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  1. Good season, folks

    Great young players, cap in good shape, DG at the controls. Plenty to look forward to. 
  2. Help my superstitious mind....

    I'm superstitious as well. We only win when you're under 1000 pie. Don't do it!
  3. I had brunch with Donald LaFell's 6th grade social studies teacher. Apparently he was better at geography than history.
  4. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Good. 100% focus on destroying the broncos. I like it. The hoi polloi can be dealt with in the other 51 weeks.
  5. Cam Newton coloring page...

  6. Do Want

    Think of it as an investment. People will literally throw money and free stuff at you as you walk down the street in this
  7. Good thing he didn't google "how to beat the panthers in the 2015-2016 season".
  8. Wait... what?

    And threw what was probably the worst pass I've ever seen in a live game... It was horrifyingly bad. Thankfully, there doesn't appear to be any video evidence online.
  9. Wait... what?

    Todd Sauerbrun??    Sorry for the painful memories. 
  10. Sweet Motha Russia!

    Not very common to have Russia & Iran on our side... #camplomacy
  11. Breathtaking.

    So beautiful, so graceful, yet so powerful. It's like a gazelle effortlessly running through the savannah... until it's caught by a cheetah... which is then run over by an 18-wheeler...
  12. Meanwhile...at Whiskey River.

    Yep. Looks like a nice place for a box social. 
  13. Yeah it was devastating. We should just forfeit the next game and crawl under a rock until next season starts
  14. Start Delaire?

    I'd be more than comfortable starting Delaire over CJ. Hell, bring up Cox from the PS and start him. At least he showed something in the preseason.
  15. Salt Factory in OT

    Having watched several Cardinals games this season, I've seen Palmer make his share of mistakes. Whereas Ginn runs open quite often, such is the case for 2-3 Cardinals receivers on most plays. The author totally downplays supporting cast, only claiming that Newton might not replicate Palmer's numbers if he was a Cardinal. Does anyone think that the Panthers would be close to 14-1 with Carson Palmer at QB? You can throw out DVOA, DYAR, SOS, and PB&J. Don't care. Watch the games. Newton is clearly more valuable than Palmer this season. Deal with it.