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  1. Freddie Gray

    I think you are wrong on this one. A significant percentage (probably well over half) of the protesters and interested parties for both sides would only feel that justice is served if they get the particular verdict they feel the accused deserves. The evidence or lack thereof is largely irrelevant.
  2. Freddie Gray

    Wonder why they agreed to a bench trial?
  3. credit card problem

    Except that cash is more vulnerable than Cards. Lose a credit card, or have it stolen, and you can just call the bank and stop transactions and have it replaced. Lose cash or get it stolen, and you are out of luck.
  4. Trump vs. Hillary

    I don't think there is a great chance he will do it, but I don't consider him to a rational thinking person when it comes to foreign policy. Most politicians running for president have a past to study and observe. Trump has no political past, and all we have to go on is what he says. And what he says scares me. What if he begins to believe the crap he spews? While the risk is small, small is still to great to leave to chance. And its not just the nukes, but the idea of him as commander in chief at all.
  5. Trump vs. Hillary

    I fear that Trump is more likely than the others to use a nuclear weapon. That is far worse imo than disgust with politicians.
  6. Trump vs. Hillary

    Haven't seen any actual evidence that she did anything illegal in that regard. Mostly partisan political tripe. If she did it legally, then I don't care. No more than I care about her getting fees for speaking at Goldman Sachs. Only care about whether or not she will be a competent president. And she is certainly better in that regard than Trump or Sanders. Of course, that is not setting the bar very high.
  7. Trump vs. Hillary

    if the VP's are better than the candidates themselves, I suppose we can hope the winner dies in office. :) Hillary is not the ideal candidate, and she has a lot of baggage. On the other hand, she handled foreign policy fairly well as Sec of State. IMO, that, along with commander in chief, is the most important job of the president. Trump on the other hand is the first serious presidential candidate who actually scares me. I just don't want the man in command of a nuclear arsenal
  8. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    I do wonder if that is an omen of sorts? That the owners of the dead Direwolves die early as their wolves did, with only Arya and Jon surviving the series?
  9. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    I bet his car had one of those hands free bluetooth sytems that connects the cell to the car. If so, there wasn't a point in going after the cell unless he was afraid of stepping on it. Hopefully, he does learn his lesson.
  10. Trump vs. Hillary

    Why not? Its not like either one is going to change much over the next 6 months. Sure, there will be a lot of campaign rhetoric. Trump will try to move towards the middle although since he is all over the place, I don't think it would really count as a move. And Hillary might follow the Sanders approach, and make a bunch of pie in the sky liberal promises that have little to no chance of passing thru congress. But the reality is neither is going to change very much between now and November. The only reason to not commit now is if you might actually believe the campaign rhetoric.
  11. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    My guess is Bran will use his new Jedi skills to navigate thru and around the bad guys and join up with either more of the little people, other wildlings, Jon and Sansa, or another of the houses in the North. Might even find Theon and convince him and Asha to follow him for a little while (that would be an interesting twist).
  12. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Personally, i thought Sansa should have at least considered Littlefinger's offer of an Army. Not that I trust little finger (he could just as easily betray them to Bolton, but I certainly wouldn't dismiss it out of hand. And then as soon as they have retaken Winterfell, stick a knife in him. Regarding where she took Bran, what other option did she have? She had to get out of the Cave. Since she didn't have a Helicopter handy, traveling across the ice and snow was pretty much the only choice.
  13. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Do we know that was all of them. Might be more in other places, or am I forgetting something?
  14. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Neat little twist there. Hold the damn door. :)
  15. Trump vs. Hillary

    The polls that tend to be the most accurate still show him a little behind, however I think once the democrats are done, and the Clinton campaign focuses completely on Trump, her lead will get a little more comfortable. Despite all her problems, Clinton still has a significant lead in electoral votes, ie the key battleground states.