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  1. Panthers Release Boykin

    It's .05% of the salary cap. Who cares from that perspective. I just want to know why.
  2. Narcissism fueling Cam Newton hate....

    For "journalists", outrage sells. It's why people like Skip Bayless get huge ratings. I call it the Dan Shaughnessy effect. Say something polarizing and don't give a fug about the actual content or fallout, and watch the views and clicks and dollars roll in.
  3. Strong Safety

    Boykin is 25 years old.
  4. Boykin Visiting

    ^ It'd be a great move for two reasons. One is obviously that they need a nickel and Boykin is one of the better ones in the league. But he's been vocal about his desire to play outside. Not only could he conceivably challenge Bene for that this year, but if he signs for multiple years, that's some insurance in case they can't come to terms with Josh on a long-term deal. For that reason, he could look at Carolina as a more attractive option than whoever the other 3 teams are. It's win-win for both sides.
  5. Oh hey, another lets bash Cam article

    fuging shameful that this garbage is coming from
  6. Derrick Henry to visit Panthers

    Maybe, but the question you should be asking is, how much longer will that be the case?
  7. Weddle to Ravens, Raji retiring

    Weddle aside, the Ravens are not good. They are the definition of an 8-8 team when healthy, which is what I pegged them for last year. They just have a complete dearth of talent at the skill positions for players that aren't hurt, and their defense isn't good enough to compensate anymore. On the injury front, Smith's Achilles is no joke, and Flacco's late ACL/MCL tear isn't going to have him healthy going into camp, no matter what he says. Is Perriman ever going to play? Who else is there? Justin Forsett? Crockett Gillmore? Kamar Aiken? Meh. It's still early, but I'd be surprised if they were relevant next year. Weddle wanted money. He got money. But let's not pretend the Ravens are remotely good.
  8. It's amazing how every story these days has one that conflicts with it
  9. B/R NFL 1000

    On what planet should Witten be ranked ahead of Olsen? Olsen's 2015 would be Witten's second best year ever. He hasn't had a year even close to that since 2012. When I saw the ranking, I racked my brain trying to thick who would have been number 2. Witten didn't even cross my mind.
  10. Do you just not get jokes or
  11. Anyone else realize SB is in Houston next season?

    2013: Panthers win 0 playoff games 2014: Panthers win 1 playoff game 2015: Panthers win 2 playoff games 2016: Panthers win 3 playoff games Super Bowl 48: Seahawks defeat Broncos Super Bowl 49: Patriots defeat Seahawks Super Bowl 50: Broncos defeat Panthers Super Bowl 51: Panthers defeat Patriots
  12. From our favorite new villain on Twitter: This is getting old, but oh look, another monkey wrench in the narrative. You can say he still shouldn't have done what he did, and maybe you're right, but again: that it has become *this* big of a deal is ridiculous. You'd think he went on a 6 minute rant of expletives and excuses after telling Peyton to go fug himself at midfield. Even the commonly used phrase "stormed off" is a misrepresentation of what happened. He got up and left. That's it. Also, for what it's worth, Bill has backed up his statements a little: I think that's the part most people have a problem with. In the first 11 minutes of that interview, it was impossible to distinguish between him and your run-of-the-mill hot taker. And unfortunately (for him) those are basically the only parts that got transcribed into the article being passed around. Not that the rest of the interview exonerates him, but he does try to swing back towards a more balanced view, which, in my opinion, he's been pretty fair about doing (and that's another reason I think he's getting so much backlash -- it's "out of character" for him). Probably didn't help that the host was asking fairly leading questions as well. To be honest, I'm not going to stop reading/following him because of one hiccup. He does provide good content in a world where that's becoming increasingly rare. Like with Cam, every situation doesn't have to be so polarizing.
  13. New Punter

    I have no idea why more people haven't tried to excel at both. I get that it's hard to do at an NFL level, but I bet it's literally worth millions. Teams will covet that extra roster spot more than a few $. Also:
  14. He hasn't raped or murdered anyone. He hasn't beaten his girlfriend. He hasn't fought a cop, or a teammate. Hasn't been a problem in any way, shape or form. In fact, many of his teammates and coaches love him for who he is. I do not give a fug if sad Cam is sad after a Super Bowl loss. He's not my child to discipline. He's a grown ass man and can do whatever he wants. If you think he's childish, great, more power to you. We parade these athletes in front of the media, get mad when they're robots, get mad when they're real. Unless they dance like puppets as we see fit, they can't win. Cam doesn't want to play the game. Seeing what the media has become, a fuging circus, I wouldn't want to either.