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  1. I do agree with the fact that it's time for our young CBs to start making plays on the ball. It's the only way we can become the defense that we want to become. I think the jury is still out on Worley. We will see soon about this Secondary.
  2. I'm about ready for Moton to get a chance. How much worse could it be?
  3. The Panthers have to find the money. Star should definitely get a contract sometime soon that's for sure. If the Panthers don't pay him someone else will.
  4. Some defensive starters played like Dupree, Harrison, and Moats. I think the only pressure Moton gave up came early in the 1st quarter on Bud Dupree.
  5. CAP coming on strong.

    His days should've been numbered.
  6. Matt Kalil Concerns

    He will also get a lot of snaps this preseason against solid defenses. We have Houston, Jacksonville, and Tennessee coming up. They are all stout on the defensive line.
  7. Hence the reason Atlanta and Tampa are still our biggest threat in the NFC South. Don't get me wrong every single game matters, but if we can win the division, we are right where we want to be in January. The shift in the NFC South is that everyone is trying to add as much speed as possible on defense, especially at Linebacker. Every team has a explosive offense with ours potentially getting better with this evolution. This will be the most competitive division in football outside of the AFC West.
  8. This is true. Early on in the season when the pass rush wasn't present it also made it that much more difficult to play zone. This is the biggest reason why we had to bring more pressure to get sacks. You can't do that anymore you have to mix it up. Either we won't getting to the QB on most downs or QB's had a field day on our defense. If you're going to run a heavy zone scheme like that you have to have pass rushers who are disruptive every single down. What we still miss is that elite pass rusher on defense.
  9. Teams knew what coverage we was in. We need to play more man to man next season.
  10. We can not afford to lose Star Lotulelei

    You will see the pick pay off this season that's for sure. What some people don't realize is that what if we would've lost Star or KK last season who was going to replace them? Adding Big Vern gave us flexibility in negotiations and if a big injury happens on the line. The sky is the limit for Big Vern this season.
  11. GM Candidate: Trent Kirchner

    If Kitchener gets the job I could also see Dan Morgan or Bucky Brooks getting a shot back into our scouting department.
  12. We will keep all three. Gettleman will try to retain his trench players because it's harder to find good players at those positions. I see these guys getting the axe if they don't play better Funchess, Gano, Ed Dickson, and maybe a older vet retires like CJ, TD, or Pep. They will make room.
  13. SOS doesn't mean anything to me just like the record doesn't mean anything. We can finish at 8-8 or 9-7 and if we can get a playoff birth I'm happy. I just want to get back to Super Bowl and win this time around. That's all that should matter this year nothing more and nothing less.
  14. Please talk me down

    Sometimes things just doesn't go the way we want it to go. Last year was very humbling to this fan base and for this team. I been telling my brother who is also a Panthers fan that this year feels like 2015 again. What's really funny to me was in 2015 my prediction to my friends was the Panthers will make the Super Bowl. Let's hope lightning can strike once again for the cardiac cats.
  15. Do it Cho. Russell could come in and add much needed scoring off the bench and in the backcourt.