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  1. 2014. We were 2 and 0 at the time.
  2. Just remember all the good times we had together with him/her whoever he/she may have been.
  3. He is great at making no pressure field goals.
  4. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article208385449.html
  5. The acc championship game is in early December. You are thinking of the belk bowl.
  6. Breaux please. If he were healthy, he could be an absolute steal imho.
  7. Eagles got a bargain it appears. I know he is 34 but I still like that signing for them. Their d line is already stacked so adding him as a rotational player seems like a good fit.
  8. Sam Bradford will have made 134 million after next year, which his 9th year. I hope for Steve Wilks sake that Bradford has something left.
  9. I think willson would be a nice fit. At least he wouldn't make the big catch to beat us with the seachickens next time we play them.
  10. Was hurt last year in Baltimore and did nothing when he came back. Was pretty great in San Diego a few years back. He is past his prime for sure though.
  11. Agreed. I actually think the vikes offense will take a step back.
  12. Danny woodhead released by Baltimore. I know we don't need him since he is an older cmc but I always liked him.
  13. Trey Burton to chi 4/32. Seems pricey
  14. I like Gabriel too. I saw enough of him in 16 to like his game a lot. As a bonus, it would hurt Atlanta for him to leave.