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  1. Bj-Monster23

    Hunter Henry just blew out his ACL

    The goal is to keep your strength strong. We all knew Butler was insurance if we couldn’t sign KK and Star long term. Most NFL players don’t break until their third season which is why this season is big for Vern and Bradberry. If Vernon can contribute in anyway and just being depth with the type of rotation we run it’s a win.
  2. Bj-Monster23

    Panthers OTAs Thread

    Surprised that Seymour is getting the start over Cockrell. I know it’s early but I definitely thought he would be the sure #2. Good luck to Seymour he does have potential.
  3. Well he isn’t being thrown out on his ass for nothing. Something had to happen to make you give up a billion dollar franchise.
  4. Rashaun Gaulden, Curtis Samuels, and Corn Elder.
  5. This league man. This is way to subjective of a rule if they decide to put it in effect. I just wish they would stop tinkering with the game and just let it be. It’s football, it has never been a safe sport and no matter what rule you create that won’t change. The players know what they are getting into when they sign up for it, but if they also make it, they benefit really well and set their families up for a lifetime.
  6. Bj-Monster23

    How ridiculous is the NFCS?

    Not one but the AFC South will be another fun division to watch this season. Actually in my honest opinion, I think the NFC South and AFC South is loaded and we will could see two teams from these division end up in the Super Bowl this season!
  7. Bj-Monster23

    Serious: What will Tepper do with Hurney?

    I think this year is the year that Ron and Marty have to prove this team can win it all. Tepper coming in I believe he will bring people like possibly an Omar Khan to help with the restructuring of the front office. This team has to win early or Ron and Marty will be gone by December.
  8. Bj-Monster23

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    We definitely needed to make this move happen. I hope this team can win a championships for guys like Cam, Luke, Olsen, TD, and now CJ Anderson!
  9. Bj-Monster23

    2010 Chargers vs. 2018 Panthers

    CAP is actually a really good player don’t sleep on him this year. Last year he got the ball on limit opportunities and showed amazing BC vision, speed, and power at those times. Fozzy would likely become just a camp body and CMC,CJ, CAP, and Armah will make the team.
  10. Bj-Monster23

    Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    He would be a good young pick up for us. Also he would play on the defense with a former teammate who I expect to have a big year in Bryan Cox Jr.
  11. Bj-Monster23

    More misconduct in panthers

    I think if a lot of people won’t to keep their job moving forward they better make a run for back to back winning season and playoffs.
  12. To be honest Marquis Haynes is a really good pass rusher and I love the fit on this team. He is similar as far as frame to Vic Beasley, but Vic is very explosive, a lot more explosive than Haynes. I think Haynes will do a great job with applying pressure this season but I don’t see a high volume in sacks. Just adding the speed element on the outside with Haynes can make a difference in this division in the future.
  13. This is very true! Bradberry is better suited in press man coverage instead of just playing off the ball. People wonder why our CB’s didn’t have any interceptions until Week 11, it’s because Bradberry and Worley were just not instinctive enough in off coverage. This team thrives off turnovers. If we can only get back to our 2015 ways in taking away the ball.
  14. Bj-Monster23

    Colts releasing RB Matt Jones

    Hell nah he fumbles way too much for me.