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  1. last year was a pretty solid year for USC WR's...Juju, Nelson, Woods and Lee were all solid. We just have a way of picking 'em haha
  2. Double Trouble

    Official UDFA Signings Thread

    I can't believe Burnett is still undrafted. 40 times wasn't impressive but he's a good route runner and very productive. Not really a need though with CMC, Samuel, and Moore though.
  3. Double Trouble

    2018 WRs/TEs

    Burnett and Miller are both great fits for our offense. Miller will probably be gone by our second pick, but Burnett should be around (potentially with the Bills 3rd too). It depends on how we see Curtis Samuel fitting into the picture to I suppose. Equamineous would be a great haul too. He's more polished as a route runner and faster than Kelvin. Can't wait to see how it all unfolds.
  4. Double Trouble

    2018 QB/RBs

    I'm a biased USC fan, but I can guarantee Sam Darnold goes top 5, and Ronald Jones is definitely a top 3-5 RB in this class (I'm not sure if you just forgot about him, or just don't like him) but he's a Jamaal Charles type runner. Agree that Rosen is the most NFL ready and best pure classer in the class, and should go 1. Darnold has been turnover prone but he was also playing with a backup offensive line all year and just tried to do too much. I assume most have only watched his game against OSU, and that DL vs the USC OL was just brutal. I just hope he goes to the right place, because he has so much talent he just needs a little grooming. He's a playmaker and natural leader. As far as Baker Mayfield, I really have no idea what to expect. I think the 3 QB's will be going top 5.
  5. Double Trouble

    Better know a prospect - Kevin Dodd

    Someone may have said this (didn't read through all the pages) but Michael Sam was technically the star of the Missouri line and Ealy looks promising!
  6. Double Trouble

    Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    you're gonna lose the superbowl *nationwide jingle*
  7. Double Trouble

    Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    just checking in...WE ARE SO GOOD this is awesome!!!!
  8. how about you try scoring earlier so this situation never happens? what a fuging concept uggghh
  9. what in the actual fug was that run call
  10. secondary sucks. watch for onside kick
  11. playing not to lose. throw the damn ball. don't stray from what's working.
  12. 6 minute TD drive here puts game out of reach. JUST SCORE PLZ
  13. why does it have to be so difficult to keep the same level of intensity going for 4 quarters :/
  14. we are so good. this is the best we've played all year