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  1. Bj-Monster23

    Analytics- way of the future

    Seattle, Cleveland, ATL, and the Rams all use analytics in team building and game planning.
  2. They both will be good but Bradberry becomes a true elite CB this season. This secondary will be tested and health as of lately has been a big concern. It’s very important that we are able to rush the passer to take pressure off that young but talented secondary.
  3. Bj-Monster23

    Fights at Skins and Jags camp

    Can’t afford
  4. Bj-Monster23

    Fights at Skins and Jags camp

    If Peppers retire, Horton doesn’t stay, and Hall doesn’t show signs of improvement I would love to bring in Fowler.
  5. Bj-Monster23

    Fights at Skins and Jags camp

  6. Bj-Monster23

    Fights at Skins and Jags camp

    Yeah he is they already declined his 5th year option. He is a free agent at the end of the season.
  7. Fans complain since the Oher injury about the LT position and the media complain every press conference too. Gettleman finally budge and this is what we get.
  8. Bj-Monster23

    Rookie DE Marquis Haynes is fuggin fast

    I rarely seen Vic Beasley play DE last season if any at all. Adrian Claybrone and Tak McKinley was starters that I saw on defense with Vic Beasley playing OLB. I only saw Vic dropped down to DE on third down and he was least effective in comparison to the 2016 season when mainly played DE. It’s the reason why they are switching him back to full time DE this season.
  9. Bj-Monster23

    Rookie DE Marquis Haynes is fuggin fast

    He will definitely play DE. The biggest difference between Brown and Haynes is that Haynes seems to have more functional strength at the point of attack. His hand usage is a lot better and the competition in the SEC is better as well. Haynes could really become a factor at DE this season if he stays healthy and continue to add to that frame.
  10. Bj-Monster23

    Rookie DE Marquis Haynes is fuggin fast

    They did often last season but he just not an OLB. The Falcons drafted Duke Reily last year he is in that same mold of a Deion Jones and Kwon Alexander. I would assume he takes over and have a pretty solid season with Vic moving back to DE with Tak.
  11. Bj-Monster23

    Rookie DE Marquis Haynes is fuggin fast

    Yes Vic Beasley is a 4-3 DE. He played OLB last year with the Falcons and it didn’t end well. The year before he had 15 sacks with his hand in the dirt. Haynes is similar to Vic, Harold Landry, and Von Miller as far as speed and size. Haynes is strong for a guy that’s 6’3 and only weighs 235.
  12. Bj-Monster23

    Your most hated NFL team?

    Saints and the Falcons are a close second for sure.
  13. Bj-Monster23

    Panthers make personnel changes

    RIP Secondary
  14. Trai Turner was hurt last season with his knee. I’m not sure if he needed surgery or not but it happen after the New England game and Trai was never the same the rest of the season and he missed time. He also has being wearing a knee brace in OTA’s so that still concerns me. I think we need to have Moton really come into his own or this offensive line will be in trouble. I just can’t take another year of Cam getting crushed.
  15. I will also add no parents should have kids between 7 to 12 years old on social media too. They will see and hear a lot more than just curse words that’s for sure.