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  1. Also, if Talib is dumb enough to boast that he tried to hurt philly, then he should get a major suspension.  That is worse than bounty gate in my opinion.   He should be suspended for a year if that is the case.
  2. Regarding miller's first strip sack for the td, he clearly hit cam in the head first...I thought that was almost a guaranteed personal foul. I was at the game and haven't seen the tv coverage and have avoided the media and these forums after the loss as I was coping. Is my understanding above incorrect?  Was that hit and why it wasn't a penalty discussed on tv during or after the game?
  3. I will always like this one.
  4. Getting Annoyed

    I have seen many more sf, oak, and denver fans on tv this week.  I will be there for the game and expect it to be like a road game.  It's a shame this year had to be on the west coast so far away.
  5. I do not want this to end.....

    What did jj watt say?   I'm gonna assume he wants to join the panthers for vet min.  :)
  6. I do not want this to end.....

    I look forward to rewatching this season many times in the offseason. I've already seen most of the games 2 or 3 times each.  I get my money's worth out of the nfl replay app.
  7. I got an email like that from preferred parking uptown...if they jinx us, I will be parking elsewhere out of spite.
  8. Coach Rivera just chillin

    Did they take a team picture before the game even started?  Outrage!
  9. If we win

    I would buy one just to keep it.  I have a 1995 commerative sun drop can somewhere.
  10. Bill Barnwell article on espn is a really thorough preview.  I enjoyed it. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/14705931/denver-best-defense-football-facing-attack-yet-face-nfl
  11. If Carolina wins the coin toss...

    Defer all day long
  12. Super Bowl Roll Call

    411, row 23.  Is it time yet?
  13. Is there a thread for all who are attending the SB?

    Yes.  Its 59 after tax i think but that is round trip.
  14. Is there a thread for all who are attending the SB?

    I signed up for this shuttle bus.  They will pick you up at one of several places and take you nonstop to the stadium. http://www.sfbaysuperbowl.com/6822-2#8vPsED1RdhBTHobv.97
  15. Which way would you prefer to win?

    I would be ecstatic with any win, but given the choice, i hope we dominate.