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  1. Darren Sproles??

    I think he is an excellent returner and checkdown receiver. I wish we had him.
  2. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    I feel like our overall special teams is still an overall weakness so i would be surprised to see webb get cut since he is one of our stronger players in the return and coverage areas. I think we will keep ginn and philly and im guessing garrett as the 5th but i think there will be good competition here in camp as several guys could make it.
  3. Would he be eligible for more money here or is his max deal the same anywhere? I dont know how the money side of the nba works at all.
  4. They predict us to win the division with atl and no at 7-9 and tb ar 6-10. However, 9-7 would be a disappointment for me after last year. If the nfl teaches anything though it is that there is very little separating the top and the bottom which keeps it interesting.
  5. LA Rams = 2016 Hard Knocks

    But olsen wont get out of cams lucky ice tub. That is drama.
  6. 2nd Wave Free Agency Starts May 12th

    I would like freeney, too. He was still good on obvious passing downs for the cards last year, i thought.
  7. 2nd Wave Free Agency Starts May 12th

    Not saying we should get him but what will arian foster get. Are the two achilles injuries just gonna make him a vet minimum guy? Someone could stash him on pup for a playoff run.
  8. Draft or Hornets?

    Going to hornets game...will keep an eye on the draft on phone during timeouts.
  9. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    Normans game saving int vs new orleans will be one of the most memorable panther plays ever for me.
  10. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    #paythatman Good for him. I hope he does well but the redskins stink.
  11. Which free agent corner do we bring in??

    What does this do to our cap space and who are the best available free agents out there (cb or otherwise)
  12. 3 miami 4 Atlanta 5 Boston 6 charlotte This appears to be what's gonna happen unless miami or atlanta mare a big comeback in the last minute.
  13. It's looking like it may be 6 seed vs miami. Not a bad deal imo. Better match up than atlanta and potentially avoiding Cleveland in the 2nd.
  14. That's about the worst idea imaginable
  15. Preseason schedule being released today

    I'm thrilled that the 4th preseason game is at home as that let's me pay full price to watch a bunch of people who won't be on the team.