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  1. Good lord....

    Click bait
  2. Arian Foster Released

    Dude... What?
  3. Arian Foster Released

    There is nothing wrong with being vegan. You shouldn't stratify him for that choice when the way that you eat compounds ecological damage that you can't and won't fathom as well as contributes to the local hunger crisis. You sir are everything that's wrong with modern society XD
  4. I figured more people would be at least mildly concerned that personal fouls are going to be looked at with a yellow, red card perspective. It is football people...personal fouls include dancing, facemasks, excessive celebrations, late hits? Referees are garbage. Nobody cares?
  5. I suppose that does make this sound a bit long-winded. haha
  6. When NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wasn’t getting planted questions from Play 60 kids Friday, he actually mentioned some things that might help the game.Among the topics he broached was that he wanted to create a rule which would call for a player with two personal fouls in the same game to be ejected.Turning it into a yellow card/red card situation would create a deterrent, or at least keep things from spiraling out of control such happened several times this year. One of the most obvious examples was the Panthers-Giants game in which Odell Beckham was flagged for spearing Panthers cornerback Josh Norman in the head, and that would lead to him being thrown out under such a rule. The measure will have to go through the competition committee, but should be the kind of thing that has plenty of traction. So. In other words, pro football is facing the tragedy of having Godell actually ruin the game in an attempt to enhance safety. This is actually the worst thing that could happen to the sport and our team. Especially when you consider the fact that our team is extremely physical. Now, I'm not saying that we bend the rules, rather, we are a technically sound football team. However, this gives the league even more influence to dictate games with the referees. I won't say that we are a small market anymore because we are beyond that now due to the existence of Cam and co. But, a real issue is that the NFL may not want a black quarterback that is as flamboyant as he is to be the face of their corporation. They clearly want the Golden boy Andrew Luck to ascend again or just have Tom Brady re-enter as the face of the league. Because, well, the league likes to be represented by "classy" individuals or men who are valued more by the color of their skin as well as a tendency to remain on the previous cultural narrative that is: "Don't question authority, don't question the media, and you better not act out." Russell Wilson is an exception to the first rule and is an exceptional qb, but, he is fake as fug and the league loves it. So, he gets a pass. Cam? No. The True issue: Cam loves to Dance. Cam loves to rub scoring in the other team's face. And, well, it's a personal foul when excessive. If this is put into place, our quarterback could essentially be getting yellow and red cards on a regular basis for an attribute that boosts our team's swagger. And, well, our physical defense could be picked apart by referees and sent off the field at the league's discretion. Which, essentially, would completely mitigate the way that this football team is designed based on GMan's drafts. Thoughts? Likeliness that this will come into fruition? Also, what teams would become more successful as a result of this rule? The game is prone to change if this happens and it may completely affect draft philosophy.
  7. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    Nobody gives a flying fug about Eli Manning. The NFL is using children's cancer for positive public perception. I want highlights I'm not watching lifetime for fug sake.
  8. Superb Owl Push

    Fug the freemium aspect of this site. It used to be gold.
  9. Eisen: Cam truly is incomparable

    Rich, you cool.
  10. Consider the idea of a pizza hut but with little orange waitresses that smell like a fish market and cooks that aren't abiding by any sanitation laws.
  11. I worked at this garbage pizza buffet restaurant in Denver, NC when I was younger called Untouchables and DWill fuggin loved it. Dude was always there. Fat bastard never gave me an autograph either.
  12. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Jerry Richardson looks Butt Tight
  13. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Finally redemption for 08
  14. Official NFC Championship Game Thread