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  1. NFL.com 3 Round Mock Draft

    Hercules Mata'afa will be a late riser in this class. He played all over Washingtons defensive front. At the NFL level I think he will be a 43 Edge or 3-4 Pass Rusher. I hope the Panthers take a hard look.
  2. I wouldn't go there quite yet to be honest. He could still have a really good career because he is young and will only be going into year 2.
  3. They both should get a interview but that's what happen when a lot of the people in the front office don't know what they are doing. The best candidate should get the job and that not Hurney. He had his chance and it ended bad. I don't know Tina and it seems like a lot of others don't know her. I just hope that committee makes the right decision and pick the best candidate.
  4. This is very true. In the NFL the key is to prepare for your division in the offseason and your look for ways to win your division. The NFC South is probably to most dynamic division in football and all of teams did a good job of beating each other up except the Saints sweeping us. This should make our who entire fan base angry but the only way to get better is find a legit edge rusher and find a shutdown CB who can take players out the game.
  5. CBS Mock Draft

    I completely agree. Hernandez is raw but he could become a better player at the next level with NFL coaching and training. If the Panthers take a Guard early I would bet my money its for Billy Price. Quenton Nelson seems to be the top Guard coming out.
  6. To be honest I just don't see the team being moved like most seem to think for some reason. The question is to where? Where can the Carolina Panthers relocate to? I think it's a crazy idea but at this point I'm just ready for the team to be sold.
  7. Revisiting the Peterson question

    No hopefully we can draft a RB in this year draft. Cut stew and bring him back for cheap if not move on at this point.
  8. Go back and watch the Wildcard game if you can. Michael Thomas dominated our secondary and Teddy Ginn can now catch deep balls. If we don't add a legit CB and Safety in the draft no way we win the division or advance in the postseason.
  9. We do need better safety play but the corners have been a issue especially Worley and Seymour from time to time. Overall I don't think they are bad we just need better play and stability on the outside.
  10. I'm a big fan of Melvin and EJ they both can really play. I can see Melvin maybe staying in Indy and EJ might stay in Buffalo though. Patrick Robinson would be very intriguing.
  11. I wish we had someone we can say is in that conversation.
  12. Panthers hire Brady Hoke for DL Coach

    Interesting that Ron Rivera is still tapping in the the collegiate rankings for coaches. This is very surprising and I just knew Sam Mills III would get the job.
  13. GM Candidate Profiles

    This is sickening if Hurndog keeps the job. I just wish the Panthers would do the right thing and hire the best candidate and not someone who ruined the team for years. Hurney has had his chance it's time to give the reigns to the right person.
  14. Two Veterans that interest me is Kyle Fuller and Trumaine Johnson! I remember watching Fuller coming out of Vtech and he was a big time playmaker and now his brother who plays for the Redskins has become one of the better players in that secondary now. I do think that Fuller and definitely Trumaine from the Rams who had a down year due to injury can definitely help us. The Rams might not keep him due to salary.
  15. That and injuries have been a concern too. We do have a little depth with Cox, Horton, and hopefully Hall if he can add weight and comeback healthy. I still will say in my opinion it's time to add a legit Safety and we have to find a shutdown corner to takeaway Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, and Mike Evans away. Our secondary just gives up too many big plays.