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  1. Hornets offseason

        Who would want him?
  2. Who's Your Choice?

    At this point, I'll say Frank Kaminsky or Justice Winslow.     lol, Kemba is going nowhere.
  3. I think its Jenny Hendrix. I'm not 100% sure though.

  4. its Juliana Salimeni.

  5. better edit that....quickly.

  6. Yesterday it was Lacey Lynn today its Emma Stone <3 {my future wife:cool:}

  7. Nice chick in the av... looks familiar but can't place her...?

  8. I don't even know.

  9. who is that in your sig?

  10. Awesome sig! i can't stay focused, :lol:

  11. I believe it is a model named Kim Lee.

  12. who is this girl?

  13. Its Coco, Ice-T's wife.