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  1. I heard Rivera wants to build a statue of Amini outside of the stadium. The statue would be just as effective of a blocker as the real thing.
  2. w280sax

    Well, this is unfortunate...

    To be fair, blocking the snap with his leg does qualify as Amini's best block ever.
  3. w280sax

    Well, this is unfortunate...

    Shouldn't that have been a false start with no play?
  4. w280sax

    Cowboys fans

    I guess it just depends on which ones you are near. The cowboys fans near me were all pretty well behaved. They basically had nothing to cheer for.
  5. Got to slow Zeke down. Make the Cowboys throw the ball and we have a good chance. However, they like short passing and we like our corners being off so they could hurt us with that. I have a bad feeling we may make Dak look better than he should.
  6. w280sax

    Assigned Ref for week 1

    There are several fresh new refs this year who are just beginning their journey towards complete incompetence and favoritism. I hope for one of them.
  7. w280sax

    Annual Around the NFL Thread

    Tied with 42 seconds left. Go app st
  8. w280sax

    Annual Around the NFL Thread

    Apps rb is awesome. Great td there
  9. w280sax

    Annual Around the NFL Thread

    The big 10 powers should leave app state alone. Love it
  10. w280sax

    Annual Around the NFL Thread

    I would suggest looking into alfred morris asap.
  11. w280sax

    NFL Cuts and Trades

    First, i agree with you and think 3 qbs is a wasted spot. Interesting that 10 years or so ago that was the norm. At least we dont have 2 kickers on the 53 this year
  12. w280sax

    Annual Around the NFL Thread

    Reports are that McKinnon is feared to have torn acl. Non contact knee injury on last play of practice. Tough for him as big things were projected for him.