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  1. Trent Dilfer after MNF

    I hope they never give the Panthers any respect. They're obviously feeding off the negativity. 
  2. Again, ISIS was around since the late 90s. 
  3. Walking Dead Season 6

    The whole "mid season finale" bullshit shot them in the foot.. People expect the mid seasons to be huge with lots of poo going down. If they would have shown the next 2 minutes of footage everyone likely would have been satisfied. The entire half season has been good but it has been slow. If we were binge watching instead of watching little chunks per week, it'd probably come off a lot better. A lot of Breaking Bad was the exact same way. 
  4. Walking Dead Season 6

    You think you guys would have realized that the show is a slow burn by now. They take time to build up to those OH poo moments to make them more impactful. Yes, this season has been slow, but I'd rather watch TWD  when it's spinning it's wheels than pretty much any other show.
  5. Walking Dead Season 6

    It's a minor thing, but it annoyed me when Jesse checked to see how many bullets she had but didn't rack the slide to load the gun.    Nitpicking aside, it was a good and intense episode. As Lightsout said though, blue balls to the max. They clearly set up for what is my favorite "HOLY poo" moment in the comics, so I can't wait till whenever the show comes back. I like that they're changing how Negan and the saviors are introduced too. In the comics Rick looked like a retard for basically picking a fight with them.
  6. I have no clue where you got that from. All I ever did was post saying that after buying my AR-15 I decided that it was ridiculously how easy it was to obtain.
  7. I'm just glad that we can finally stop bitching about stereotyping muslims and get back to stereotyping gun owners.
  8. I read that it was a democratic transexual that did it. 
  9. I don't get that. I know I remember it being said that Shaq was drafted to play the nickel
  10. Luke Bryan

    Wish I could pie twice lol.      That's my song after every single win lol
  11. Ginn, Oher and Coleman

    I don't even care about next year and you shouldn't either. Just enjoy this ride.
  12. Johnson and Hardy

    Some people need to eating crow today because they were claiming Hardy would be taking cheap shots at us all day and be trying to injure Cam. He obviously loved this team and missed it. He acted classy the entire week and didn't try to turn this game in to a vendetta game like a certain midget WR did in a game last year.
  13. I do not put any stock in to PFF. I've seen guys have great games and PFF claim they played poorly. As for Luke being special, you don't need advanced statistics to know that.
  14. Skip Bayless

    What did Josh say?
  15. It's a nice thought, but anything can happen. One game at a time.