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  1. That's when Watt's little brother finished it off, not the original injury.
  2. Is that an "X" receiver? That looks like a double wing formation to me. Killer in pee wee and service academies. Probably not so much in the NFL...
  3. I don't think it's even close. That 2003 team was STACKED! The only positions that were better from 2015 was TE and QB. I love Luke but Dan Morgan was a F'ing dawg tackling machine in the Middle. Witherspoon was an easy comp to Davis (once again I LOVE Thomas Davis). RBs, WRs, DL, OL, DBs, all considerably better in 2003. Heck we had the best place kicker in the history of the franchise on that team - even though he choked in the big game. Don't know if they'd beat them. Cam was playing that good, but you can't argue the talent on the rosters.
  4. You're right, it definitely is. But... situations. Remember that Thursday night Tampa Bay game in 2019? Even if we'd just drafted Trevor, it would be difficult not to put in a goal line specialist in that moment. Getting reps for your rookie QB is a hard sale to vets looking to win now.
  5. I wouldn't discount Saleh's influence so quickly. He's a defensive mastermind who believes in pressuring the QB into making bad decisions. Darnold better be ready with the hot reads or it could get ugly for him, painfully ugly. I see CMC and whoever is starting at TE having a major impact.
  6. I hear you loud and clear. But the Panthers had a couple of REALLY good running backs in 2011, when Cam Newton broke the QB single season rushing TD record. I remember a couple of hits that year that made me wince, even as big as that mofo was as a rookie. Reps are important, but wins are life. And don't discount the point of showing defenses different looks/options just to get them to spend precious practice time preparing against - distraction.
  7. There is definitely a role for The Golden Calf of Bristol. He'll never have a chance to start. Everyone knows that. He won't take ANY practice snaps from Lawrence - EVER. He's an extremely versatile athlete that at the very least could be a goal line QB that takes those shots instead of Lawrence. And if he's on the field, the defense will have to prepare for him possibly throwing the ball. At the very least, he's a gadgety distraction. At best, he's a high character locker room influence that has a penchant for punching the ball in on the goal line. Hell Cam made a living doing that, but
  8. My European friends have been laughing at me since the last Presidential election. Every time I see them they start off with jokes about our president. Every. Single. Time.
  9. I think 'Eight O Clock' is for the more refined coffee drinker that actually enjoys a good coffee. Not just sugar and caramel. Sort of like a tall cold mug of Guinness.
  10. Not sure why Cam refuses to run the ball when the play isn't there.
  11. No struggle at all. Looks like he was dead as soon as he snatched him.
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