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  1. Wes Horton Suspended 4 Games for PEDs

    Though we need the roster spot, I hate to think that we stood beside Alexander as hard as we did, and would peace out on Horton after his first offense.   I get it though..... CJ is back and we need to get a guard to start/backup Norwell. 
  2. The only 2 stats that really matter

    IMO, this is the kind of team you get when you have an elite level QB under center. We all know Cam's strengths and weaknesses, but he has shown this year, that he is on par with the top-flight signal callers. The Brady-led Super Bowl teams, the Seahawk SB teams, etc. have all had an amazing leader calling the shots, and he makes those around him better. Cam may have lost KB, and Olsen is his top weapon, but the common denominator in SB champs, is the QB.  As long as Cam keeps doing his thing, the results will continue to follow.  To your question, I think this is the most balanced team that we have had. The last time we went to the SB, we had more explosive weapons, and an equally as stout defense, so it's hard to say which team is better. I would say the '15 squad is on par or pretty damn close to that team.  There is just an entirely different style on both sides of the ball vs. the '03 team. 
  3. Very anticlimatic. If they could've done something more with the helmet like the Jets did, It would've been impressive.  Not mad about the new look, but pretty much what most of us envisioned, no?
  4. Graham Gano is becoming a problem

    I don't think it's a dumb thread at all.  Gano has missed some important kicks and it's getting to the point where he isn't automatic.  Yes, we've found ways to win, but like the OP said, in the playoffs, it could be costly. I wouldn't be opposed to competition. Not an outright cutting, but IIRC, didn't Gano come in midseason and out-perform our previous kicker?
  5. Cam owning BoA

    Probably took it into the locker room to show the other players what kind of signage is hanging in their house. And I do agree that Cam probably gave something to the fans to make up for taking it down.....not like he had to, but he seems like a fan-first player.  At the end of the day, it's our digs and Cam should do that - fine or no fine.