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  1. Cam was let down by his offense

    We surely don't want to absolve Shula because the play calling was suspect still Cam looked lost out there and didn't know how to change the plays to account for the blitz. Our offense is him reading the defense and changing the plays, something he didn't do well. You just have to chalk it up to pressure which got to him. He isn't the first quarterback to play poorly in his first super bowl. Hopefully he will learn and grow and get back there again with different results.
  2. Cam was let down by his offense

    Those fumbles were the difference in the game. Noodle arm Manning played even worse but because he didn't fumble and hand us the ball they won. Maybe they were luckier recovering fumbles I don't know. Since I was at the game I didn't have benefit of replays.
  3. Why would you have to be banned i n order to stop posting. Sound like an addiction to me.
  4. Cam was let down by his offense

    The offense let the defense down and Cam was a huge part of that. Just not fumbling the ball twice inside the 10 would have changed the game totally.  He played very poorly while guys like Ginn and Philly Brown did very well. He gets no pass in my book.
  5. Snakebit, bad decisions and betrayal

    I don't see how you can look at others and ignore that those two fumbles literally handed Denver the game. If he simply tucks the ball and we punt we could have been leading at half. There was plenty of blame on the offensive side but the defense should have been the ones to be bitter not Cam. He was responsible for four turnovers three of which were on him. Feel free to toss around the blame but let's not ignore the huge elephant in the room.
  6. I suspect those teams were loaded on the offensive side of the ball but didn't have great defenses. How many of those teams had top five offenses and defenses. I doubt any
  7. Official Super Bowl Program

    Gonna get my program at the game. Woo hoo...
  8. Would love to attend but will be in Santa Clara instead. Might stop by the roaring Riot party there though.
  9. Moooooooose speaks on The Evolution of Cam Newton

    I love the interview with Moose.It totally supports what I have been saying which that Cam was widely criticized when he came into this league.  He was not considered worth the number 1 pick by many. It has to be gratifying to watch everyone change their tune and have to eat crow. Cam is going to crown this season with a win in the Super Bowl and do in the NFL what he did in college. Win it al and take a decent offense and make them great. Will his team to victory with his athleticism and leadership. People who argue that Cam was the consensus pick in the draft need to hear Moose tell it like it was. The way I remember it  too, and not some revisionist history. 
  10. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

    I was agreeing with you. I was just clarifying.
  11. Never underestimate the stupidity of the general public.......
  12. That is funny because you are the one talking about using sports logic now you discount it. So that means you just discounted everything you have been spouting for days. Seems even you don't believe what you have been saying. That is the first thing you have said I agree with.
  13. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

    I agree with you on several points but don't see identifying yourself with your own race as being racist. Sure we tend to identify with  people who look like us or who we feel an affinity for but that is not prejudice but simply preference. Racism involves thinking one race is superior to another not simply that you prefer people that you feel are more similar to you. If you are a woman and would buy a racing jacket of Danica Patrick instead of Dale Jr. does that make you anti-men or just pro women.
  14. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

    Why assume everything is racially based.  For example maybe the best selling jersey on the team is Luke because most fans here already had a Newton Jersey.  I bought a Kuechly this year when he signed his long term contract but I already had a Newton.  So am I racist?   I also bought an Olsen, Benjamin, and Davis this year......    So what does that say?????
  15. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

    But the other elephant in the room is assuming that racism doesn't cut both ways.  Just sayin......