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  1. Trading up with the Titans

    Good info!
  2. Ecu Dark Horse 2-3 rd picks

    So true. The trading up in the second might be more expensive this year than last year due to the talent that is available in comparison what I was alluding to. Trading up for Devin was a shocker and turned to be a pleasant surprise that DG knew would come into fruition while many including myself had me scratching my head. I trust DG no matter what pick since the double dip for DTs in his first draft here. If he trades up, it's because he is 100% sure and like you have said he nails down the picks more than he misses. Hurney Syndrome is still abundant on this board in critiquing DG.
  3. Ecu Dark Horse 2-3 rd picks

    Yeah the huddle would shut down with another DT drafted lol I think trading up might cost too much this year compared to last.
  4. In the 2nd round if Hunter Henry is not available, we will be aiming for Derrick Henry which will bring our offense to a whole new level in the long run (no pun). Shepard might be in the mix but I firmly believe that DG wants to ensure the TE and RB position. Derrick would be amazing in our offense and will replace JStew when it is time to move on in the future. Which leads me to the third round. Jerell Adams will be the pick as well. This would solidify our offensive weapons making Cam a happy fella. Prepare for a possible back to back offensive picks. Either way I trust DG. I just have a gut feeling offense foundations will be addressed. As much as we need a future burner WR, I think DG wants us to maintain our identity. Is it draft time yet?
  5. Dammit out of pie. Once reloaded, I will be passing more out!
  6. Beating the Heat

    Yeah........might as well have not even showed up. What team makes 60% of their shots in two games in a row and those shots weren't all that easy either....... Clifford wised up and has masterfully position us to close the series out tonight with his simple change up.
  7. So JNo you want 2 yr 17 mill. JNo let's talk. You see this man in this picture. He is worth 17 million. Now come back with an apology and sign the vet min, you had your chance. You understand it's just business.
  8. ^^^ Mmmmm Hog Molly package Brb
  9. Dat be da skrong package
  10. Top 30 players left after Round 1

    I want a Shepard or a Hunter type pick. I can see us draft Cravens in the second round for our future SS. Third round Harlan Miller CB Fourth round Jerell Adams TE Fifth round Brandon Shell T Seventh round Drew Kaser P
  11. Interior pass rush > outside pass rush imo Forces more QB errors and allows for DE to set the edge in guarding against the run and for screen plays better. Also helps out our LBs. So much winning with this pick!
  12. Fug y'all, the dline is going to be boss with highly variable packages: KK-Butler-Star/Johnson-Ealy package I absolutely love this pick!
  13. Is he even 5'10" lol