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  1. I could see us taking Lance or Fields if they are there. I want a LT but I wouldn't be upset with either Qb is the pick.
  2. We have got to address the OL. Get Sewell or trade down and get Darrisaw.
  3. Detroit is the prime spot for someone else to move up and draft a QB.
  4. I still think that Darnold has potential and if we go this route he would be worth a shot.
  5. Mond would be a mistake, he is way too inconsistent and yes he was mvp of the Senior Bowl but that was a stretch because of weak talent this year. If he is not a franchise QB and I don't think he is don't draft him, and no I'm not a scout. It's a franchise QB or don't draft a QB.
  6. Let me start by saying that I have been against giving away draft capital. There are reasons to think otherwise. The salary cap is going to go up substantially in the next few years, we may not draft this high again, if we do it may be just like this year just outside the sweet spot, and patience is not on the side of the front office / fan base of having another poor year. Or not seeing any direction of improvement. So, with that said what to do. We have the cap space or can create space to get DT, CB, and a LG through free agency. Make sure to keep this year's 2nd round pick to get a LT
  7. I would go Darnold instead of Jimmy G
  8. I hope we can somehow keep this year's 2nd to be able to get a LT
  9. Patience is the key, closer to the draft the Jets may be asking less than we think.
  10. I'm just saying that if somehow we don't have to ship a bounty of picks to get our Qb it would put us way ahead in our rebuilding. Darnold was a top pick when he was drafted and most teams agreed
  11. It's something about the Darnold situation that makes me think he could do very well outside of the Jets. If Rhule, Brady and Fit could really get a good feel for his game and see if there is something to bring to us. Then go and get him for somethibg reasonable say a 3rd and then look what we could build with our 1st and 2nd. That is maybe a dream scenario but it would really go a long way to our future success. If there is nothing there so be it but really do an in depth due diligence
  12. Who would fit into our scheme the best from the list above?
  13. This is a good pickup. Listening to Sirius on the way home and Pat Kirwan was talking about this guy and how he would be a good pickup for someone
  14. I think it's smart to be on every deal or perceived deal out there. Who knows we could get something different than what we thought we could get, and I'm meaning that in a good way. Darnold has been in a crappy situation his whole time so a change could do wonders
  15. In one of Schefter's reports he is talking about our offer for Stafford and thought maybe teams would call us. The thought was that we offered Bridgewater and picks so someone may call us about a deal. The one mentioned was Minnesota sending Cousins to us and them getting back a popular player for them. What's the thought of that?
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