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  1. You won't like this at all.

    Leave it to Schien to make us forget for just a moment how much of an idiot Marty is. Thanks for rallying the troops Adam.
  2. PFT Refocused: Game grades

    The reason D W has been so good is that Matt Kalil's man keeps beating Daryll's man to the QB. Play's over by the time he gets there.
  3. At least we have walking dead tonight!

    Isnt that what we just watched?
  4. Do they ever turn BoA lights off?

    Seriously, it's probably the grounds crew working on the field. The best time to work would be at night as humid as it has been
  5. Anyone Notice Billicheat

    Converstion at mifield: Ron: Good game, Bill. Bill: We are on to Tampa Bay. Ron: Good Luck. Bill: We are only concerned with Tampa Bay.
  6. Whole lot of players on that field that have received or are about to receive their last paycheck from the panthers
  7. Thought I'd Share...

    thanks @lilsmitty09 nice video.. I still go back and watch the super Bowl 50 one from time to time. I still get goosebumps.
  8. Cam Newton predictions for tonight...

    My prediction: Throws a screen to Run CMC that he takes to the house. They both call it a night.
  9. How I became a Leicester fan and what to expect

    I watched yesterday and was really impressed with Arsenal. Of course I wasn't pulling for them but couldn't help but be impressed with there attack. Haven't been keeping up with them enough to understand the fan's frustration with the manager but evidently its warranted with how the announcers were going on about it. @ARSEN can you fill me in on what's going on?
  10. How I became a Leicester fan and what to expect

    The problem is if they don't do well then I might not get to see them as much in the states as I would like.
  11. How I became a Leicester fan and what to expect

    Fun to watch but that sit back and counter attack style just leaves the opponent with too many opportunities.
  12. I'm a rather new fan of soccer. For most of my 63 years I've looked at soccer as a sport that was boring. I could not, for the life of me, understand why anyone would want to watch men kick a ball from one end of the field to another with out any result. for seemingly hours at a time only to see the occasional goal. ( this comes from a guy that will watch cars go in a circle for hours on end with no complaints) And to make things worse, many times it would end in no winner or loser at all. A tie??? Play overtime you morons!!! When my grandson started playing soccer at the age of 4 I went to every game. Still boys (andgirls) chasing a ball around trying to put the ball into an elusive goal. This time it was more interesting to me 1. I was watching it live and 2. It was my grandson on the field. I was becoming tolerant of the low scoring enjoying watching my grandson become pretty good at the sport. A year or so later i was transfered to a store whos manager was a diehard fan of Manchester City. this is the first person that Ive ever known that was a bigger fan of soccer than they were of football or basketball. When we talked sports they always centered around the EPL, Champions League, and all the other leagues in Europe. I could casually talk about the USMNT ( I knew who Landon Donovan was) But that was all. Over Time i started watching the EPL in 2015 especially when Man City was on so we could carry on a conversation. I realized that if I was going to continue watch this sport that I still didnt fully understand I needed a team to call my own. Easy thing would be to adopt the team my manager liked. I didnt like that idea so i decided to look around for a team of my own. Over time as Leicester was making waves at the top of the EPL I became more interested in them. Jamie Vardy was the name that I was hearing and started to follow his and the team's progress. As the season wore on I realized I had hooked myself to something special. I became a fan of everything Leicester. I watched when i could and got to know the names Drinkwater, Fuchs, Mahrez, Kante, Schmeichel. They didnt dissapoint as they made the impossible run to the Championship. AS the 2016-17 season started I had high expectations for my new found team. but they didnt live up to expectations. I learned a valuable lesson about how the teams do buisness. this isnt like sports in the US where they always try have parity among all the teams. There is a pecking order in the EPL that basically keeps certain teams at the top. That order is determined by money that the owners are willing(or able) to spend to keep there teams at the top. Teams like Man U, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenam dominate the league year after year. Other teams are left with making there money by selling there up and coming players to those teams at a profit to stay solvent. A team like Leicester comes along once in a life time. With all that being said where do I go as a fan of a team that seems to be a mid to lower tier in the Premier League. I reall like the players on the Leicester team. I hate to moving around that the sport is known for but i know that is just part of it. I think Leicester has done a good job of bringing in new young players in Harry McGuire and Iheanacho . I'm excited about those players and what they can bring to the club. Worried about Marez and his wanting to leave. In the end is this what its going to be like to be a fan of a team like this? Should always expect a mid league finish? If so as long as I can see them play here in the states several times a season it may be enough to keep my interest. TL;DR Is Leicester City going be worth my time to follow now that they aren't on top anymore?