast like tge 2023 Panthers. QB is the most dependent position on the field. Prime Cam and maybe Lamar Jackson (the running one, not the one in the AFC championship last year) are the only recent QBs that could have gone above .500 with last year's roster. And if all you needed was a good QB then Drew Brees would have won 6 or 7 Lombardis. He was that guy.
  13. The Panthers aren't building a Bryce Young roster. Alabama didn't recruit personnel to fit a Bryce Young scheme. Canales' approach is to build an NFL roster (which they didn't have last season) and then cater his scheme and playcalling to what the players do best. The team is not pigeon holing itself into an offense that doesn't fit any other QB. Their goal this off-season was to provide NFL average or better talent to the offense - period. Very little to do with matching personnel for Bryce Young's skillset or lack thereof.
  14. Thought he was from Arkansas. Must have been the uniform colors. He had a pretty good Senior Bowl.
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