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  1. We aren't the only ones that have noticed...

    One thing i remember about the first home game i saw at clemson against the rams (who had just moved from l.a.) was the panthers had a lot of interceptions (5 or 6) and played all 3 of their qbs  -  frank reich, jack trudeau (i believe this was his only appearance as a panther...and i did remember his name without looking it up), and kerry collins saw his first action as a panther in the 4th qtr that day). That game was a day before my 15th birthday and was my birthday gift that year.  Our seats were so high up but i will always remember it as my first nfl game that i saw in person. I remember 7 of the 8 home games at clemson were blacked out because death valley seated approximately 4 million people and we never sold it out so i listened to most of the games on the radio.  I had never followed the nfl before that year so i had no allegiances but i watched the preseason in 1995 and became a panthers fan for life quickly. My second game that i saw in person was in 1996 when the panthers beat steve young and the 49ers to reach 3-0.  That was also a birthday present.
  2. We aren't the only ones that have noticed...

    I found this program from the first game at death valley.  I took it to training camp the year after for autographs.  This explains the prominent muhsin muhammad signature since he wasnt on the 95 team.  I can make out dom capers, moose, and honestly i cant read many more.  I also found this old helmet that had sam mills, biakabatuka, and steve beuerleins autograph. Finally, i found a collection of newspaper clippings that i clipped in 1995.  This was really pre internet for me so i wanted to keep some history from that season.  I actually kept over 400 pages of newspaper clippings that year.  Here is a picture of the paper after our first win.  
  3. We aren't the only ones that have noticed...

    I fell asleep during some of those but i was there.
  4. Panthers cut long snapper Aiken

    I am guessing we bring in a cb as i think we have more depth on the d line.  We brought in finnegan, former panther robert mcclain, and bradley fletcher.  Im guessing mcclain since i know he has played some in the nickel position and the panthers know him. I see finnegan had signed a 5 year/50M contract with stl and caused them 18M in dead money after they cut him after 2 years.  Ouch.
  5. Brenton Bersin needs a TD

    I heard people complaining at the washington game when bersin fair caught a punt in garbage time. I was saying he should fair catch as soon as i saw him going back there. As a receiver, i agree, he makes catches and seems to run good routes.  I do miss philly too.  I hope he is back too at new orleans.  We need more than 45 active players most weeks.  That is a good problem.
  6. Thanks for these threads every week.  I enjoy them for sure.
  7. Time to Believe Says Gregg Rosenthal

    Guess who is a lousy analyst.
  8. Who to pull for Sunday

    Completely agree.  The last thing i want is seattle with the 6th seed where we would definitely play them if they advance. Obviously, we have proven we can beat them but they are a tough, physical team regardless of their record.  Give me an nfc east team or minnesota or atlanta in the divisional round please.
  9. Also thanks to Matt ryan for contributing 4 pick 6's in our last 4 games against atlanta.
  10. I saw this and was hurting my brain trying to remember them all. I remembered: 1. Captain to start the stl game in 2013 2. Melvin white crawling into the end zone in atlanta in 2013. 3-4.  Boston and harper scoring in atlanta in 2014. 5. Norman in Jacksonville in 2015. 6. Norman off james this year at tampa. 7-8.  Coleman and luke this week.   I had to look up the other 2.  They were from Drayton Florence at home vs atlanta in 2013 and captain again vs the Jets in 2013.   Interesting that 3 of the 4 in 2013 were at home but the last 6 in 2014 and 2015 have all been on the road.  
  11. James vs. Newton

    Fun fact,  drew brees is also in that picture.  You just cant see him.
  12. Its amazing to me that we averaged 12.3 ppg in our dark year of 2010.  I remember how little fun those games were. We are truly lucky to have a team with this much talent 5 years later.
  13. This is why i am the nicest fan in the world at road games.  I told all the titan fans a couple weeks ago around me how i thought the titans had the most talent in their division and how great i thought mariotta would be.
  14. J NO ... Respect him and show him love

    The play you are referring to was good coverage but that throw was on the money.  A perfect throw normally beats good coverage.  I would certainly not say norman was beaten on that one.
  15. Cam dabbing it up tnite in charlotte

    Sign lebron to be a receiver.  We like tall receivers. He would probably play for the nfl minimum to play with cam, right?