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  1. It was no need to bring Philly back to be honest. I think we have young solid talent on the roster. I want to see Byrd and Clay get snaps to replace Curtis. I also wouldn't mind seeing Austin Duke getting brought up from the practice squad. Duke has real game changing speed too.
  2. Will CAP get more carries tonight

    He is a very dangerous runner. I hope the offensive staff will start to get him more carries early in games. The explosion and vision is their.
  3. I really hope this is not the case.
  4. Bradberry will be fine. He traveled all game no matter where Julio went. He just needs to find the ball better and keep balance.
  5. We still have to continue to get better as far as creating some consistent edge pressure. Turnovers we definitely have to create more of them.
  6. 100% behind Curtis Samuel

    We need to use Curtis Samuels like how Kansas City uses Tyrek Hill.
  7. Honestly I think we should all come down and ask ourselves this question. Is the OC really giving CMC enough carries to get in a rhythm running the ball? I don't think so. I have been saying all season that CMC, CAP, and Curtis need to be main runners in this offense. Use Stew late in games to beat teams the fugged down and mix in play action.
  8. Honestly Jacksonville will be hell with that pass rush and now Dareus in the middle.
  9. There could be some truth to this. Only time will tell some enough.
  10. Don't sleep on Tak he has really good speed and a solid bull rush. He will probably give Kalil some issues this season but we will see. I did think Daryl actually did a pretty good job on Vic last season though.
  11. CMC is not a RB...he is a WR

    I hate to say it but right now this seems to be truth. McCaffery wasn't my first choice for the 8th overall pick but I knew he was a legit chance. IMO right now looking back at the draft Malik Hooker, Derek Barnett, or OJ Howard should've been the pick.
  12. Cameron Artis Payne

    I have been saying all season that Cap needs to be more involved in the offense. He looked liked the best RB we had all preseason.
  13. Thursday we play 2nd best team--

    You can't sleep on any NFL team. The true test will be how our offensive line holds up to their defensive line. Secondary and pressure will be key this game for defense. It's time for the secondary to start taking the ball away.
  14. I think CAP should get more carries in this offense too. He seems to have that burst and break away ability now. Stew, CMC, CAP, Curtis, and Cam should be the main focal point of the run game.
  15. His true test will be how well he handles speed rushers this season. I do think he is getting better. Philly will be a big challenge with Curry, Barnett, Jernigan, and Cox.