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  1. As long as they have Derek bortles, they have a chance.
  2. Can't fault the effort today. Injuries at receiver killed this team imo.
  3. It was borderline. Refs shouldn't decide the game unless it's blatant and obvious.
  4. Grounding?

    I rewound it and checked and I would say cam is even with where the right tackle started. I guess that is within the boundary of the tackle box but they don't always call that especially at the end of the game.
  5. Mose Frazier game ball

    If he breaks 100 yards, I will buy a Frasier jersey tonight.
  6. I don't know about the second part but I bet if bb said I will coach the giants but dg can't he there, the giants would move on from gentleman quickly.
  7. QB Coach Available

    Mike trgovac was fired from green bay. A trgovac/Shula combo could theoretically happen. The huddle would implode.
  8. I am pretty clueless on him and Nascar in general. What past are you talking about?
  9. Armah to see increased role.

    seems to me that players go from starter to released/traded more than they are benched for performance. see kb, bene, jason avant for recent examples. josh norman in 2013 is about the only performance based benching i can remember.
  10. I agree that we have to have a good day running the ball. If we can get a lead and run well, then maybe we can make the saints more one dimensional. It is rare the panthers run the ball well and lose. On a side note, I bet Armah will be inactive.
  11. What other teams have gm vacancies now. Kc? Obviously there may be some open up after the season.
  12. PSL owners question

    I never saw the email but there is a place in the NFL app to sign in with your team account to activate gamepass. I did it recently.
  13. There should be a way to just increase the taxes for all the steelers/packers/cowboys fans that live in Charlotte.
  14. It looks likely we get a third matchup with new Orleans or Atlanta in the playoffs. Would be crazy to play Atlanta two consecutive weeks but may happen.
  15. Late Games Thread

    So many are on non contact plays just on a cut. That just didn't like he hurt his knee at all to me. It's a shame for him as he has been great this year.