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  1. Zero Percent

    I thought that the firing of Shula and Dorsey was one of the main conditions of his extension. I still think that's true.
  2. Cam calls his shot

    I mentioned this in the game thread. I'm glad someone else caught it besides me.
  3. cam just trolled someone before that play. Audio and camera picked up him pointing to someone on the left( i'm assuming a packer player) He said: " you been watching film ain't you?" Then he said "watch this" Then he threw the td to MCC.. LOL classic!!!!
  4. You won't like this at all.

    Leave it to Schien to make us forget for just a moment how much of an idiot Marty is. Thanks for rallying the troops Adam.
  5. When I look at that list this is what I see. If one or 2 of these guys don't wind up in IR, then someone REALLY good is going to get cut. Our possible depth at certain positions is scary good. I wouldn't want to be in the coaches shoes trying to make those roster decisions.
  6. You greatly underestimate this group.
  7. It's obvious thaat they are using stock footage(the high speed time lapse) Duke energy just happened to be green when they filmed it.
  8. Keeks INT was so awesome that the Refs couldn't wait to see it again.
  9. No more Pickles. Been wanting to post that for 2 yrs.