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  1. I love you motherfuggers

  2. Wow dude. You said no research had been done. Once again... you're completely wrong. Nothing from the selections you posted and parts you bolded refutes that. What are you even arguing? Research was made before the device was created and of course research is still ongoing. You're acting like this is some bull poo device created by crazy people. It has definitely been researched heavily and it has shown positive results.
  3. Yeah, you're completely wrong. http://www.espn.com/blog/carolina-panthers/post/_/id/27367/how-a-200-device-is-providing-hope-in-reducing-brain-injury
  4. I remember not giving a damn about winning that game. A horrific moment for Luke. Thankfully the collar he wears seems to be doing the job. Fascinating technology behind it with the research of wood peckers and all that. To add on... I think the league should make it mandatory to wear the collar in the next few years.
  5. Definitely a seizure. I can't believe they let him go back into the game. That was worse than Luke's last year. With that said... I honestly don't think Luke suffered a concussion in the Philly game. Because after the hit he bounced right back up and showed no visual signs of a concussion. His first on against the Jags he was shaken and had to put his head on the ground for several seconds and compose himself. Against the Saints he was walloped and clearly concussed. My point is even if it's not obvious you still have to take the precaution like we did with him earlier this season. We even held him out the next game. To put Savage right back in there after an obvious major concussion is just so damn wrong.
  6. highly doubt he plays full 1st