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  1. Lol there truly are none worth mentioning.
  2. Big Daryl Williams....

    He came in for a series when Remmers or Norwell one was hurt.
  3. If the drafts falls our way and we get some offensive line and defensive line help. Oh boy, what a ride it'll be.
  4. I do not think I have ever poo on Cam the entire time he's been here besides tonight/today. I was happy when we drafted him, I owned his jersey, I have his cards, i had a fuging McFarlane statue of him. Yesterday was bad though and he needs to take ownership of that.
  5. I'm excited for next year. If they're smart they'll have Ted and Kelvin outside with Funchess in the slot where he could be like a hybrid tight end.
  6. Sideline photos, excessive dabbing, excessive touchdown celebrations, the Hulk Hogan sideline stuff. All of that may have been cool for us, but if Matt Ryan, Jameis Winston, or Drew Brees did it you'd be lying if you said you wouldn't hate them.
  7. Honestly, most of those people weren't even Denver fans. It was a perfect storm to have the crowd in Denver's favor.   It was an all time great on Denver's last game It was a lot easier for actual Denver fans to attend The Panthers "having fun" made pretty much every other fan base hate them It was literally Carolina vs. The World last night. Not just Carolina vs. Denver.
  8. Winning with grace

    That's what happens when you "have fun"  17 times. When someone finally beats you they "have fun" at your expense.
  9. You have people on here who flat out can not admit that Cam Newton can do wrong. I do not care about MVP seasons and Super Bowl appearances, I want a Super Bowl win. I could not give less of a poo about Cam's accolades or anyone else on the team's accolades. What is it that Cam said about people not liking to see him celebrate? That they should stop him right? Well if he didn't want to listen to the Broncos talk about shutting him down then he should have actually done something. 
  10. Cam was let down by his offense

    Cam should have come out and taken responsibility like a man. Yes, everyone was equally at fault but a good leader takes it for the team. That's what annoyed me the most about his press conference. 
  11. Panther Fans Will Get Their Team Back Now

    I look forward to shitposting about the draft and free agency with you guys. It's always fun.
  12. Lol unlike you I'm actually a fan of the Panthers and not just a Cam Newton nutugger. I hate to break it to you but he is not infallible. If you really think that Cam isn't immature then you're delusional.
  13. Bayless and Stephen A on Mike Shula

    Literally every single time the offense started rolling a turnover would happen. You can't really blame Shula either when the offensive line is getting called for a false start every series.
  14. I'm proud of them. They were great. I know some of us are talking poo to them for not getting more turnovers but Denver's offense literally played the safest game possible to prevent that. The Panthers D did all they could do really.
  15. Even Wade Phillips is trolling Cam on Twitter

    These are the same people who make a thread whenever a random poster on some site that no one has ever heard of says a bad word about Cam. I've said it all year, when you're fuging running down the sidelines doing the Hulk Hogan ear cup, that's going to make when you finally lose a whole lot worse on you.