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  1. Even if the shoulder doesn't become a recurring thing MKG getting hurt someway will be. The guy plays too hard for his own good. The thing that makes him special is ultimately what will derail his career. It is really sad because the guy has the talent, work ethic and in game drive to be a superstar but I don't see him ever staying healthy enough to put it all together. 
  2. We need a DE... so whom?

    I really wish Hardy wasn't such a knucklehead. The guy is exactly what this team needs as a player and for the most part it seems the coaches and players here loved him. I just don't see JR letting him come back. Maybe Gettleman could sell him on it being the difference between winning the Superbowl or not and it could possibly happen.  A motivated Hardy, Ealy, Short and Star is the best d-line in the NFL, add in our lb core, Norman, Bene, Coleman and Boston/Weddle and you have the best defense the NFL has seen in a long time. Too bad it won't happen.
  3. Kemba/Kaminsky Trade??

    The team has no eye for talent. Plus we still had Biyombo at the time and while they ended up letting him go eventually at the time they still assumed he would develop into a legit center. Mainly the team has no eye for talent though.
  4. Brady has multiple Superbowl rings, once Cam wins a couple people will leave him alone and he will be able to say or do whatever he wants. Personally I don't care how he acts because he is an amazing talent and seems to be a real good dude off the field but almost every person I've talked to in person about why they don't like Cam boils down to the fact he acts like he already won multiple rings when he hasn't. They hate his sense of "entitlement" for lack of a better word and nothing short of him winning rings or becoming a different person are going to change their minds. 
  5. Kemba/Kaminsky Trade??

    If this team wants a shot blocking big who rebounds and dunks why not just sign Dwight Howard this offseason? Yeah he sucks now but he is a big name that has good history with Clifford. Make some trades to get more 3pt shooting and try to recreate the magic team he made relevant.
  6. Who Should Go or not resign

    I hope everyone who is wanting to go on a spending spree is OK with us losing Short in a year because that's what will happen if we commit all of our future cap to free agents. Working out extensions with Norman and Short should be the only priorities right now. After that you can maybe sign one or two midlevel guys(like Weddle or possibly Cordarelle Patterson if he is cut, Cam made Ginn good why not Patterson too). Then go bargin shopping again and use the draft to fill other holes.
  7. I am a huge Cam fan and while he had almost no help on offense tonight his performance disappointed me. I really hoped he would find a way to rise above. I am going to take a break from this place for a while.  I will say congratulations to Peyton, given the 'HGH allegations are false he is a truly great player and I can't hate him for getting another ring.
  8. This is worse than the loss to the Pats. 
  9. I can't figure out if Dickson or Tolbert is worse at blocking.
  10. Apparently they removed pass interference from the rulebook before the game.
  11. Kony Ealy showed up at least.
  12. If Cam and Luke are truly all time greats they step up and win us this game.
  13. Does this feel like the first Seattle game to anyone else? 
  14. That was 100% on Fozzy. Complete clownshoes.
  15. These refs are actively trying to fug uss aren't they?