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  1. Team sucked today. Sam played a big part because he is the QB, but it ain't just on him. Leaders and "playmakers" made huge mistakes at horrible times in the game. Offense and defense.
  2. I have to disagree. It depends on why things ended in the first place. And yes, people do change.
  3. People really forget about that fiasco of an offensive line! The only saving grace was Ryan Kalil at Center. If not for him, Cam might have actually been murdered on the football field.
  4. Arm tackles don't cut it in the NFL. Not even against QBs. Let's add Reddick to the discussion while we're at it. Damn track athletes burning their leg and then dropping the baton at the transfer.
  5. This is the worst. Ryan Kalil at center is the difference. If not for him...
  6. As a playcaller, you have to listen to what your players are saying. That doesn't mean you always do what they want, but they give you a perspective that you can't get from the sidelines - so you have to strongly consider what they're telling you. Believe me if Robbie's yelling it like that, then it's already been discussed among the position group. You ain't going Super Sayan without your boys backing you.
  7. Rich and/or famous men get groupies all the time. Why do we put these regular men on pedestals so much? They're just men. I consider myself a pretty high character guy, but I've never had women throwing themselves at me like that all the time. The temptation would probably get to you after awhile. This isn't a Jerry Richardson or Watson situation. This is a woman trying to get with an NFL football coach or player. It happens all the time.
  8. Sam is BALLING!!! But Brady legit has these mofos number. He is 2 friggin steps ahead of the Cowboys!
  9. We all said that in 2015 when Kelvin Benjamin went down.
  10. I'll say it til I'm blue in the face, but football is not rocket science. It doesn't require cutting edge plays to be successful, just timely playcalling, and perfect execution. Oh and it helps when you have a few cheat code athletes.
  11. Mofo out here channeling Bud Ryan!
  12. 54 according to Google. Definitely past the age when most women (and men) give up on their bodies.
  13. What?! Not sure how old you are, but Brenda still has a banging body for her age! She's just embracing the grey hair. If she dyed that joint, a full body picture would change your perspective.
  14. Fumble or intentional grounding. He just chucked it after getting hit.
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