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  1. Breathtaking.

    the new fight song
  2. Seahawks provide intel to Arizona?

    doubtful they listen especially after Arians' halftime comments!
  3. Michael Irvin "Open Mike"

    that was actually pretty good!
  4. GAME THREAD: Bucs vs Falcons

    he's not cam but you can tell he's been watching "Superman" lol
  5. GAME THREAD: Bucs vs Falcons

    I have to admit, I do like Winston... I think him and Cam with make the NFCS better for years to come. on the contrary I'm loving Atlanta getting exposed  by the NFCS! Despite a successfully run game and descent run defensive I thing Atlanta sucks more as a core. its like they aren't sure what to improve on... and Matty suck! lol  
  6. Tell Steven A. We're too busy "watching the film" from the session SS told us about last season!
  7. Bye Week NFC South Thread

  8. Bye Week NFC South Thread

    anyone noticed the play before the false start the ref was in the back giving a false start signal? looks like some funny business there  
  9. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Early is trash and a is not luuuuuuke  
  10. Panthers - Jaguars Gameday Thread

    that's one was one Oher/Olsen  
  11. Greg Hardy Arrested

    but but but we don't want no trouble players around here in Carolina! they are cancerous to the locker room!..... as I stated way before this, these are grown men and talent and success will outweigh most of what they get into. who care at this point? but i will say this, that wasn't a good look Greg!
  12. What Dolphins Fans are Saying...

    anything goes in Divisional football. look at Tampa last week... heck, keep an eye on Atlanta this week. you never know. 
  13. Stopping Newton - The Word is Out

    guess he should have learned that skill from pickles... smh
  14. Farewell to Jon Beason

    will miss him but this must seriously help our finances therefore opening up some premier choice pickup for next season! otherwise, smh....