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  1. If Josh Takes Less To Go Elsewhere

    Stop posting
  2. I hate when you post @beastson. You are one of the worst posters on here, filled with knee jerk reactions. You said the same thing when benewikere got injured last year and cursed the coaching staff for not taking him out. can you stop posting to spare everyone else your idiocy?
  3. Is Star as good as gone?

    I am in the minority that I think Star's talent has been bloated due to the play of our linebackers. While it is a mutual relationship, I don't think Star will command more than $7 mill a year and all you guys under the impression he will be tagged is hilarious. He was one of the worst rated DTs on PFF last year, on a top ten defense. He's nowhere near$10 mill+good, sorry guys.
  4. What Dolphins Fans are Saying...

    They think Seattle has a weak offense and that our defense isn't good. This isn't even worth my time anymore.
  5. What Dolphins Fans are Saying...

    This team is too focused to have a let down. There is a mentality flowing through this team that we will always being the underdog. Rivera has this team on it's p's and q's. This team has had too many let downs in the past three years to not learn from their mistakes. We are seeing a young team maturing and learning what it takes to be successful. ALSO, these phins fans are so painful to converse with. Typically I always lurk and never post but some of the delirious things they were saying over there prompted me to make an account. They have very little substance in their remarks. It's quite hilarious.