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  1. Kemba/Kaminsky Trade??

    Would be an absolutely terrible trade, and while Cho is many things he doesn't seem to make terrible trades so I don't see this happening. 
  2. Sometimes I think he does. However you win the game from the pocket so it isn't the end of the world. He only had 200 scramble yards this season which is incredibly low considering how athletic he is. 
  3. Sport science: LUKE

    Luke is a once in a generation type of talent. His smarts combined with his athletic ability is just unreal. The fact this team has both him and Cam is just unfair to the rest of the NFL. Has there ever been a team that can say they had the single best offensive and defensive player in the league at the same time?
  4. MKG be back tonight and stuff

    I couldn't watch the game but how did MKG look? 
  5. With Olsen and Walls at TE. Now that is a passing attack that can't be stopped.
  6. Allen is a potential hall of famer and while Peanut won't get any consideration he really should. His ability to force turnovers was unprecedented and I don't know if any player will ever copy what he did. 
  7. I base it off the eye test and how good they are at rushing the passer. Denver dominated better offenses all year where as the Cardinals and Seahawks feasted on crap teams. Now I may be overreacting to the beat down they put on Tom Brady but that defense is damn good.
  8. Panthers early 4 point favorites

    Cam teams wear alternate jerseys in the Superbowl? If so go with the blue but I don't think we can.
  9. Denver is by far the best defense we will have played all year and they are the best defense in the NFL. The only thing we do better than them is force turnovers, and we do that insanely well. This game is going to be a defensive struggle and the team who makes the least mistakes wins. Good thing we don't make many mistakes. Panthers win 20-9 Luke is the MVP.
  10. This team is so bad. They have no identity. The team looks lost on defense and offense and I don't see it getting any better. If Kemba isn't playing hero ball the Hornets just stand around doing nothing. This team misses MKG's energy so much. He had no offensive game but he at least tried which is more than I can day for the current team most games. Also during the gamecast they said Clifford misses Big Al's defense, he is either delusional or a fool and in no way deserves to be an NBA coach. Why did we extend this idiot instead of just firing him and hiring someone like Thibs? /rant off
  11. No idea who he is but that is one of the best anthems I've ever heard.
  12. Inactives

    Not real psyched to only have three rbs active. I get we've been doing it all year but this is going to be a physical game and having extra rbs couldn't hurt. Also with no Whittaker and no Wegher are we using Webb on kr again? 
  13. Cardinals sooooooooooooooooooo scary

    Well pre game we scared OBJ so much he tried to murder Norman on live TV. Fear happens, and while it may not be an evey player thing you are naïve to think no players go into games feeling fear. 
  14. Cardinals sooooooooooooooooooo scary

    Aaron Rodgers admitted he was scared at the end of our game and that's why he threw the pick to TD. Players are only humans and fear is natural. I understand your point though.
  15. Cardinals sooooooooooooooooooo scary

    Despite how much talent they have on offense the Cardinals are the exact type of team we match up well against. They take chances and push the ball down the field which opens them up to mistakes. Our defense is built to capitalize on mistakes and force turnovers. The Cardinals are worthy of respect but fear is not something the team should be feeling.