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  1. Anybody still regret this trade? There was apparently more than meets the eye as to why Hurney wanted to make this trade. I am sure he knew of or suspected that he had a bad attitude. You are not missed around here KB. Eli? Lol.
  2. http://www.debartoloholdings.com/phone/dwightclark.html May his soul rest in peace. Very sad.
  3. Historically where have we stuggled the most? Offense. Our Defense is always decent to awesome. Our offense has been awful to decent most years aside from 2015. I am going with offense. The Luke Kuechly led defense will be fine. They will find a way to get it done.
  4. Semaj

    Beaston comes home

    Glad to see one of my favorite all time Panthers back hanging with the team. Honestly, he deserved much better. Injuries changed everything. Beason was a stud. Wish nothing but the best for Jon Beason.
  5. I am for honoring the national anthem. I am also a veteran. However, I'm also for freedom. IMO, By prohibiting these players from expressing their god-given right to protest we have actually stolen their freedom. I believe a better compromise would have been to allow them to take a knee after honoring our flag for a required amount of time. I don't believe it is the player's intentions to disrespect our flag, our Anthem, or our military. I believe their intention is to stand up for what they perceive as human Injustice. So why not allow them to take a knee halfway through the anthem after they've already honored our country? This would make it clear to those who are offended by the kneeling that their intention is not to disrespect the flag, the anthem or our country because they're willing to stand for the first half of the anthem. For the second half of the anthem they could be given the right to take a knee to protest causes like police brutality. To me, this would be better than requiring them to hide in a locker room, sacrifie their freedom and be prevented from taking a stand against social justice issues.
  6. I definitely like him because he just seems so authentic and real. Doesn't come across as a, because I am rich, I am better than you type of guy. I am sure he has friends that aren't rich and just share some of his passions, like being a fan of football. I believe that he treats people well as evidenced by his strong belief in the importance of charity.
  7. Yes agree with the OP. This is going to be a problem. It won't be dished out evenly or fairly. Some teams will get screwed while others will get away with murder because its all in the opinion of the ref. A ref who is reffing a game in one city could see the same exact play as a ref in another city and come to an entirely different conclusion. Its subjective, and anything subjective in the NFL stinks.
  8. Yeah because your description of evangelicals fits each and every one of them. Yep, the old hypocrite argument. Let me tell you something. I am a Christian. You know who I judge? Myself. I am far from perfect and I know it. Sheesh. Anyways back to football. I support Tepper. Go Panthers!
  9. Tepper is not Richardson. Richardson failed miserably at modeling the Panthers after the Steelers. I honestly don't care who they model after. I just want to cheer for a consistently successful franchise. What we have now is hope of something different and better. So we can at least celebrate that.
  10. The man is worth over 10 billion dollars. I don't think anyone can say that he doesn't know how to win. Winning is exactly what this team needs. For all the negative people, open up your eyes and look at his results and all his success. What makes you think he will not be successful? What makes you think he will be ok with mediocrity just like our last owner? What makes you think he can't win in this environment? He went from nothing to 10 billion. My money is on David Tepper to not just want to be successful like the Pittsburgh Steelers but to actually be a successful, winning franchise just like the Steelers. I am excited for this change in ownership. Go Panthers!
  11. I love that this organization is finally going in a new direction. I hope that and believe that our days off mediocrity are finally finished. I believe someone like Mr. Tepper is not going to be ok with average to below average. I believe that he's a winner and will demand excellence at all levels of the organization. I have wanted the Panthers under new ownership for awhile now. It's finally happened. Thanks goes out to JR for bringing a team to the Carolina's. That will be his legacy. We are moving to a new chapter in our history now.
  12. Of course the leagues are requesting their cut, which will come out of the betters pockets in the end. So much greed. I guess the billions that they already make are not enough.
  13. Don't worry guys, by the time Hurn Dog is done trading tomorrow, we will be in the lucrative position of owning eight 7th rounders
  14. Excited to see us address one of our biggest needs. Ridley was my first choice but I am just as excited with Moore. Cam is happy. Enough said.
  15. Since DE is one of out 2 biggest needs in this draft imo. Heck yeah. He definitely passes the eye test and could be a perfect pick who can contribute pretty quickly too.