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  1. No we just train/arm Al Qaeda back in the day, help Saddam get into power ironically, and we tried to install our own Iran leader back in the 1970s.  How else do you want us to screw up?  Turkey loves ISIS so does John McCain and Hillary Clinton.  My thread about Hillary CliNtoN answers how oblivious we are to foreign policy.  
  2. How many? 2. Then no more hmmmmmm and both came in a year of each other, Saudi first then Kawait? 91 and 92 So after years of no attempts or hints of invasion we decided that he has WMD and is dangerous.  Come on it is like saying NK is going to go off on us.    
  3. PFF: "Luke has broken the scale..."

    When other teams start to realize Luke is super saiyan! Da fugged!
  4. Saddam, even as a bad man, ensured that the religious factions were in check and that is no small feat with Shiites, Sunnis, and the Kurds.
  5. Nope just a Columbia University foreign policy study showing and proving Turkey is a shitty NATO country but what is damming is the US providing weapons to Turkey who in fact gave to ISIS.  Oh Hillary can eat a bag of dildos.  It all happened under her watch.  It's not oversimplified, it's just common sense.  If you don't want to see it that is fine. ISIS recruited out of Turkey and other areas plus Turkey took advantage of ISIS cheap oil for their own self interest.  So about those freedom fighters and their diverse divisions: Let's go team ISIS, I meant freedom fighters: It's silly to think we gave arms right: But at this point:
  6. Rodney Harrison

    Rodney Harrison can go suck a 8=========================D~~~~~
  7. Skip Bayless

    "For everybody that paid their money for that, I appreciate you guys but Las Vegas lost," Norman said. "And even Skip Bayless. We're going to give thanks to him for picking us a two- or four-point underdog."
  8. He needs to check my Hillary CliNtoN thread out, oh what the heck: @party_animal  Turkey is with NATO, US supported 'Freedom Fighters' (future to present day ISIS) against the regime of Assad through training etc, US shipped weapons to Turkey, Turkey supports ISIS.  Common sense, not conspiracy.  If people cannot connect the dots, it ain't my fault they are gullible and stupid. I even connect all the dots for TB followers.  Hillary is bad news and so is most of GOP candidates.
  9. Dick Cheney back in 1995 was antiwar and Rand in 2008 called him out on it at a Ron Paul Rally.  America has deaf ears.
  10. Hillary CliNtoN The weapons from the Turkey transfer that ISIS possess, are they deliberate transfers from the US ex-Madam Secretary?  
  11. Sounds like he is lagging on foreign affairs for a newsman, Rand hitting Hillary in 2013.......oh wait CNN was suppose to do a Rand take down. Clinton News Network
  12. We Have Officially Made It

    I don't know what is more fuged up the pic or me laughing at this pic, lawd I do apologize.  
  13. I was not saying what Russia did was right, I am just tired of the faux alliance with Turkey through NATO which all know Turkey is full of poo.  I am glad Putin called a spade for what it is a damn spade.  America is leading from behind so Obama resorts to throwing poo back at Putin instead of being a problem solver to this highly impact event.  This is embarrassing for us not kicking Turkey to the curve.  
  14. @TN05 @rodeo   What is Turkey doing about ISIS? Really c'mon man.  
  15.   Stop being an apologist for ISIS.  There is a time and place for enforcement.  Russia was not targeting Turkey.  The fighter jet was barely in by the red line account.  Russia is after ISIS.  Sure ignore my rebuttal.   Oh noes scary Russia bear attacks ISIS