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  1. So whats the issue with the defense?

    I think the team (overall) lacks some focus after getting big leads.  Those clamoring for the offense to continue to score after being up 28 pts with 20 minutes left in the game are missing the point.  The Panthers defense has to limit those (other teams) drives to FGs.  Great defenses bend but don't break during those times, and that's the type of D that Panthers fans have grown accustomed to over the past few years.  They gave up big leads (or a ton of points to) Luck, Brees, Rodgers and E. Manning so the D wasn't up against a set of rookies and journeyman QBs.  The only way to stop or rattle great QBs is with the Pass Rush, period, that's it.  Sooner or later they'll settle down and find the open guys.  I agree, if the front four aren't getting it done, it's time to take risk and rely on blitz packages. Maybe you get to the QB a couple of times to rattle, etc.  Giving up 20+ pts leads is not a good look. I do think the offense missed J Stew that maybe could've help the D out in the 4th Qtr with sustaining some drives but the mental errors (blocked FG, etc) are just plain lack of focuse.