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  1. Sunday Games Thread

    Awesome! Atlanta got cocky and careless. Miami wins!!!!! So after all of our bitching, who's loss was worse, ours against Philly or theirs against Miami?
  2. I believe Cam has some responsibility, however, its ultimately the coaches fault because they continue to put too much on Cam's shoulders. With the $hitty playcalling, horrible game time decisions by Rivera and so called offensive line which is truly offensive it opens him up to try and do too much and therefore make mistakes that hurt us. The one thing that needs to be remembered though is that we would have been blown out without Cam Newton. Without Cam we have a 0% chance of winning that game. With him, we very nearly won a game that we had no business winning. I don't hold Cam Newton responsible for this loss. I will continue to hold Rivera and Shula primarily responsible for this loss. Season's not over. We are 4-2 and in a great spot nonetheless. We are a playoff team imo. I wish Rivera and Shula would learn from their weekly mistakes but I don't think they are able to. They are both good people but subpar coaches. This loss is on them and we are unfortunately stuck with them and their mediocrity for now.
  3. I feel hopeless...

    That is some funny $HIt ☺ SO TRUE!
  4. Who was the better coach?

    Is there a third choice. If there is, that's my choice. Otherwise I abstain.
  5. Wilks on Luke's condition

    If this is true. Thank you Jesus! Luje deserves a good long hall of fame career. A truly great person on and off the field. Losing Luke was a bigger loss than the loss of the game. Isn't he using a new helmet this season?
  6. Rivera post-game presser

    Make no mistake despite the players lack of execution at times we could have still won. This loss fits squarely on Rivera and Shula's shoulders. Whats new? When we win, we win in spite of them, not because of them. When we lose its usually because of them. How the hell did we go from Foxball to this garbage? Might as well just kept Fox. We did nothing to change anything when hiring Rivera. More of the same. It was pointless. Our owner needs to own it, fire Rivera and crew and bring in a coach who has guts and leads by example. The next coach needs to be an offensive genius to get the most out of our franchise QB who has been wasted for the most part for going on 7 years.
  7. That is disgusting and never necessary at a sporting event with families attending. He should be arrested, charged, prosecuted and never allowed to attend another game at BOA in his entire life. There are consequences for actions and he needs to experience the most consequence possible. I mean beating up a dude old enough to be your Dad. Really? Loser.
  8. I hate Ron more for being a complete castrated fool and keeping Shula on staff. I hate Ron more.
  9. You are right. I was just about to start the same thread. Thanks for starting it. It needs to be said.
  10. With as bad as we played tonight you should be ashamed that it still came down to the last minute. Your team is not exactly a power house. We will go further than you in the playoffs. You can have this meaningless 6th game.
  11. Smitty throwing truth bombs
  12. Ball Game Cam, you fuged up

    Yep time to move on to the next game. Its a long season. Only worth 1. Still love Cam though. He will be alright.
  13. Stupid Rivera lost the game when he lost his only remaining testicle and decided to run a NOT HAIL MARRY to end the 1st half instead of trying a FG.
  14. Cam played terrible on that last drive. Just didn't get the job done tonight. Only counts for 1. Got to win next week.
  15. Good point. If stupid Rivera would have kicked a fg and made it at half we would only need a fg to win. Damn!!!!