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  1. Tampa Bay Fans Delusional As Usual

    Winston is a criminal and sociopath
  2. It is ALWAYS a good thing when the keyboard jockeys grade you poorly.
  3. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    If this guy was truly at the top of their list at the time of the panthers selection....bpa....I can't fault DG for picking him. He knows more than we do. I'll admit I'm not thrilled with the pick though.
  4. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    The lions did him a favor. The NFC's version of the Browns.
  5. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Only way this pays off immediately is if we suffer an unfortunate, serious injury to KK or Star and one misses significant time. Otherwise, looks like an athletic rotational player with upside. I'll feel better or worse about this pick after I see what we do tomorrow.
  6. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    Something is fishy suspension coming?
  7. Eagles trade for #2 pick

    Why did you block Aaron Wilson? Lol
  8. His insurance cheese will be spent within two weeks.
  9. Robert Nkemdiche Is it Fate?

    Didn't I hear that Hardy had a pet monkey or some exotic animal?
  10. Robert Nkemdiche Is it Fate?

    Anyone who wants to take a dangerous wild animal out of its natural environment and risk it's safety and well being for novelty and amusement is an asshole. There are so many red flags with this clown I hope the panthers scratched his name off their board a long time ago.
  11. 2016 NFL Schedule Release - Leaks, Rumors, Etc

    I'd bet money the LA Rams open the season on prime time , maybe not against us but someone.
  12. 2016 NFL Schedule Release - Leaks, Rumors, Etc

    I don't think Denver is going to be that good this year. Their D is obviously incredible but they don't have a QB or RB. Even if they acquire Colin Slapperdick or Tyrod, that team is going to have to hold teams to six points. Thus, the rematchdoesn't have that much appeal.
  13. Unfortunately, "clicks" are big business in the age of social media. Whether they are warranted or not. Not to side track to much, but take the UNC "scandal" for example. Media outlets (a few in particular that will remain nameless) essentially just rehash the same story every few months or so (we are about due for another one) but change a few words around or include speculation to add a different spin to it .....and boom! They have recycled the story and the clicks. There's people who the public view as credible that obviously have no idea what they are talking about, but Joe Schmo is Lincoln Nebraska reads it as the gospel. Journslism is suffering because of social media.
  14. 2016 NFL Schedule Release - Leaks, Rumors, Etc

    You won't have any problems acquiring tickets down there, that's for sure.
  15. 2016 NFL Schedule Release - Leaks, Rumors, Etc

    iIRC the leaks started coming around 3pm last year for panthers