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  1. Boldin is a free agent

    Imo, if we sign any big free agents, it will be in the secondary.  Like it or not, the staff is relatively happy with our receivers, and unless they get a shot to significantly upgrade at a reasonable cost, a big splash isn't happening. 
  2. Lawsuit against Kony Ealy...bizarre

    I don't think it takes that much time for Ealy to make $3000.00
  3. Let's talk about Ted Ginn Jr.

    KB, Funchess, Brown, and Ginn seem to give us a very solid rotation at receiver.  The question regarding injuries is a valid one, but we have to think of the possibility of injuries at other positions as well.   Wide receiver is no more important than any other position on the field, and perhaps less important than some (such as defensive and offensive line).  So the question is not whether we are set.  The question as with any other position/player is cost vs benefit.  Is the price a potential superstar would demand worth tying up so much of our salary cap?  Or would we be better off sticking with what we have and who we have returning from injury, and focusing on improving other areas. 
  4. Let's talk about Ted Ginn Jr.

    Rivera specifically said Ginn was brought in to "blow the top off" defenses. I am sure fielding punts was another reason, but I get the impression the deep threat was reason numero uno. 
  5. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    Greg Hardy and I have one thing in common.  Neither one of us will be playing for the Panthers in 2016.   If we are going to sign a big name de, better to try and get Mario Williams.  He will cost more, but he isn't as likely to put on us the front page with off and on field behavior issues
  6. Is Kony Ealy the next great Panthers defensive end?

    The potential is certainly there.  In fact, I would venture to say that barring injury, he is set to be one of our starters next year.   It will be interesting to see who the other one will be.
  7. Archie Manning Defends Cam

    Of all the sports related things I care about in the world, how Cam handled a press conference is at the bottom of the list.  Actually, its not even on the list. Its just another example of how there is to much media that has to find a way to fill all that otherwise dead air time. 
  8.  I think with 6 illegal motions, 4 fumbles, an interception, horrible tackling on a punt return, and a missed field goal, its 90% execution.  But blaming the offensive coordinator is what virtually every fan base does when their team loses. 
  9. If Cam Newton wasn't a Panther...

    On game day, he would be the enemy.  Otherwise, I wouldn't care about him one way or the other. 
  10. Is Philly made of tissue paper?

    He looked a little like Steve Smith on that play. 
  11. Is Philly made of tissue paper?

    For the life of me, I can't understand why Brown gets so much criticism here.  The guy has been our top receiver the last two games, gives himself up to make a big catch and someone still has to criticize. 
  12. What about Charles?

    Ealy had his best game of the year yesterday.  That combined with Johnson's big cap hit almost ensures he will be gone. 
  13. The Fall of Cam Newton

    I wont say that coaching was great, or even good.  But the false starts, the two fumbles, the personal fouls, the incredibly bad tackling on the long punt return, (mistakes that we have avoided for the most part this year), the missed fg, were on the players and no one else. 
  14. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Spurrier was a failure at the NFL level, so perhaps his mentality is not the correct approach for the NFL. 
  15. The Fall of Cam Newton

    The problem yesterday was not the offensive coordinator, nor the qb, nor the running backs, nor the refs (although the call on Cotchery's catch was horrible), and not even the offensive line (although the oline was terrible).  The problem was that our offense lost mental focus, or never had it to begin with.  Denver's defense was a big part of that, with their ability to disrupt, but all the mental mistakes killed us.     Lets face it, we got to the big stage, Denver was ready and we were not.  Denver's defense punched our offense in the mouth, and the offense never really got over it.