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  1. Not a catch. If they say it is then this is fixed.
  2. I like this kid. Wish we had a young gun like him on our roster. Would make a huge difference.
  3. To the Pit of Misery!

    Thank God this torture session finally ended. Dilly............................ Dilly?
  4. Every time I think this coaching staff couldn't do any worse or any thing more stupid then their last dumb decision, I end up disappointed. Thanks Jerry for giving us another incompetent loser coaching staff that will never win a Super Bowl. From Fox to Fox 2.0 aka Rivera.
  5. OMG we just called a timeout. LOLOLOLOLOLO!!!!!!!!!! These coaches. Damn.
  6. Thats who we have been since the arrival of Rivera.
  7. This is not a playoff team because playoff teams are able to tackle. We have no business being in the playoffs with this squad. It hurts to watch this. Should have gone to Disney World with my wife :(
  8. Not naming any names but we have a WR on the field that was released and then we resigned him because nobody claimed him and he is now a important part of our team. SMH. This game is so frustrating. I blame our neutered coaches more than anything. However, the players haven't impressed either. It's not over but the fat lady is warming up her voice.
  9. Kelvin tore his meniscus

    Hate that for him
  10. Well unfortunately most of us know how this will go. The old stubborn coaching staff will go into prevent defense and prevent offense if we have a one point lead Midway through the 3rd quarter. Hopefully we can hold on and win and hopefully no one has a heart attack while sweating it out. And don't forget the repeated runs up the middle with the entire defense anticipating it and awaiting our RB.
  11. yeah we did an amazing job of "running out the clock"
  12. Thats why you dont wait till the 3rd down and long to pass, we had no element of surprise for those 3 plays. Dumb. Now lets hope that our defense and specifically the secondary can hold. It should not have come down to this with a 10 point lead at home in the 4th quarter.